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  • me: [doesnt get attention for fifteen seconds]
  • me: [drapes self over the lounge] it is fine. i am Okay. i suppose it is simply my destiny to die alone. Abandoned. Without a soul in the world to care for me. [delicately wipes a glistening tear from my eye] i'm not bothered. i Understand why you all Hate Me and wish me dead. after all, maybe it is all for the best....... [i stare forlornly into the middle distance, allowing my limbs to go slack as i lie back and wait to wither away, ignored forever]

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing again recently, so have some souls as cute villagers.


@six-sleeping-children‘s Hanako (as a cat)

@sixsmolsouls‘ Adilet (as a deer)

@six-souls-chilling‘s Bobby-John (as a lone wolf)



prim!!!!!!!! you beautiful soul!!!!!! thank u so much for all that you do. i’ve been following your blog for a while now and the amount of love you have for everyone is astounding. u always reblog so many of your tagged photos even if they don’t fit your theme perfectly and it’s so nice!! you’ve reblogged so many of mine and it honestly has made my self esteem go up a lot! you’ve been getting hate lately and i’m not making this just because i’m a part of the “sunshine club”. seriously guys, i didn’t think i’d get in, im a very small blog (1.1k followers), and don’t have an established anything really. so it really was inclusive and will continue to b so! anyways prim, thank you for trying to be a literal ray of sunshine when this website often gets so dark. it’s rare to find someone who genuinely cares so much abt the well-being of strangers. we all love you very much and appreciate your kind heart. 💛💫🌈

need more blogs to follow!

please reblog (and maybe follow me if u want lol) if you have a tagging system and post:

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  • gekkan shoujo nozaki kun
  • fullmetal alchemist

I’ve been wanting to draw a ‘creepy’ picture of myself and Crona for a long time… and also tbh I’m REALLY drawn to the creepy faces that Crona makes <3
(I swear I’m not actually licking my arm)

(Crona is agender and my headcanon is that he goes by he/him and she/her, please respect his gender identity and use those pronouns for him when referring to my art)
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related , thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum  ^u^ /)


Day 1 // Types of Kisses

Happy SoMa Week to everyone!

Unfortunately my contributions will be delayed for a day (or a few days depending on my busy life sched and motivation). But as you can all see, I will be animating for this year’s SoMa Week! (which will take more time omg)

To help a lil Mak out, 1 like and/or reblog = 1 encouragement for Mak!!! I don’t want to stress out on this week, so if you guys want to see more animation from me for this week, please send out your support!

Nonetheless, hope you all enjoy the rest of the week, and have a lovely time!! I’ve seen a lot of art and fics and I will reblog some of them soon after I’ve finished my works.

For now, have all the SoMa kisses w/ some of their cool outfits <3 Tag your fave kiss!

(a quick psa)

most artists who also have and use twitter regularly don’t actually post all their art to tumblr

tumblr’s format makes uploading art sort of a big deal, i.e. you wouldn’t make a tumblr post just for a single sketch, so a lot of artists only post things they deem good enough on here!!!

so uh, before u scroll past that “just okay” fanart in ur favorite fandom’s tag, just remember that the artist was probably really proud of it and worked really hard on it and a like or a reblog (or, bless ur soul, a reblog with ~tags~) is totally free and would probably make that artist very happy!!

@gratitudeforshishou reblogged your photo: He’s a little sad about the flowers but other than… #THE CHAPTERS BEEN OUT FOR LIKE THREE MINUTES HOW IS THERE ALREADY AN ANIMATION

@trans-shigeo reblogged your photo: He’s a little sad about the flowers but other than… #HOW DO U ANIMATE THIS FAST #mp100 #mp100 spoilers

@ghoststrawberries reblogged your photo: He’s a little sad about the flowers but other than… #mp100#mp100 spoilers#this animation is real good and also was made rly fast? wow??

I apply a speed buff and hope that the daze effect doesn’t hit :’)

hello! im new here, so im not sure how this works really but my names chihiro!

i just made my blog because my friend encouraged me to! i got the url from someone else so you may recognize it from them, but its mine now c:

i have no one to follow and no followers so could u please like or reblog this post if u:

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you dont have to meet all the things on the list, just one is fine

also recommend me blogs if you want!



ok hear me out hartwin fandom:

We both know that it’s not fashionable to love me

But you don’t go ‘cause truly there’s nobody for you but me

AU where:
Harry Hart is a mafia boss
Eggsy Unwin works as a singer in a restaurant

Once Harry wanted to get drunk really badly. He was telling the bartender how to make a proper martini, but suddenly stopped in a mid-sentence as he heard a deep and clear voice, which reflected something infinitely sad. Harry turned around and met eyes with the performer. Those eyes had the same caustic pain as the crumbling sounds under the ceiling.

We both know history of violence that surrounds you
But I’m not scared there’s nothing to lose now that I’ve found you

Eggsy had never reproached Harry when he disappeared for months and came back with new scars every time, without explaining a single thing. Instead he just stared at him and sang, pouring out all the accumulated anxiety of himself. Harry couldn’t stand this anymore. He took him to the coast. For the whole month. Their month. Their honeymoon.

It’s no wonder every man in town have neither thought nor found you
Everything you do is elusive even for you honey dew

this is my translation from russian, sorry if my english sucks but i tried
i will sell my soul to the person who will make a fic out of this I BEG U PLS
pls reblog this so more people will see, i need this fic like i need air rn

Types of Follower
  • Likes your posts: Good, honest folk, deserving of recognition and respect. Have integrity. Populate their blog with only the finest post specimens. Scrupulous but well-meaning. 10/10
  • Reblogs your posts: Friend material. Makes you smile when you see their name in your notifs. Hits post limit regularly but their content is always good. Generous, giving types. 10/10
  • Likes and reblogs your post: A truly thoughtful soul. Would probably donate both kidneys if asked. Selfless. Usually has a kind comment in the tags; gives you a reason to keep blogging. 15/10
  • Leaves Nice Anons/Asks: Peak human condition. A strong moral compass. Shy, but very cute. Among the few redeeming features of this hellsite. Should be showered with the praise and love they deserve. 20/10
  • Mutuals: Gorgeous. Fantastic. Beautiful. Amazing. Inspired. Probably drink water and exercise daily. You have no idea why they follow you but you're grateful anyway. 100/10

I have known I was queer since i was six, I just didn’t have a word for it yet. Had I been given it, I’d have worn it even back then. I knew I wanted to be a boy sometimes but I was never taught that was a thing, so I didn’t tell a soul and i grew up not wanting to think of it.

I have known I was queer since I was eight, but no one told me what to call it so I named it ‘myslef’ and kept it that way. I had a crush on a boy and a cursh on a girl but words like pan or bi had never crossed my way.

I have know I was queer since I was thirteen, and found the words I use today. I had way too many feelings, and not enough to say, so I stayed quiet and let them all say “that’s a girl, she’s gonna be great, she’ll marry a guy and live life that way”.

Others have known I was queer since I was fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, some I still can’t tell. But don’t have to say it, for things to be this way.

I have known I was queer since I was six, and I’ll know it many years from now. There’s some with whom I’ll say it, there’s some I won’t allow.

But it doesnt matter what I do, I’ll always be queer, loud, and proud


summer memories with Kyden

updated entry for @icronagorgon‘s summer contest, since the deadline was extended I asked if I could add one more page of the comic and I got the go-ahead to do it :3c. I’m pretty happy with this
individual scrapbook pics here!

Kyden stop writing on ur partners things, I mean giving him the notebook paper with the FoB lyrics was different…

(Crona is agender and my headcanon is that he goes by he/him and she/her, please respect his gender identity and use those pronouns for him when referring to my art)
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related , thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum  ^u^ /)

minz-suga  asked:

You’re my: rlly cute mutual on both tumblr nd twt!
How I met you: uhhh i think when u reblogged a selfie tag of mine and said something rlly nice in the tags :’’)
Why I follow you: bc ur the sweetest!
Your blog is: wholesome and full of support for bangtan 
Your URL is: super cute
Your icon is: my actual boyfriend park jimin
A random fact I know about you: idk any :’(
General opinion: ur a lovely and kind soul :’’) we should talk more 
A random thought I have: what happened to the lemons namjoon dropped in that one puma cf 

mutuals send me a ‘♧’ and i’ll tell u!