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L→R: Lucifer!Cas, S4-S8 Cas, Misha, S9-S12 Cas, Endverse!Cas

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Inspired by @mishacollins‘ and  @gishwhes​‘ GISHBUS [x] [x]

Since this took over a month to do and I finished on Pride Month, it felt right to make Pride Flag versions available (more flags in my shops).
The GISHBUS has been my ‘patronus’ this past year, and I hope it will become that for other people if it tours again this year ❤︎

IF GISHBUS tours again this year, I want to show the GISHBUS team my progress from last year. My agoraphobia and severe anxiety actually worsened this year, so I spent time on this to tell myself “But you spent more than a month on this project!” to brave up and go.
I’m already anxious and they haven’t even announced if they’ll tour yet.

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Do you want to make new friends?

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A question about canon DESTIEL

Someone probably already asked this question , but I’ll ask anyway because I really want to know your opinions.
Would you be happy if DESTIEL becomes canon with CAS in a female vessel, or you’d rather not have canon if it happens this way?


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I’m so not sorry for this, these are my favorite Cas gifs why don’t you guys and whoever wants to reblog with their favorite Castiel gifs!! ‘