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One Night Stand

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words:   1280

-Jared and the reader are married. They haven’t had a lot of time together. So, they come up with a way to make sure they get the attention they both need.-

-This originally had smut, but when I had to rewrite it, I made it different. Sorry.-

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         You were married to the love of your life. You had two amazing kids. And everything you could ask for. So, why weren’t you as happy as you had been?

           Jared was so busy with filming and cons and everything that it seemed like you hadn’t really seen him or spent time with him in forever.

           So, that’s why you had devised the plan. And when you told Jared how you were feeling, he jumped at the plan, showing you that he really did still love you and wanted to make things better between you again.

           You dropped the kids off with Jensen and Danneel. The saints who offered to babysit. Brave, brave souls.

           And then you got dressed in your favorite little black dress, did your hair and make-up, and got ready for what promised to be a wonderful night.

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  • I feel a scratchiness in my throat, and that little feeling you get in your sinuses when you know a cold is coming on. It has not hit fully yet, and though I do not feel 100% crappy, I certainly do not feel 100% me. I am hoping I can fight this bitch off.
  • You’ve followed me long enough, you know I will reblog memes here and there in relation to politics/current events. I am trying to think back to when Bush decided to invade Iraq, and how upset most were (understandably so) and compare it to how things are playing out now. I don’t think social media was as prevalent then as it is now, because it just seems so much more magnified today. I see many posting the “Hey, just because I don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean I am going to hate you.” I get that to an extent, but there is the other side to it that others have put for more eloquently than I ever could, and lately I feel my tolerance is running thin. Some have decided to step away from it all, and I cannot blame them for such either. I don’t think less of anyone for that, because this whole thing can be quite overwhelming.
  • I’d much rather be on the couch right now watching South Park reruns than be here, but unfortunately this is probably going to be a 10 hour day.
  • Okay cool, Episode VIII title is out, now how about a motherfucking trailer?
  • I need a new belt. This one is too big now.
  • You know what? I don’t think I’ve ever had a Chaco Taco. Like ever.
  • SDCC, how about a registration date already? My badge buying finger is ready.

Peace be upon you.

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What interviewer do you think is getting the first Larry interview? Like serious one? I feel like Corden will get the first relaxed one like "best friend/couple quiz" games, pet peeves about each other and then ofcourse James talking about how sappy they are together/his personal anecdotes about them etc but who you think will get the Oprah esque live camera interview?

I don’t want to say names, I just want it happen on their own terms with someone they’re comfortable with. Someone who supported them this whole time. I have some posts reblogged under the tag: COMING OUT INTERVIEW


that warm feeling when you are bored and have nothin to do so you go thru peeps who reblogged your art and all the nice comments are aaaa and you just wanna hug them asdfgkhll

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How do you feel about the Harukawa/Momota relationship? (especially when comparing it to the other romance subplots of the franchise)

An interesting question! Personally, I’m pretty okay with them as a ship. I find myself more invested in saiouma or saimatsu to be sure, but I didn’t mind that they took Momota and Maki to a romantic level in the game, and I think it has a lot to do with Maki in particular.

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Hello! I'm biracial and I was feeling ashamed about being half white because of Tumblr, but your posts and reblogs about equality put my mind at ease and restored my faith in humanity. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

It’s sad, but you’re not the first person to come to me with this, Anon. The blatant racism on tumblr has unfortunately made far too many biracial people feel awful for being half white. One person even came to me basically saying that they felt like they were partially evil due to their heritage. No one deserves to be dubbed “evil” just for being born.

I don’t reblog as much social justice stuff as I used to since it stresses me out quite a bit, but I’m glad that the posts I have reblogged allowed you to feel better about yourself.

Try to remember this if ever you feel ashamed in the future; your race does not dictate your goodness, how other people view you does not equate who you really are as a person, and just because the majority of tumblr believes something doesn’t mean it’s true or morally upright.


Ok pet peeve.  When TV shows film scenes during the day and then amp up the blue to make it look like night, scenes like when Dorothy and Lucas kiss, when Tip pushed Jack off the balcony, Dorothy introducing Lucas to her iPod, Eamonn finding Dorothy’s pill bottle in the middle of the field with no torch. argh. This makes it hellaish trying to work with in edits and vids plus they don’t show proper night lighting from things like a campfire and moonlight.

I decided for my library I would render a color corrected and conversation only file so I wouldn’t have to do the same corrections over and over.  Then I thought I would share the clip since I’m seeing edits with the same problem.

scene: Dorothy x Lucas kiss

password: dorcas

Feel free to use in your edit, just reblog this post if you use it and if there’s interest I might do more or do a tutorial of how I did it (I use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition).

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i feel like... these people dont understand.. its the internet. no matter how much you try to hide something it WILL spread and others will see it, whether they want to or not, whether they are children or not. people reblog things. people repost things. someone along the line will be hurt by the content you produce, and the best way to prevent that is by not posting it at all.


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There is so many attractive people ... Like wtf, how is it even possible to be as cute as all the boys that you reblog ^^'

Dear, you’ve go to be who you are. Just show the best of you and never pretend to be someone else. Remember that you’re beautiful in your own peculiar way and no one has the right to tell you otherwise. Begin to accept you first as a human being like anyone else, then you begin to love yourself because if you don’t love yourself, how you’re going to love somebody else? Never forget that in first place, you’ve got to love yourself, no matter what. Look, there’s no need for you to feel down because of the cute boys in my blog. After all, you are a person like anybody else, but remember that you are unique. You’re beautiful no matter what people say about you. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel down because no one has the right to do so. No one! I know that we do live in a society that cherishes the the appearance more than inner beauty, but it doesn’t mean we have to follow this pattern. You don’t need to change or worry because of what people might say, you know. If people do not like the way you look like, then maybe these people should be more respectful and change themselves, okay? :)

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The moment i saw someone reblogged from u and it says that u draw Jumin a lot and i was like HOW CAN I NOT FOLLOW YOU YET OF ALL THIS TIME OMG WTH MARRY ME

lololol HOW KIND YOU ARE~ I feel so happy that you like my arts >.<!

Guys you should all know as well, that all the likes, reblogs, tags on the reblogs saying how much you all LOVE the glitch twisted fake frank, make me so happy. The past few days I felt so bad about my art and now I feel like rising, confidence.

THANK YOU, so much. 

it helps me feel better about my daily life in general.
Also more twisted fake frank art coming soon. 

take care of urself u little shit <3

have you taken your meds?

how much sleep have you gotten?

have you remembered to shower?

it’s ok to take a break, don’t burn yourself out.

brushed your hair?

teeth too?

fed the dog/cat/lizard/bird/whatever animal companions you have?




got that assignment in?

set up that appointment?

hit something? (preferably soft and nonliving, don’t hurt yourself please.)

Do what you need to do, if you can’t, that’s ok too. Do what can do.

i don’t think people really get how little feedback fanfic authors actually get? like the effort to reaction ratio is so abysmally skewed here that a fic nearly 50,000 words long takes an entire year to amass like. 16 comments. someone reblogged a fic i wrote at 4 am and tagged it with a 5-word compliment and i can’t stop thinking about it, not because it was so nice but because half the time you post a fic you’re going to hear nothing and anything feels like so much

fandom culture is so, so good about giving artists the credit they’re due, but we gotta start doing that for writers too. you’ve got no idea how much people put into their stories and get maybe a handful of reblogs and a dozen-odd kudos. that’s not enough. writing is an endurance sport and y’all need to start giving fic writers a reason to endure it and improve their craft. encourage writers like you encourage artists. reblog fics, leave tags, leave comments, acknowledge that these stories do not just spring into being for your entertainment. 

every single damn writer i know feels like half of their readers see them as a machine. that’s gotta change. 

Hey guys, the Women’s March on Washington is trying to get a head count of how many people participated.
If you were at the Women’s March on 1/21/17 virtually, in Washington, or in any sister city around the world then please text COUNT ME to 89800. Spread the word!

“autistic people have a hard time communicating”
i can communicate to you just fine, but not the way you want me to

I squeak and make soft high pitched noises when i find something cute

i flap my hands when im excited

i shake my legs and bite at my fingers when im anxious

i will rock back and forth and hug myself if im getting overwhelmed

i will talk in a soft baby voice when im tired

i know exactly how to communicate how im feeling, you just refuse to understand

To everyone who tells readers to get a life:

1. Don’t tell people what to do
2. Do you know how many fantasies and worlds open up from a single book? You live through so many people. Feel the same way. It’s an incredible feeling, and I feel sorry for people too ignorant to feel it. I have went into so many different worlds, and these worlds were a gettaway for me when, well, when I needed one. So in a way, readers do have lives, more than one.

there’s just something so disheartening about knowing that no matter how much reassurance you receive from people that they care about you and no matter how much you may work with them to build and strengthen your relationship you’ll never really be sure that they care about you. you’ll always come back around to believing they hate you and that feeling will never stop