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a wild commission appears

I’d like to open up some commissions for single-toned sketches. Below are general quality of the sketches (ok, slightly more cleaned up, but you get it…)

Single Character Bust: $10 (add. Character + $8)

Single Character Bust w/ 2 additional expressions: $16

Single Character Full: $16 (add. Character + $10)

Single Character Full w/2 additional bust expressions: $22

Single Character Bust with simple bg: $12 (add. Character + $8)

3-4 panel comic sketch: $30  

Just send an ask and we can chat about what you’d like, and I’ll send over payment info! (It may take a while during the day since I’m posting this at work) This is my first time actually doing illustration commissions so I’m only opening this up to Zelda universe material~ (knowing the character, really helps me capture them well ^^ ) Currently opening up 4 slots for now.

Can’t do NSFW stuff, and I do have the right to refuse material. This isn’t a judgement on taste, this is only because I want to feel confident in my ability to create a product that you’ll love!!!

1.) Taken

2.) Taken

3.) Taken


Anyhoo, thanks y’all – I am just so invigorated to draw, and thank you for everyone that supports me and my work, it is monumental to my humdrum life~ :)

I will repost as slots fill up!!!

WOW, only one left! Thank you to everyone who have reblogged, that was really generous of you~

Hey everyone!

I’m new to the fish fandom, so if you post anything to do with the following, give me a like or a reblog and I’ll be sure to follow you. If you’re feeling generous, you can give me a follow as well! Thanks!

  • Fish keeping tips
  • Bettas
  • Snakes
  • Turtles
  • Snails
  • Tank upkeep
  • Fun fish facts
  • Literally anything to do with stories of Bettas or pictures of them. I am obsessed.

So I know this is pretty late, even in the wake of other natural disasters like Irma and Mexico’s earthquake, but the effects of Harvey are still being felt here in Houston, Texas. FEMA and other companies aren’t really helping close friends of mine that ended up losing petty much everything in the flooding. They had insurance, but are finally getting replies offering little to no financial aissance. Jessica and her husband Bobby are very proud people and don’t really ask for help, but her mother has set up a gofundme in an attempt to help her daughter get back on her feet. Jessica also helps support her grandmother before herself, so if anyone deserves help it’s this strong woman struggling to make sure her family is okay even before her own well-being.

*** I get that most people won’t help, and are probably tired of posts like this, but if you could at the very least reblog maybe someone will feel generous enough to help. ***

I’d like to stress that this is asking for help after their insurances either denied their claims or they got about 1 grand from FEMA. That’s not enough money to rebuild your life from scratch. Also, for reference, this is a picture of their driveway that was taken two days after the flooding, which means it was worse than what you’re seeing in the photo; the water was much higher.

Hello there! My name is Jilly and I’ve finally decided to join the studyblr community! :p Everybody in this community seems so nice, so with the new year, I just decided to go for it!

So, about me!

-I am a freshman in high school (:

-My favorite subjects are math, biology and history (even though I don’t take a history course at the moment) 

-I’m an ENFP

-I take Spanish

-I have finals coming up later this month and I’m utterly terrified

-Puppies are my favorite animal!! (hence the url)

-Harry Potter is an obsession of mine!!

-hopefully a future medblr

-I’m trying (key word trying) to get good with photography! 

Anyway, there are a few Studyblrs that basically inspired me to make this account:

@studydiaryofamedstudent@studyquill / @studypetals / @gryfhindor / @college-cafe / @elkstudies / @eruhdit / @studyplants / @academiix / @intellectus / @studyign / @mednotes / @notesworthtea / @studyboba / @universi-tea / @katsdesk / @scholarly / @jesslearnsthings / @bookmrk 

and there are a ton more but there’s too many to list! 

Also, I really want to start the 100 days of productivity challenge because it might motivate me to make a bunch of original posts. Any advice about that?  

Ok, well that’s about it for now! I’m excited to start posting stuff!

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Finally a pretty page! Final commission page!

PRICES (if the handwriting is hard to read)

Sketch- 5$
Line- 10$
Flat colour- 15$   (Full 17$)

Sketch- 15$
Line- 20$
Flat 25$    (Full 27$)


I do everything BUT;
Porn, furries, animals, nature.
         If you can’t commission, please reblog! spread the word! Or, if you’re feeling generous, a donation would help me very much. 

Thank you.


Do you remember those 90s handgames about abusive relationships, or Christmas carol parodies about murder?

Well I do.

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Hey guys! My brother is a talented singer/songwriter and he’s pursuing a career in music. He has been writing songs and making music since he was in middle school, but only recently decided to take it more seriously. If you could just check out his YouTube page and subscribe to him, that would mean the world to me (and him, obviously). Also! Please give this post a reblog so that others can see it if you are feeling generous (feel generous please!). I don’t think I can help much, but if I can get my brother even just a few more subscribers, then it’s worth it.

You can find a link to his YouTube page right HERE.


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