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  • me: [doesnt get attention for fifteen seconds]
  • me: [drapes self over the lounge] it is fine. i am Okay. i suppose it is simply my destiny to die alone. Abandoned. Without a soul in the world to care for me. [delicately wipes a glistening tear from my eye] i'm not bothered. i Understand why you all Hate Me and wish me dead. after all, maybe it is all for the best....... [i stare forlornly into the middle distance, allowing my limbs to go slack as i lie back and wait to wither away, ignored forever]

what i’ll miss most about skam and the one thing no remake will ever be able to replace were the amazing actors. they brought this show to life. they made us fall in love with their characters and stories in such a beautiful and genuine way, portraying them with so much love. their acting made so much of these four seasons incredible, empathetic, and heartwrenching. they compelled us to keep watching, even when things didn’t turn out the way we wanted, because we truly loved these characters. these actors poured their heart and soul into each of their roles, and they made skam into such a real show, a show that so many of us love. i can’t ever thank them enough for what they have done these past few years, but i can say what a tremendous impact it has had on so many of us. thank you, skam cast. thank you so, so much for everything.

i remember when your parents were away we would sit deep in the leather couch in your living room and drink warm fireball from coffee mugs like we weren’t 16

and the whole time your house smelled like hash smoke but we didn’t know if it was us or them

i remember my father spitting words at me like they were orange pith, like they were harmless, like they could be taken back, like i wouldn’t recite them every night before i went to sleep like a prayer

you are worthless. you are lazy. you are a thief. you are ruining this family. you will never be a man.

i remember sitting in the library waiting for the day to end so i could go to someone else’s home, so i could sleep on a couch and watch someone else’s mother look at me through dewy eyes. i remember doing my homework two weeks early. i remember not doing it at all just to see if someone would notice.

i remember walking to the bus stop before the sun rose, watching it pull itself over the earth from the top of the hill. and then i would take the long way to school. and i would take the long way back to my aunts house because the metro drivers never asked questions. and i would sit on her porch in the dark before going inside and wonder what i was doing. i remember my parents looked as if they had aged a million years when i saw them three months later. i remember thinking i had caused them to wither away into nothing.

i remember stealing candy from the store above the bus tunnel. it was so heavy in my pocket. it was so sweet. i was always afraid. i could never convince myself i had nothing to lose even on the days when i was completely and totally empty of love.


happy april fools day!

…or not, since its already the 2nd in my time zone. the joke is this is the actual update :’D


Taeyong - Smut request drunk in lust ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) who

•Length: 1,663 words
•Genre: Smutty
•self-comment: IdK whY I WRIte such trash every time I Have to WRITEEE. Lol but I’m shameless and don’t care how tragic this may be I gOtta finish these request. 🤷🏾‍♀️I had to make her semi drunk and functioning so this wouldn’t be considered rape

•Scenario-Anonymous said: Can I get a Nct taeyong Smut where you’ve broken up and have another bf but one day you see him at a bar and your drunk and he shows you what ur missing 😉 TY!!xx

•story: It’s been one year since you broke up with your ex-boyfriend Taeyong. You remembered the great memories you guys shared together, but you also remembered the horrible fights you guys had that led up to your breakup. It was easy to say you two ended on bad terms, He hated you. “What’s wrong baby?” Your Ears Perked to the sound of your boyfriend approaching you. Turning around you were greeted by a warm smile. You wrapped your arms around his neck lightly pulling him in for a light kiss. “Jaehyun, I was just lonely. Nothing more,” you smiled. you felt guilty for lying to your boyfriend, but telling him that you were thinking about Taeyong would surely put worries and doubt in his mind, especially because They are close best friends. You cared about jaehyun and you’d never want to hurt him. Pulling away you walked into your room lightly closing the door. You were lost deep in your that you didn’t realize you were getting texts from your best friend Irene. Irene was there for you through tough times and she was one of the people you cherished the most. You glanced at the screen of your phone to your surprise you had several bold lettered text from her. 『COME OUT WITH MEEEEE~ LETTUCE GO TO THE CLUB. Like a GIRLS NIGHT OUT. Just you and me! 』 You were slightly hesitant to accept her request, but you needed something to take your mind off the minor burdens in your life. Deciding that you shouldn’t worry about anything you let her know that you’d go with her. Hours pass by and you meet up with Irene at a club that she picked but you’ve never heard of. “Are you excited!” She squealed “I’m ready to find myself cute guys!” Your eyes widened. “Why are you like this?” You giggled while you both entered the club. The interior was huge with dim colorful lights and loud blaring music. “Wow~” you gasped out “this place is amazing!” You sounded like a little kid who was being introduced to Disney world for the first time. Irene giggled pulling you to the dance floor. You lost yourself in the music dancing not caring about anything or anyone else. You thought you were just overreacting. You grabbed Irene and pulled her to the bar. “I’m gonna get wasted!” You said excitedly. Irene smiled and ordered the first set of drinks. Everything was all shits and giggles until suddenly Irene’s eyes widened and jaw dropped. “Shit! Don’t turn around.” You nervously giggled “Chill what can be so bad?” You said turning your head to see what she was worried about. Your body instantly started shaking when you saw Taeyong sitting at the other side of the bar. You felt your heart start beating faster as your body just went into a ‘Holy shit moment’ you had come to the club to get your mind off of him, and just to your dismay, he was sitting right there. You stared at him for long enough for him to notice and look at you dead in the eye. You turned your head at the speed of light back to Irene. “W-WHY IS THIS M-MY L L UC K.” You were stuttered disturbingly hard and Irene was truly worried. “We can leave if you-” you cut her off “NO! I came here to enjoy myself, and I need to learn to live with these type of situations,“ but your anxiety grew worse causing you to walk outside for fresh air. “Shit! Why me.” You yelled earning a few looks from other clubbers. “Why are you running away from me?” you looked up to see Taeyong with a slight smirk on his face you started shaking again not knowing what to do. You quickly placed yourself as far away from TaeYong as possible. “Stop trying to avoid me! You’re only making things harder on yourself.” Taeyong ran after you catching you and pinning you against the wall of the club. You frantically tried to look around. Anywhere, anywhere but his face. Looking down was the safest place you figured. “Do you miss me?” You didn’t reply even though you wanted to tell him a lot. “Answer me.” He said with a sterner more serious tone. “I have a boyfriend and you know that.” Taeyong stood quietly for a moment before snaking his hands down your sides stepping closer to you. “Well,” He started leaning his mouth to your ear “does he make you feel as good as I did?” You felt his hands touch the inside of your thighs earning a sharp gasp to escape your mouth. “I take that as a no.” He chuckled a little to himself. You were uncomfortable that all of this was happening in plain sight. “T-taeyong can we talk about this somewhere else.” You anxiously tried to walk back into the club but, Taeyong insisted that the both of you would go back to his apartment which was conveniently near the club. A little tipsy Taeyong helps you up the stairs to his apartment. You stumble inside kicking off your heels before turning back to look at Taeyong who was looking at you amusingly. “I’m gonna use the bathroom.” You quickly left the room after realizing the fucked up situation that had found you. Looking at yourself in the mirror you rinsed the sweat off your face. Everything was still slightly fuzzy from a number of shots you took. You left the bathroom to be greeted by Taeyong who pushed you against the wall again. “You don’t think our conversation was done right?” He growled lowly into your ear. You felt really hot and you couldn’t deny anymore that the feeling of Taeyong touching you was starting to turn you on in a way Jaehyun shamefully couldn’t. You let the alcohol take over your actions and your actions leaned in to kiss Taeyong. He swiftly swerved your actions pushing you harder into the wall. “Sweetie you never answered my question,” Taeyong put his thigh between your leg slightly pushing upwards creating friction on your core. You tried gyrating your hips, but to no avail, Taeyong held your hips down reducing movement. “Does Jaehyun touch you the way I did?” Devilishly his sharp teeth nibbled on your soft neck leaving violet bruises. “Taeyong please-” your breathless pleas fell on deaf ears. “Does he fuck you the way I do?” He picked up the pace quickly unzipping your dress and taking off your bra. You were fully exposed and you tried to cover your arms. “Don’t hide yourself from me baby.” He purred his voice was smooth like velvet. Taeyong took your arms placing them over your head admiring your beauty from beneath him. He trailed kisses down your body stopping and lightly sucking on your nipple, your moans became uncomfortably louder as he continued attacking your weak spot. “Does Jaehyun make you moan like this?” He looked up at you halting his actions. “I won’t continue without my answer.” The alcohol made you expose the truth to him. “no, he doesn’t.” You replied without really thinking. “Of course he doesn’t,” He scoffed. You felt yourself being lifted up with your legs dangling around his waist. He walked you down the silent halls gently placing you on his bed whilst taking off his shirt revealing his chocolate abs. Taeyong slowly climbed onto you straddling you, continuing his attach on your body. He kissed your body down to your core. His tongue started it’s twisted game, skillfully exploring each area. You arched your back lightly squeezing him between your thighs. “Taeyong please~,” you gasped placing your fingers through his cherry blossom hair. The pleasure continued building up as beads of sweat trickled down your skin. “Fuck taeyong,” your high pitch moan filled the room. You covered your mouth trying to repress your moans. Taeyong grabbed your hands pressing it to your sides “I want to hear you loud and clear. can you do that for me?” He reassured you continuing his sinful act. Your moaning became louder and higher. You tried grabbing everything to cope with intensity. He picked up the pace focusing on your clit. Your back arched as you felt all the build-up and tense feeling in your body break down. Taeyong continued causing your body to move erratically from overstimulation. “Please stop, it hurts.” Taeyong pulled away swiftly removing his pants and boxers. He placed your hands over your head placing his other hand on your hips quickly he positioned himself at your entrance, your eyes had to look down, you were so turned on by everything that was taking place. Seeing Tae inside you. Tae’s free hand grabbed your neck, roughly tilting your head back capturing your moan as he slid into you, roughly. Not giving you any time to get settled, he pounded himself into you, repeatedly. The previous orgasm helped to make taeyongs movements more pleasurable. Loud and helpless whimpers, moans frequently came out and became more high pitch with each thrust. “Tell me that you’re mine. All mine,” he growled into the air as your voice faltered to reply to his request. “Daddy please, I can’t do it anymore” “I don’t care! now, you are going to be a good girl and tell me” A loud cry left your lips as he continued pounding into you faster “Oh DADDY PLEASE, I NEED YOU.” your body stiffened and your hip buckling came to a halt as you felt your orgasm begin to consume your body for the second time that night. “Taeyong stop, it’s too much,” you pleaded as he kept pumping himself into you. With a few more forceful thrusts taeyong came himself falling beside you. “Damn baby” he groaned lightly turning to his stomach wrapping his arm around your waist peacefully closing his eyes. “Jaehyun definitely can’t fuck you like this.” He proudly stated before drifting off to sleep.

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my foot is piercing a hole in the blanket and ground but lets just ignore that

oh! if you don’t recognize the flags, both Crona and I have the agender flag, I have the pansexual and demiromantic flags, and then Crona has the polysexual/romantic and intersex flag
my shirt has the lil asterisk on it b/c I’m technically also ok with he/him, but I don’t really associate myself with it much

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Day 1 // Types of Kisses

Happy SoMa Week to everyone!

Unfortunately my contributions will be delayed for a day (or a few days depending on my busy life sched and motivation). But as you can all see, I will be animating for this year’s SoMa Week! (which will take more time omg)

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Nonetheless, hope you all enjoy the rest of the week, and have a lovely time!! I’ve seen a lot of art and fics and I will reblog some of them soon after I’ve finished my works.

For now, have all the SoMa kisses w/ some of their cool outfits <3 Tag your fave kiss!

I guess I never understood.
True pain, true remorse, true sorrow.
People have spoken sad stories about how a beautiful life has been destroyed, and their tears never effected me.
People have talked about different ways to destroy yourself. 
Drinking, drugs, and more than I care to name.
There is only one subject all people carelessly leave out that will tear you apart from the inside out.
It’s the deadliest of all destructions, and the drinking only follows in its path.
This destruction has a pulsing heart and emerald green eyes that shine with gold specks underneath the suns glory.
This destruction has dimples and eyelashes that flutter softly when he blinks.
This kind of destruction kisses you softly, and it is never a sudden hurt that washes upon a soul.
It’s a slow, gradual pain that continues to stain your heart and wisdom.
It’s feeling blissful and euphoric.
Happiness breeds sorrow, and that’s why it is so deadly.
One will never see it’s appearance until they remember all they used to have. They will never realize their heart has fallen apart until the pieces tear them up, leaving bleeding wounds.
Only when they are numb and their mind is void will they realize what they have done to themselves.
Drinking never felt this way, the impact was minuscule.
A fun night, a headache the next day, and then I moved on with my life.
Not now.
I’ll carry the burden of all that is, and all that could have been deep within me. Deep within the darkest part of my soul that whimpers for rays of light.
Drinking and drugs ruined my life, but falling in love ruined my life more.
—  d e s t r u c t i o n ; gabriella

what up, what up, citizens of the rp community!! this is CHAI with a promo for lovely snag protag in a bag KUROSAKI ICHIGO of bleach!! 

for those of you not familiar with ichigo or bleach here’s a basic rundown:

  • he LOOKS grumpy, but that’s because he’s always worrying ( he’s actually a pretty chill kinda guy )
  • his hair is bright as shit ( like oranger than the orangiest orange you’ve ever seen ) but he’s proud of it and embraces it
  • don’t insult it though he’ll fite u
  • he’s crazy about his friends and family and will probably punch you for even looking at them wrong ngl
  • HUGE knight complex sorry ‘bout it
  • he sees dead ppl ( like literally they hang around & never want to leave like wtf is up w/that )
  • he’s a shinigami ( death god, soul reaper, etc.; there’s a lot of synonyms/translations ok )
  • i’ve been developing him for 6+ years so he’s p canon-divergent at this point so don’t expect strictly canon ichigo here; i call him my son for a reason.

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Thats pretty much it and very simple! The Rewards will be art made by me of anything of your choice in shading and color.

I will not draw Gore and NSFW. And please spare my soul from anything too detailed. 

Heres some art Ive done for an Example!

Thank you all so much for following me! Cant wait to see the results!

青春!!!<< Since this the way all the hip cool cats are doing it I guess I’ll do it too!!  LIKE AND/OR REBLOG if u wanna GET YOUTHFUL WITH MIGHT GAI written by BASED MEME TRAIN. Independent, selective-ish, multi-errything and oc/crossover friendly. fuccing mostly w/ mutuals bc Buddy I may have the soul of Gai i have the stamina of Kakashi.

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing again recently, so have some souls as cute villagers.


@six-sleeping-children‘s Hanako (as a cat)

@sixsmolsouls‘ Adilet (as a deer)

@six-souls-chilling‘s Bobby-John (as a lone wolf)