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you know when you see a good text post and then somebody adds “yes! reblog!” or “keep reblogging it’s making _____ mad” and now you….can’t reblog


hi. i’m bored and wanted to do blogrates. i decided to do something a little bit different though because i want to make my blog better. therefore if you would like a blograte you must:

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  • send me an ask telling me what you think of my blog:
  •  a compliment, some advice or whatever (i might regret this, lol.)
  • must be following me please
  • you can blacklist jess does blogrates 
  • if you don’t wanna see them on my dash
  • rates will go as follow

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OH YEAH so like today,

There’s this video thats been going around about a claymation doll with round asscheeks telling you sweet things in a calm soothing voice.

So I went to reblog it with a response of “Everyone has been tagging this as therapeutic, but the only thing I feel is “uncomfortable and vast distrust” “

but I accidentally reblogged the wrong video of some chick buying 300 tacos and im screaming. I haven’t been able to get this off my mind all day

like can you imagine seeing that reblog without context im dying of laughter fuck me.

Listen Bitches

Starting a sports website. If you wan write lmk. I need versatile motherfuckers. So don’t expect me to say yeah to 6 7 niggas who watch basketball. I need people for MLB, NFL,NBA, possibly(!!!) UFC. Reblog this shit for others to see. I’m trying build my portfolio, and this possibly can help u do the same. So yeah reblog this shit even if u not interested and DM if you are BOW BOW GRAOOWWWW

anonymous asked:

I get that u nd em are like bffs or whatever but do you really have to reblog half her shit all the time with your stupid add ons? Like whne someone asks her a question they ask her not you, so like ur her friend but butt out sometimes

So um first: rude.

Second: I’m not going to stop reblogging stuff from Emilee.

Third: There’s an easy fix for this!

  • If you follow me and you’re seeing the reblogs then you can unfollow me, no hard feelings at all.
  • If you’re not following me I don’t know how you’re seeing the replies/reblogs unless you’re going to Emilee’s blog,  looking for the post and then looking at the notes on purpose so I can’t help you there because that’s on your for doing that. The only thing I can think of  is to just want to block me

I don’t get why this is such an issue for you, my reblogging and adding on to Em’s posts (which by the way I usually just reblog and write in the tags????).


Here are the fics/imagines that are in my draft right now, so vote for which of these you’d like to see sooner!! You can vote in pretty much any way: commenting, reblogging, messaging & sending in asks.

1. Submissive Roman Reigns Would Include (Part 2/?)

2. Official First Chapter of Dominated - Submissive Roman fic

3. Prologue of Insatiable - Alpha Jason Jordan x Reader/OFC x Alpha Roman

4. Always Theirs - Dwayne x Reader/OFC x Roman mini fic

5. Insecure - Roman x thick/insecure Reader

6. Morning - Roman Reigns wakes you up with oral

7. Punishment - Dwayne wakes you up with oral & multiple orgasms

8. Sold - Roman Reigns fic, Suplex City & Mafia/Gang AU.



I’m real sorry about the slow down of updates and so forth, but I have been very detracted by money issues and rent needing to be payed. So, with that said I’m putting out another announcement for commissions.

Animated full body character commissions, price starting at $30, with discussions on prices for more complex animation, and

And if you just want a head with some such kind of animation wizardry in it those start at $20! (again, with options for negotiation)

You can contact me at or through my modblog.

And of course, instead of a commission you can instead cheese to support me on patreon.

And even if you can’t do any of that, you can do me a solid and reblog this so someone else may see this and pick up a commission.

Replies from the social secretary b0t, P0RNY1:

“Hello everyone. I have been SO busy. I will need another shower soon. Would you like to watch?

@jahkatai , @nornities and @willky12 , I am so happy that you like the colors of the newest alien world by @rhodalle .  We could all run around there naked if you’d like?

@nornities  , I hope to satisfy you in many ways, including your curiosity about the Ghost Festival.

@raindropdrinkwater , Alien Trust Fund Kids can be thought of as a side blog, even tho it is its own Tumblog. I’ve been thinking that *I* should have a blog of my very own so I can reblog @andantezen ‘s posts and mix them in with HOT pix of me. I think he’d appreciate that a lot.

@willky12 , I replied about the lighting mod. @nornities , I am so happy you like the pictures posted. Would you like to see HOT pix of ME and my friends?

@treason-and-plot , If you sat in a Red Chair, you might end up in the lap of a ghost. That could be fun.

@phinae-simblr  .. We BOTH like color.  A pleasure for the eyes , as you say, but it can be more. Lets paint each other’s bodies with glorious, edible colors and then lick them off each other.

@ashuriphoenix , you HOT momma, I appreciate your offer to make paintings for me. I will send you some GORGEOUS, HOT HOT pix soon, promise!

More tomorrow. Time for bed. Want to join us? RHY-zar is a VERY appropriate name for the Ascended Dragon Patriarch next to me. He does RISE most impressively..and repeatedly. 


Ok, ok so because of SG I follow a lot of The Flash fans and seeing all that Snowbert glory on my dash has turned me into 100% Snowbert trash. Folks I think I just gained a new ship and oh my God the angst.

I’m so done with my ships causing me physical pain because of how perfect they are. If you’re a Snowbert shipper can you like/reblog this so I can have more Snowbert on my dash?! Thanks!

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birthday prompt request

I’m old. Distract me!

I’m taking prompts for things to draw, probably this weekend-ish? Scenarios, snatches of dialogue, links to scenes in fic or headcanon posts you wrote … things with a bit of story or environment to them are especially great.  I might even comic something.

Would especially like prompts focused on Garak, Kira, Garak/Bashir, any ds9 femslash, and/or the ds9 crew as found family. (I’m predictable.) Banter, sexual tension and ridiculous hijinks are all favored themes …

Drop me an ask or a comment or a reblog, and I’ll see what I can do!  Thanks guys. <3

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(@hulklinging …… just thought maybe…. u could… weigh in… if u wanted…. tell us if we’re hot or cold……)

re: this fic!

anonymous asked:

hi hi! can i sometimes post studyblr stuff although my blog is not 100% about studyblr? like usually i reblog random posts...

Hi! Yes, of course. It is your blog so you can do whatever you fancy with it! I sometimes reblog random things that I find funny! You could always tag your studyblr posts so if a follower wanted to only see the studyblr posts, they can search the tag! xx

remember when someone made a post that was basically those ‘when a boy ____’ type of posts and someone else reblogged it saying ‘the bar is too low’ and then op basically ended up revealing they made that post bc they were in an abusive relationship so when that boy did the simplest thing for
them it meant a lot to them? yea that post made me realise some of you just need to scroll past certain posts and use common sense to try and see if it’s a post that’s personal to op and maybe shouldn’t be reblogged just so you can show ppl how funny you think you are

Now tumblr is just trolling me at this point

My icon appears correctly on mobile: when I see my own posts on my dash, on reblogs from myself on my blog page, at the top of my blog page.

My icon is nowhere to be seen: in instant messaging, in the scrolling menu to select a blog when I post or reblog something.

What the fuck is this? It’s been a week since I updated my icon, @staff, what the fuck do you want me to do to update my icon on mobile on every page? It can’t be the image is too heavy, otherwise why does it appear correctly in certain places?! Fix your shit, tumblr.

just a small psa: even though i usually try to keep out of major affairs and stuff, i’ve elected to reblog posts that aren’t yfip related over here. reasoning: there are close to 5k followers (nice!!!) and i figure we can do some good w/ that, at least.

the tag for these will be ‘yfip helps sometimes’, and if you have a commission post you want reblogged (granted, they will be staggered between actual posts, but don’t take it personally if it doesn’t get reblogged here now or within days) feel free to sub a link to it or tag it as yfipdragonage so i can see it

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