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SPN Follow Spree :)

Since I am now out of school, I have more time to devote to this blog. Please like or reblog if you:

💫 post Season 13 spoilers, meta and/or speculation
💫 are generally positive about Supernatural and post minimal wank/negativity; please NO hate, especially toward Misha or Cas
💫 have a tagging system (I especially love tag commentary)
💫 post/reblog at least a few times a week
💫 love TFW, Crowley, and other major characters + the cast
💫 do not ship wincest/weecest/j2 (I can handle J2 as friends, but not as a couple); as far as ships are concerned, I prefer destiel/cockles
💫 tag ‘nsfw’ posts properly (and considering how often I am on my phone with my family around, I’d prefer nsfw posts to be few and far between, lol)
💫 post 80-100% Supernatural and tag other shows

Let me know which criteria you meet in the tags! Thank you very much!  ❤️ 

Honestly those “reblog or you’re a terrible person” things give me so much anxiety. I usually ignore them but they seriously haunt me. Even those posts that are supposed to ease your mind about that kind of thing do not help me. Really, sometimes I just don’t wanna reblog them but then I see them everywhere. They get longer. Things like “I don’t care if this doesn’t go with your blog” and “why would anyone not reblog this” get added to them. A lot of them have good messages but do you really need to prey on people’s anxiety to get your point across? I didn’t reblog a thing about anon hate that said you should reblog it and I know logically it’s not a big deal and I’m not a bad person for not reblogging it but I’m becoming sick. I’m getting the kind of anxiety that builds up in your gut and chest and makes you wanna barf and I’m pretty sure that’s not what that post was intended to do. It doesn’t matter how many reassurances I get or how many pictures of dogs are sent to protect me. They make me so anxious I feel sick. Why does anybody say anything like that on posts like that? Why?

Okay I’m serious, if you’re going to add onto my posts hateful comments about Sherlock, Moffat, or Gatiss (or all of the above) I’m just going to block you from now on.

You can feel and think what you want but I’m tired of seeing it in my notifications. If you can’t make your own posts and are going to continue to shit on mine I’m just going to block you and let that be the end of it.

*Realizing that the Q&A livestream, that I though was going to be the actual panel livestream was canceled
*Not being on SDCC
*A sneak peek and some other news are being revealed, and I’m not there
*Nobody is going to stream the SDCC SU panel
*worring about not seeing the panel or the sneak peek
*Realizing that I will never meet the crewniverse and the voice actors.
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