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like, some people don’t know what it’s like to be ugly

like its the worst shit, knowing that no one may actually end up loving you because you’re too weird or you just don’t look appeasing. You wake up every morning wishing you would somehow magically become prettier and wish to be someone else entirely. Avoiding the mirror because you already know you look like shit.. like that’s so weird how some people don’t know how that feels

Fluffy Eruri Headcanons

a balm for the chapter 72 
enclosed below are (10) of them. Use them wisely, reblog with your own, what have you. Kisses to you all~


(1) Erwin babbles in his sleep. Levi wakes up one morning, pre-dawn, grey light filtering in through the windows, and this is how he finds out that Erwin’s planning to propose to him. 

(2) Erwin leaves Sticky Notes all over the house that Levi finds when he’s cleaning. They say things like “I love you!,” “Have a good day!,” “Missing you already.” They never talk about it, but one day when Erwin opens the drawer to the nightstand on Levi’s side of the bed, he finds the notes smoothed out in a neat stack. Every single one. 

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if you are looking for a sign not to kill yourself tonight, THIS IS IT! 

“if I killed myself tonight, the stars would still appear, the sun will still come out, the earth would still rotate, the seasons would still change… so why not?”

You want a “why not?”

How about the way your best friends older sister will throw up on the side of the road because she’s crying so much. How about how your best friend will sob for weeks in her shower, her bedroom,in the bathrooms at school. How about the way your mother will cry every time she looks at herself in the mirror and pictures herself bringing you home. How about the way your father’s eyes will NEVER stop mirroring the image of your hanging body. How about the way your boyfriend will sit in silence in his room, unable to eat or sleep, or even fucking shower, because why would he want to continue without you. How about the way the girl who called you a brother cries every time she see’s your family. How about the way your family will sit in your house after the funeral looking blankly at one another, because god knows they can’t find a thing to fucking say that doesn’t  just float through the air where you should be walking. How about the way your sister will wake up every morning and see your door and convince herself that you could still be there, just sleeping in your bed. How about the way your ex girlfriend will come over and pull your clothes from the drawers and cry while she holds them desperately to her face trying to breathe in what’s left of you.

don’t you dare tell me things won’t change. There may still be stars in the sky, air in the wind and sun in the clouds, but without you we don’t want them. 

1. When I hold you tightly in my arms after a long day.

2. When I hold your hand like I won’t be able to hold it tomorrow.

3. When I kiss you on your cheek so swiftly and gently for no reason.

4. When I write you little happy notes hoping you have an amazing day every single day.

5. When I tell you how amazingly delicious you look when you wear your favorite dress.

6. When I cuddle with you during thunderstorms, my God your body is so comfortable.

7. When I run my fingers through your hair and tell you you’re more beautiful than anyone else.

8. When I hold your face in both of my hands and kiss your forehead and tell you how special you are.

9. When I open the door for you, and watch your petite figure sway past my existence, my God am I a lucky man.

10. When I kiss you in your gentle spots that makes your soul tingle.

11. When I hand you my jacket when the cold is trying to suck away your warmth.

12. When I wake up to your beautiful face every single morning, and think of how honored I am to love you.

13. When I kiss you on your lips every single night and tell you baby I love you goodnight.

—  Let me count the ways that I say I love you