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@staff can you please work on this for tumblr mobile instead of whatever tf the latest update was

• actually show us all our notes
• the ability to add pictures to asks and reblogs
• working read mores
• fix pictures your update broke photosets
• the ability to turn on and off asks
• tags on asks
• change back tag searching on blogs
• put the search feature back the way it was before
• put followers in alphabetical order again

Shipping discourse honestly could be avoided entirely with these simple steps:

1. If you ship a ship that may possibly trigger anyone or that people have expressed they are uncomfortable with, please tag appropriately. Better yet, put the ship name and any warnings in the actual post (possibly in a disclaimer) so even if others reblog and don’t tag, blacklist should still notice it.

2. If a ship makes you uncomfortable for any reason, don’t follow those who ship it, blacklist the ship name and any content warnings for things that make you uncomfortable or trigger you, and perhaps block those who are often making content for said ship if you don’t wish to see their posts in the searches or tags. Xkit and Tumblr Savior, as well as Tumblr’s own block feature, are very useful tools. Use them.

3. Similarly, if you do ship it, you can follow the same steps for avoiding those who don’t and are vocal about it.

4. You can post your opinion against the ship on your blog. That is fine. However, put slashes through the ship name if you mention it (both in the post itself and in the tags) so that it doesn’t show up in the search where the fans of said ship will be browsing in hopes to see more content of that ship. They are not, ever, in a million years, hoping to see your negative opinion while looking for content. Same goes for using the tags they use.

5. If someone expresses they are uncomfortable with a ship, do not press the matter. Do not bug them until they give you a reason (that reason could be trauma that the ship reminds them of and they, under no circumstances, are required to reveal that information to you). Do not intentionally send them it. Do not push it on them. Do not expect them to possibly cater to you and your wants just because you do happen to like it. You would not like the same done to you.

6. If someone does ship a ‘problematic’ ship, they are not obligated to give you a reason in order for their shipping of said content to be ‘acceptable.’ Again, past trauma may be involved and they are not required to give you that information under any circumstances. You may trigger them. Don’t press it.

7. Do not target specific blogs or vague about others that have the opposing opinion of you in regards to a ship. Or anything, for that matter. It’s not only rude but crossing a line. You want them to respect you and your boundaries? Respect theirs.

8. Do not throw around serious accusations/insults like ‘pedophile’ or ‘abuse apologist’. For one, what someone ships does not at all mean they condone any problematic content involved in real life. Secondly, you may be throwing shade that could very well be related to past trauma (ie calling a csa survivor a pedophile) and that could cause flashbacks and/or panic attacks. That’s not cool at all. Have some human decency.

9. If a ship is generally considered bad by the fandom and you create content of it, please attempt to avoid using the general character tags. If unavoidable (like with the case of fic, where the character names are likely to come up) please be sure to put warnings in your post and try to make it as easy to blacklist as possible.

10. Do not intentionally seek out drama from people on the opposing side. Do not intentionally try to start shit or go after anyone over it. I would think this would be obvious, but it apparently isn’t. No matter your side on the matter, this is unacceptable and only makes others on your side look bad and take away from the credibility of your opinions. It also will make people less inclined to care about your side of the matter and won’t really benefit you in the long term.

11. Remember that YOU are responsible for YOUR comfort in your browsing experience. No one else is. If you are bothered by anything in fandom, whether a ship or those who oppose said ship, then you need to do what you can to make your browsing experience safe from it all. YOU. Not others. No one else is responsible for that but YOU.

12. However, you should also do what you can to make your content able to be avoided easily by those who will do what they can to do so. Remember to make sure you make your post easy to blacklist by those who may want to avoid it. If someone sees a post that upsets them because you didn’t do whatever you could to make it possible for them to not see it, then that isn’t exactly fair either.

13. Remember that there is a real, live, complex human being behind that computer. There is more to them than what they ship or don’t ship, and acting like that is the all there is to them is not showing them respect. It doesn’t matter if they do things you think isn’t okay. They deserve respect as a fellow human being. Even if there is discourse between you guys, please don’t forget there is a human being there and they are just as complex as you and deserve to be thought of as such. There is always more to these things than is shown on the surface, and that should be considered when interacting with them. Stay calm and consider their side as well as yours and be respectful of both sides. It’s hard, I know. It’s so much easier to dehumanize a person and judge them entirely off of one aspect of their lives. But the easier path isn’t always the better one. 

Please consider all of these points for the future. If we could all learn how to get along and respect each other, then discourse about this could easily be in the past. We should all be coming together to celebrate a piece of media we all like, not tearing each other apart over insignificant things like ships.

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This is a bit random but your header is really cute! Do you have a link so I can reblog it?

Hey, anon! You are so sweet, thank you so much <3 <3 I actually never ended up posting them, but I suppose now is as good a time as ever! I have been working on recolored versions on my computer that aren’t done yet, but here is the one I’m working on

If you search my blog for posts tagged as “hannah draws,” most of my fanart should pop up. Once again, thank you so much, you are the best!

This is a new blog where trans-masculine people can sell and trade their packers and prosthetics!

No actual business or transactions will happen through this blog; this is just a place to collect all the posts about packers being sold so people can see what’s out there and then contact the person who made the post if they’re interested in buying.

If you’re looking to buy a used packer/STP/dildo/pack n play/prosthetic/etc, then follow us! You can search the blog to see if a particular packer is being sold by copy and pasting into your search bar (replacing PACKERNAME with the actual name of the packer or brand. For example, will show any transthetics products being sold.

If you’re looking to sell a used packer/STP/dildo/pack n play/prosthetic/etc, then follow us! Anyone interested in selling or trading packers can submit their post here! Please include a picture of the item, a way to contact you, and the price.

  • The tag “packersale” is tracked by the mod, so anyone can add that tag to their posts about selling prosthetics and it will reblogged to this blog.

Please reblog and boost!

Art Freebie Masterpost!

Free art. Everyone likes a bit of free art right? Right? If you’re seeing this post & nodding, then good for you, you’re in the right place! See, every now and then (okay, more now than then, I like drawing =P) I like to randomly draw pencil portraits for people of their lovely OCs, like these;

Look okay, don’t they? (please don’t say no, I have fragile feelies sometimes XD) If you’re still with me and haven’t wandered off to get a snack during this long post, (thanks ;) and are wondering how to get yourself a fancy doodle of your OC, then wonder no more.

So here’s the deal. I can be lazy. I want to draw art but that means hunting down pretty chars. You enable my laziness, I give you free art, it’s a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

So to help me (give you a free thing XD) , simply reply to OR reblog this post with the tag (or tags) that I can use to search in your blog for references of your character/s - I am opening this to Dragon Age, SWTOR, Mass Effect & World of Warcraft chars ONLY currently (that may expand).

There must be AT LEAST ONE decent VISUAL reference in there (ie: good sized, and not terribly lit, can’t drawn what I can’t see & I like to work from actual visual references like a screenshot for my freebies ^_~)

You can suggest one char or many - however that’s all you can do, I’m not taking clothing requests or any specifics, these are freebies after all ^_~

And that’s about it! I’m going to leave this open ended as I plan on returning to it throughout the year (please note that I won’t be going through requests chronologically, I draw the things that inspire me in the moment, so please don’t think you’ve been missed or skipped)

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How do I get people to read what I write (on tumblr)?

What we have here is not a question about writing, but a question about marketing.

First of all, unless it’s fanfiction, roleplaying, or really snazzy hipster poetry, don’t post your writing on Tumblr. This is not the best site for that, instead try Fictionpress, Wattpad, and/or Quotev.

Things To Know About Marketing On Tumblr:

  • Tag your original posts with things people will actually search; first five tags are most important. 
  • Do some searches yourself to see which tags your stuff should be attached to. Tag the subjects (nature, love, sci-fi), the style (poetry, fanfic, story rec), and anything else that your target reader group will be looking for.
  • Follow prompt blogs and reblog your responses to them. Tumblr users love a good story following a prompt.
  • Follow, reply to, and basically get the attention of writing blogs bigger than you that sometimes share others’ works. If it’s a critique blog and they’re open to it, you can ask for a review.  
  • Do not send asks or messages soliciting people to read your writing. 
  • Obviously, amateur writing gets noticed the least, so keep honing your craft. 
  • Everyone else is trying to get noticed too, so don’t expect readers to flock to your writing. It’s not your fault, that’s just how Tumblr works.


FUTURE ASKERS: This was a one-time thing. Please, do not come to me with questions about marketing your writing as that is not the purpose of this blog. Use the advice above to get your own writing off the ground, and most importantly keep practicing and improving your writing.

Vivi here! /” Momo drew the Alphys ofc <3 FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Please read before sending an ask. Your answer may be right below! (i also included some questions that i thought may be possibly asked in the future. this may be updated as more asks come in)

(Q) What is FaithTale about?
Faithtale is a Frans comic. Sans gets accepted to become one of Gaster’s many student scientists who will help Gaster find something important that they are looking for. Frisk is a strange human girl amongst others humans who were taken to Gaster’s lab to be used for human experiments.

(Q) What is Frans?
(A) It’s what the SansXFrisk ship is called. Meaning a romantic relationship between Sans and Frisk. Even if you aren’t crazy about the ship, i still think you will enjoy the story maybe.

(Q) Is this blog NSFW?
(A) Ok kiddos, here’s the deal! There will be a few suggestive themes here and there, violence, and strong language, but no nudity with nipples or genitalia showing or anything to really have this blog labeled as NSFW. (It might have some kissing and hugs and touch, but thats it)

(Q) Why is Frisk in the tank?
(A) She was brought to the tank to be used as an experiment. You’ll find out more about her history later.

(Q) OMG can Frisk breathe in water!? Can she leave the water?
(A) Yes, she can breathe in the water. She however cannot breathe outside of water. Whaaat!? How, why? Sorry, we can’t answer that right now. You will find out though.

(Q) Can I translate your comic?
(A) Oh my, please do! We would be honored. Just provide the proper credit. Also please let us know! We would love to check it out. Check below to see how to provide proper credit.

(Q) How to provide proper credit?
(A) “Credit to artist” is never proper credit.
Here’s an example of how to credit us:
FaithTale AU belongs to @momoishy​ and @smollvivi​ on tumblr.
Undertale belongs to TobyFox.

(Q) Can I dub your comic?
(A) Same answer as the “Can I translate your comic?”

(Q) Can I write a fanfiction for FaithTale? Or a FaithTale inspired fanfic?
(A) Same answer as the “Can I translate your comic?”

(Q) Where can i submit FaithTale fanart?
(A) We don’t have submissions enabled. But feel free to post your fanart on your blog and tag it with #faithtale. We search the tag often but sometimes we miss a few posts.. if this happens please don’t feel ashamed to tell us through an ask. We certainly don’t want to miss it! We will reblog your lovely artistic masterpieces here unless you tell us you’re not comfortable with it.

(Q) When is the next chapter going to release?
(A) We don’t really have an answer for that  because we don’t actually have a schedule for it and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of pages (like 50+ maybe). We could release a few at a time like other artists but we’re not going to. There’s nothing wrong with releasing a few at a time, we just don’t want to. We’ll try to keep you guys updated at least! Sorry for the wait! We hope you are patient and still here when we release each comic update. Thank you very much for your support and feedback!

(Q) Where can i find the FaithTale comic?
(A) Search “ftcomic” on our blog. This also works for mobile.

Stop putting generic “relatable” posts in ship tags

Seriously, don’t do this. Especially for rarepairs. 

Because they are so generic, they get a lot of reblogs, and while that’s great for the person who posted the thing, it’s not so much for the rest of the fandom.

It consumes the rest of the content for that ship, and all that you find when you search for the ship on tumblr is a bunch of “relatable” posts. 

They ruin the fandom experience and stop content that people have actually created specifically for that ship from being seen. They stop people who are just joining a new ship from being able to fully immerse themselves in the fandom and see what the fandom has to offer because all they can see is a bunch of relatable posts.

I get wanting your post to reach as many people as possible, but I’m begging you - stop ruining ship tags with your relatable posts. 

B.A.P tumblr tag

As some of you have noticed, the B.A.P tumblr tag has completely messed up. 

If you use the normal search bar and type “b.a.p”, it’ll take you to - this is usually useful for finding popular posts. Now, it shows completely irrelevant posts, while actual (and often more popular) posts about B.A.P don’t show up at all. The “bap” search tag still works fine, but that’s not really the proper name of B.A.P; I for instance use that as a lazy tag when I’m reblogging because I’m usually on mobile, but I tag my original posts with “b.a.p” first and then “bap”. And of course we can still use /tagged/ instead of /search/, but /tagged/ brings up all posts with that tag in, with the most recent coming up first, so you can’t really filter out personal text posts or reposted fantakens etc.

If we all send a message to tumblr support, we might be able to get them to fix it! If you go to, and tell them what’s wrong, and include a screenshot of the tag, that’d be awesome!

Here’s what I wrote:

Hello, I’d like to report a problem with the tumblr tag for “b.a.p”. B.A.P is a kpop group whose search tag ( worked perfectly fine until yesterday, which was very useful for fans wanting to find the most popular posts about the group. Now, the search brings up completely irrelevant results, none of which have been tagged with “b.a.p”, while relevant (and more popular) posts don’t show up at all. Please could you fix this? Thank you!

Feel free to copy it or change it a bit if you want! Make sure to select your blog so they can see it’s different people sending the message. If the next page comes up with some FAQs, just click “no, send my thing”

Thank you!

old tumblr things

  • having to go to separate page 2 make a post and writing the tags in the box on the right
  • blogs on the top of the dashboard
  • tracked tags on dash’s sidebar
  • no header text just title
  • reblog button at the top
  • missing e
  • the logo actually being the full word “tumblr”
  • no messaging
  • the epic failure that was babblr
  • fanmail
  • “can you make that ask rebloggable?”
  • old blockquote text post format 
  • 1.5 mb gif limit
  • mishapocalypse
  • superwholock
  • fandomstuck
  • theme blackout
  • “hipster blogs” vs “fandom blogs”
  • no “search”, just tags
  • no mobile-specific themes
  • when posts just straight up fucking broke
  • dangan ronpa cisphobia powerpoints
  • that time when tumblr got fucked up and people had posts on their blog that they didn’t even reblog 
  • quirkybrittany
  • tumblr user pizza
  • dashcon
  • coppy
Calling all Boku no Hero Academia OCs!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was somewhere that you could go to meet new people in this fine fandom and maybe have some oc shenanigans? Whelp, the search is over! 

However, to get this blog off the ground We’ll be needing your help!

-Promote the blog! Reblog this post to get the word out!

-Send in asks! the current mod is pretty new to this gig and it would be great if you helped out by sending in questions to help develop the [Rules Page]. You can also send in art requests drawn by me actual-hivemarina  or send asks to the resident OC, [Sachiko Araki]!

-Keep providing content! I will reblog it ASAP and if I don’t then try tagging it with #bnhaoc

-Maybe apply for a moderator position! This is a lot of work for one lady so I’d be delighted for some help. We now have two new moderators! Welcome to the team @irlchinone and @brookie4cookies

Hope to see your precious bbies soon! o 7 o

We will also be adding an BNHA OC advice service! So if you need help picking or tweeking a quirk feel free to drop a question in that ask box!

RvB Bingo Wars!

Welcome to the Bingo Wars!

Closer to the actual event we will be releasing cards for each of the teams (Red, Blue, and Medic.) On the cards are various prompts or themes which your work should try to use. You then will post, tag #RvB Bingo Wars (or @ the rvbficwars blog if your work doesn’t show up in the search or tag), and state the team you’re playing for! The Mods will then reblog your work, and then score it! 

Each entry will be worth 3 points

Each bingo (five in a row) will be worth 10 points

Filling out the card will cause the card to be reset, and will be worth 30 points

Team with the most points at the end of the Wars will be crowned winners, and have bragging rights. 

Content Rules: As long as your work is tagged appropriately, it is probably fine. The one exception is pedophilia and underage which are banned just like the Big Bang. NSFW content is allowed, as long as it is tagged. If your work is judged to not be tagged correctly by the mods and you decline to correct it upon being informed, your entry will not be reblogged and it will not count.

Also for writers, please use cuts if your fic is over 400 words!

The Bingo Wars will start on April 2, and continue through April 16, 11:59 PM CST.

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What are good journal tags to tag my journal pages?

Don’t be ashamed to use as many tags as you can think of! I don’t know which one of these are actually working though… Not all of the journaling blogs reblog my posts and I’m sure there are tags that not a lot of people search. But:

Tag art journaling blogs: thejournalclub, thejournalgallery, thejournalsource, journalobsessed, artjournalin, journalingthrough, journalsideas, journalfrenzy, journalsoftheworld, fyeahjournals, journalsoftumblr, journaling-junkie

And use general journal tags: journal, journals, journaling, art journal, art journal pages, visual journal, scrapbooking

Now everyone knows my secrets !!

To make navigation a little easier, and because this blog is full of so much Stuff, I’ve gone back and added the tag “that’s a fact” to every original Fact. Now if you check out the blog and search for “that’s a fact” you’ll only get the 110 SpockFacts that have been posted so far, no reblogs, no cats, no asks, nothing but pure, sweet, fictional fact.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you knew of any fanfics or something dealing with this. So I read one where Derek and stiles are dating, and Isaac accidentally tells Derek about when Erica made stiles unconscious and he gets angry. Do you know of any fics of like.. protective Derek? Sorry that was a lot

I’m sorry anon, I actually don’t read all that much (I want to but I don’t have the time to sometimes) but I’ve done a quick search and there’s a whole tag list on AO3 for ‘Protective Derek’, but I don’t seem to be able to find any of the pack accidentally hurting Stiles and Derek getting mad, sorry.

Dear followers, please reblog or leave a comment with any fics you would suggest.

Ego Headcanon Masterpost

Using the ‘headcanon’ search on my blog isn’t accurate due to a lack of chronology and others using that tag that I then reblog.  So I’m making a ‘HC masterpost’ to keep my HC tidy and I’ll be adding new HC as they happen.

NOTE 1: Some of these were posted on @gabis2r. That’s my main blog before I created this one. Check the blog descriptions if you need evidence.

NOTE 2: I’ve bolded the ones I’m most proud of, ones that give actual insight.

(Written at the time of Detention)

Antisepticeye origins 
What is he? Why did he choose Jack? How did that turn out?

Detention 1
Jack & Robin’s conversation after ep 1. (Crack HC)

Detention 2
What if Jack & Anti worked together during Detention? 

Say Goodbye clip - created by @marielgum by request
Something happens in this clip that changes everything.

Crack Anti vocabulary HC 
A crack ask I sent to @anti-support-group

(Written after A Date With Markiplier)

In a Fight Between Dark & Anti - Who’d Win?
Written after ‘A Date With Markiplier’  Who would win?  Make your bets…

Who’s More Terrifying?  Anti or Dark?
Who should you fear most? Why?
Read the warnings on this. Some may find it disturbing.

Drunk Anti 
(not entirely comfortable with is as it turned a little more fic than HC, but I wrote the damn thing I may as well own it)

Say Goodbye ponderings.
A minor detail we missed?

Pop Culture Comparisons
A very brief look at similarities to other characters.

Adding to Observations
Short musings written after PAX

Did We Miss Something?
Regarding Chase’s apparent suicide with a NERF gun

(written between Bio Inc 4 and 5 (Kill Jacksepticeye)  

How are the Egos Linked? - 2 versions below. One with warnings, one not. Choose wisely 
Why are the egos so unlucky? What is Anti’s end-goal? 

Descriptive Version
READ the WARNINGS - this is painful to read for Chase fans.
Read the simplified version below if you’re unsure you’ll manage

Simplified and Condensed Version - (from HC above)
This version is condensed and non descriptive, so easier to read

What if Anti had a Weeping Angel power?

A Storm is Coming
Why he wants us burnt-out

(Written after Kill Jackspeticeye)

Glitch Bitch: A Warning
Proceed with caution

Mod Note

Lately we’ve been getting a number of questions from people who are just starting out in a given polytheism or paganism, wanting compilations of links that will tell them how to proceed.

We’ve all been there.  Every one of us mods here and the vast majority of the pagan community has been in exactly that position, so we’re sympathetic and we understand how overwhelming, frustrating, and even terrifying it can be.  However, we are not going to provide those kinds of compilations because we most likely already have.  The only exceptions might be for those religions we have not, indeed, compiled information on and made available with a bit of poking around.

  • The FAQ. 

We get some incredibly unique and interesting questions, but we also get a lot of similar ones.  This is why the FAQ (and tags page) exists.

  • The tags page.

I spent a lot of time linking each individual one.  Please use it and make it worth my while.

  • The resource blog, @thepaganstudygroupresourcepage.

This is where we’ll reblog actual spells, rituals, promotions, and anything else we think is useful to the community the way most witchy and pagan blogs do.  We’re having link trouble, so all the paganism-related links are on this Google Doc over here.  There’s a table of contents and everything.

  • Search for tags and keywords.

We’re currently shopping around for a theme that includes a searchbox in the profile.  In the meantime, you can search for any words or phrases in a Tumblr blog by adding “search/keyword” to the blog’s address.  If I wanted to find information on a deity, let’s say Artemis (we don’t list every deity’s tag because that would make the tags page like three times longer), I would enter, “” Then all posts containing her name, whether or not they’re actually tagged with her name, would appear.  You can search for tags in a similar way, but add “tagged/keyword” to the URL instead, e.g. “”

There’s something to be said about doing your own research to the best of your ability for at least four reasons:

  1. It shows that you have respect for our time.  The PSG is a work of love, but it’s one that’s done between classes, after a long day at work, during a sorely-needed break at a family event - whenever we can carve out some time in our own lives.
  2. You accidentally find something you didn’t even know you were looking for (and which someone doing the research for you would never have known you needed).
  3. You have to put conscious effort into this.  Our faiths take work, even those that don’t come with formal initiations.
  4. We’re not always right.  We make mistakes, too.  Doing independent research means getting a broader understanding of various perspectives and contexts that help you discern what is or isn’t useful, accurate, or a reasonable conclusion.

So honestly, we do understand through painful personal experience what beginners and “baby pagans” are going through, and we always do our best to help.  However, don’t rely purely on us.

- mountain hound

anonymous asked:

idk why that is but i do not get the feeling that you are really grateful for your readers? like yes you thank compliments but you don't do anything at all to express ur gratitude and i think it's sad especially because you're such a good may disagree and i know that your life outside of tumblr is probably busy as well but the least you could do is write a proper thank you message to all your followers once you hit a milestone..i'm not saying ur a bad person 1-2

2-2 i just wish you would interact more with ur followers (yeah ur answering questions, but doin an ask game once in a while is not a big deal i believe) or doin polls for anything so that also your readers can decide what they would like to see. i am aware that you are a great writer but we all want some sort of recognition and your readers provide it, and i think we all would love to get to know the writer behind the stories more… i hope this didn’t come across rude or anything

I am going to straight out say that I am a bit baffled that you felt inclined to send this to me, and personally, it did feel a bit rude because of the way that you put it. When my readers come to me with questions about their personal lives or for advice on their writing and such, I answer them to the best of my ability and try to help out as much as I can. I even have a post dedicated to tips and advice that I have given to my readers. If I find an ask game that intrigues me and I have the time to actually partake in doing it, I will reblog it and answer the messages that I receive based on it without any hesitation. If you search through my #blabvory tag, you can see all of the lovely interactions that I have with my readers on a near daily basis. But after past experiences, I am not comfortable with delving deep into my personal self and exposing that on here, so please do respect that.

I understand that when I hit a milestone, I could do an appreciation post like I have done here. Though I generally hit milestones months apart, and I am never really checking my follower count in the meantime so I tend to realise after a few weeks of hitting the next thousand milestone that I have, in fact, reached another milestone. I adore my readers so freaking much, I cannot begin to tell you how much I love and appreciate every single one of them, and they really do know that. I know that I am very bad at expressing gratitude and such because that is generally just part of my nature and I am not a talkative person in the slightest, yet all of my wonderful readers hopefully know that I am exceptionally thankful for the love and support that they provide.

If you are searching for proof of my gratitude, it is shown in me posting my stories for my readers to peruse. I am sorry to be blunt, but I am not really here to always play ask games and indulge everyone on who I am because the main purpose of this blog is to share my writing. I do try to play ask games and interact when I have the time (because yes, like you said, I am very busy outside of my blog) but that can also be very consuming of my writing time, which then leads to me receiving messages from a minority of readers asking me when I am going to update the stories that I have not had the time to work on, as I have been occupying my personal time by playing an ask game on my blog. Trust me when I say that I feel extremely guilty when I have not posted anything in a while, or when I have failed to meet my estimated posting date of a story, since I genuinely view posting these stories as my main display of saying “thank you” to my readers for sticking with me this whole time.

I apologise if this is not what you are here for, but that is the truth. I would like to say that I will try my best when it comes to improving my expressions of gratitude, though I personally believe I am doing enough already in the time that I have available and I am very sorry that it is not up to your standards.

This is my art blog and I prefer to only see art related content on my dash. So if you’re an art blog that reblogs normal stuff as well and I have to specifically search for your art tag on your blog in order to see anything of your art at all because it’s just so cluttered with random tumblr posts - I won’t follow you. Even if I really like your art. If I go to your blog and have to scroll past 30 reblogged posts before I see a drawing of yours - I won’t follow you.

This is just a venty post kind of.. but see this as advice if you want. If you’re an artist and you’re wondering “why do I not get any followers?” or “why are none of my followers interacting with my art etc” it’s probably because your blog is a mess. Please just make a blog for your art and a blog for random other stuff?? I mean¿¿