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Savanna’s asks:

1. What is the best nickname someone ever gave you?
2. What has been your favorite age so far?
3. What is your favorite kind of music?
4. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
5. What is your favorite drink?
6. Have you ever written fanfiction?
7. Do you believe in aliens?
8. What is your favorite planet?
9. Are you more of a cat person or more of a dog person?
10. Have you ever had any pets?
11. If you could change your name, would you? To what?
12. Do you like fireworks?
13. Are you right or lefthanded?
14. Do you have any sibblings?
15. What is your all time favorite movie?
16. Do you like playing boardgames?
17. What is the color that most of your clothes have?
18. Who would you call your idol?
19. What do you when you need to relax?
20. What is the coolest place you have ever been to?
21. When was the last time you cried? Why?
22. How are you feeling right now?
23. Are you hydrated?
24. What was the last you ate?
25. What is the best birthday present you ever got?
26. Have you ever met an internet irl?
27. Who did you fangirl over when they followed you?
28. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?
29. Are you a procrastinator?
30. Pineapple on pizza, yes, or no?
31. How do you feel about bananas?
32. Do you know miffy/nijntje?
33. What’s your favorite season?
34. Who are people you met on this strange site that you wish you had met in real life?
35. What were you like as a kid?
36. Have you ever eaten something that is not meant to be eaten?
37. Do you have any currently alive houseplants?
38. Are you happy with who you are?
39. How do you celebrate your birthday?
40. Apples or bananas?
41. What does your room look like?
42. Do you speak any other languages aside from English?
43. Are you capable of playing a music-instrument?
44. Do you like fruit/vegtables?
45. Do you prefer calling or texting?
46. When was the last time you wrote a letter?
47. What is your favorite kind of tea?
48. What is your personal opinion on aliens?
49. What is the last movie you saw?
50. Talk about something you’re passionate about.

Extra: Get the nearest object which contains text, go to page 15, sentence 8, type it up here with no further explanation, no matter what language it is.

oh, boy, who wants to talk about anti-shipper bullshit with me, hm? because, as you may know, calling these bullies out on their hypocrisy is becoming something of a staple on this blog.

antis love to back themselves up with the claim, “fiction affects reality!” they insist that by shipping certain pairings – pairings with age gaps, incest pairings, pairings with unhealthy/abusive dynamics, etc. – shippers are implanting the idea (in minors especially) that these are ideals for real-life relationships, which makes people vulnerable to actual abuse.

ignoring that they’re stretching so hard they’re going to tear a ligament, let’s play with this idea with a ship antis will defend to their graves: ed/winry. in every version of the fma canon, winry beats ed with a wrench whenever he’s done something reckless or dangerous or breaks the automail she made for him, as well as screams at him. there’s an entire ova where ed tries to appease her with gifts to ward off the violence when he goes to her for repairs, and he’s often shown to be frightened of her.

all of this – all of it, in the manga, 2003 anime, and brotherhood – is played for laughs.

we are supposed to watch this boy be physically and verbally abused by someone whose essentially his doctor and laugh. we’re even supposed to think he had it coming: after all, it’s ed who broke winry’s automail, ed who was being reckless again, never mind that he’s literally a soldier and “danger” is in his job description.

i hardly need tell you that if the genders were reversed, no amount of goofy animation and silly sound effects could disguise how horrific the situation is. put a girl in the abuser’s role, however, and it becomes a fun joke. the message is clear: women cannot abuse men. if a woman mistreats a man, it’s because he did something to deserve it – in fact, a woman should use fear to “keep her man in line,” if we’re going with the manga/brotherhood ending where ed and winry eventually marry.

this is an incredibly dangerous message to send. male abuse victims, especially with female abusers, are very rarely taken seriously – many people even believe that men can’t be abused, period. just as they read twilight and 50 shades and think the actions of edward cullen and christian grey are romantic, young women might very well watch fullmetal alchemist and think this is how they should treat their boyfriends, fulfilling antis’ apparent worst fear – that a fictional relationship will result in actual abuse.

except, as i said, most antis adore ed/winry. that would be hypocritical enough, given their supposed zero-tolerance policy for “toxic” ships, yet they take it a step further, and actually condone the abuse. “it’s just slapstick!” they, the advocates for abuse victims, supposedly, cry, and then turn and condemn a drawing of an adult ed and roy holding hands as pedophilia.

are you even trying, antis? are you making the tiniest, meekest attempt to come across as less of a total hypocrite? or a homophobe, since queer ships dominate every discussion of “unsafe” pairings for minors and survivors? when, when will you surrender to the reality that you’re a bunch of content-policing bullies taking your personal anger and frustration out on other people?


(note: my intention isn’t to make anyone – who isn’t an anti-shipper, mostly – feel bad for shipping ed/winry. since non-antis tend to be able to consume media more critically, ironically enough, i feel like most non-anti ed/winry shippers acknowledge the problematic aspects of the ship and choose to either omit them in their own interpretations or portray them more seriously instead of playing them for cheap humor.)

edit: something i forgot to touch on is that fan content exists in such a small, confined space as opposed to mainstream media that it’s totally incongruous to treat them as equivalent. since antis are suspiciously silent when it comes to criticisms of mainstream media – after all, that could start an actually relevant conversation that could even do some actual good; they don’t want that, of course – i’ll leave it at that.

me, dramatically sprawled out on the floor, eyeliner dripping: no one loves me… I deserve death

me, approximately 5 seconds later, on a skateboard with a caprisun and sunglasses: lmao that was wild anyway anyone wanna give me attention?

every time I see a post that’s addressing lesbians who have little to no experience with women, it’s always like, ‘it’s okay to have not kissed a girl at 16 or 18 or even 21!!!!’ and I know tumblr skews toward younger people, but it still feels like a harsh reminder that I’m years behind, even by other lesbians’ standards.

it’s totally normal and okay to not have experience with women at any age. it’s okay if you have never been with a woman and you’re 30 or 50 or 70 or even older. it’s okay if you didn’t come out until after you married a man or had children with him. it’s okay if you didn’t even realize you were gay until 25 or 45 or older.

you’re still a ‘real’ lesbian if you didn’t realize you were gay, or if you have a long history of dating men, or if you’ve never slept with a woman. 

and no matter how old you are, you still have time. you have time to find a girlfriend or wife. you have time to make memories with a woman. you have time to fall in love.

Helpful guide to fully enjoy your Final Fantasy XV experience
  1. Watch Brotherhood  → Play Chapter 1 of FFXV  → Watch Kingsglaive  → Play the rest of the game!
  2. Sometimes the music overpowers the dialogue! Turn the music level down a bit so you don’t miss anything.
  3. Really take your time exploring Leide, Duscae and Cleigne regions ESPECIALLY before going off to Altissia!
  4. While in the Leide/Duscae/Cleigne areas: Camp in different spots to trigger different tours, take on some hunts (you’ll need the money), do a bunch of side quests. Explore everywhere!
  5. SAVE A BUNCH OF PROMPTO’S PICTURES! Fill up your 150 slots.
  6. Grind and work on leveling up before Altissia.
  7. Be sure you’re emotionally ready for the 2nd half of the game. Stock up on tissues. Literally, I had anxiety playing through it the whole time.
  8. There are a few “horror game” elements in the later part of the game filled with a bunch of jump scares. Be prepared for that.
  9. Again, take it slow. Don’t be in a rush to finish it! You could be 40 hours in the game already and not finish it yet! That’s perfectly ok! You’re doing it right!
  10. Enjoy it! You’ve been waiting for this game! For some it’s been 10 years, while others maybe only discovered it more recently, either way have fun on your adventure through Eos, chocobros!

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 


Hey so this is a really long shot but my cat is lost. I depend on her for so much. She’s the living embodiment of my fight for mental stability, I adopted her exactly a year after I was released from the hospital after threatening suicide. She means so much to me and she’s lost because my dad let her out of the house when she was annoying him. I live in Plymouth Minnesota. It’s cold as fuck here and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Please try to get the word around.

some fae facts from lore

  • ‘fae’ range from anything like goblins and imps to the little pixies with the wings that everyone associated with fairies to the seven-foot tall members of the royal courts. some even consider the banshee to be fae. (also trolls, gnomes, elves, djinn, dwarves, leprechauns, will-o-wisps, etc.)
  • some think the fae are evil, some think they are fallen angels, but most are considered to be a chaotic neutral force. some might call this ‘whimsically evil.’
  • honey makes them drunk.
  • iron poisons them, as it does many magical beings.
  • some were-creatures were probably just fae in disguise, since fae can assume any form.
  • they sometimes lure humans with music that makes them want to follow and dance. they have to dance for what feels like a year and a day but it actually only seconds.
  • true names of the fae have power over them. they often use aliases when dealing with non-fae.
  • some people are gifted with fae sight, which allows them to see the fae and also sometimes peeks into the future through their dreams.
  • cats hate the fae, and the fae hate them back. 
  • iron horseshoes over the door can act as a fae deterrent.
  • they sometimes kidnap human children and leave their own children or elderly behind. these are called changelings.
  • fae are generous with gifts, especially for polite people, but prefer gifts in return.
  • that being said, better to avoid accepting gifts. you probably don’t have enough to pay them back. by saying ‘thank you,’ you acknowledge that a gift was given and that you now owe something in return. being indebted to the fae = bad time
  • fae can’t lie, but truth and honesty aren’t always the same.
  • asking for a favor will cause offense. make it seem like it’s their idea to help you.
  • most things offend them, actually.
  • some fae can smell a lie. there’s no way of knowing which ones unless they tell you.
  • fae use ‘glamour’ to hide their appearance or habitations around humans. ‘glamour’ can be gifted for use by humans.
  • it’s better for fae to have half-breed children than no children at all, so relationshops with humans are fine. it just rarely works out fine for the human.