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Here In The Afterglow

by fondleeds

“If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.

Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.”


1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger. 


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Dangerous Woman-Part 2

A/N: WOW, the outpouring of love for my new fic Dangerous Woman is crazy! It hasn’t even been 24 hours and it’s already blown ALL of my other fics out of the water. Thank you so much to everyone who has liked it, reblogged it, and asked to be tagged. I was going to wait until tomorrow to post Part 2 but you all deserve this! Enjoy!

Warnings:There one curse word…

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down.  

Bucky x Mom!Reader

Part 1

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The following Monday, you called Stark. Actually, you had Henry call and say that you would like to meet at the Avengers compound to discuss their proposal. Of course, Tony insisted that he send a car. It was a fabulous, brand new Audi S8 plus. Expensive like most of his other cars. You had dealt with wealthy business men and women before, they tended to need your help more than most, but nothing like Tony. There was no one else like Tony. Even when you were in the car, you couldn’t believe it. Iron Man and Captain America had asked you to be their attorney, their advocate. You wanted this job. Bad.

“Thank you.” You nodded towards the driver as he opened your door.

“Ms. L/N! It’s so good to finally meet you!” A tall, gorgeous woman with blonde hair greeted you. “I’ll show you right to Mr. Stark.” Ah- an assistant or model turned assistant? You shrugged it off. Tony. The building was modern with glass walls and ceilings and filled with sharp angled furniture. You tried to keep your mouth closed and your head straight as your heels clicked along, but it was getting difficult. You had to channel your badass lawyer side, not the fangirl that was threatening to bubble up. It would have been easier to continue your charade but as you rounded the corner, you bumped into two super soldiers. Literally. You were knocked off your feet when you bounced off of Bucky’s chest but he easily caught you and kept you upright.

“Ms. L/N!” Steve’s eyes went wide. “We were just coming to meet you.” But you weren’t looking at the captain. Your eyes were locked on the crystal blue eyes of the man whose arms were still around your waist. You could feel your mouth gaping open and a blush across your cheeks. He stared back. You had seen pictures, of course, of the World War II hero, read every article, and even advocated for the Smithsonian to update their Captain America exhibit to include him but this was different. His flesh arm was warm around your waist and metal prosthetic hovered, as if he willingly stopped himself from touching you with it. If he only knew. But the moment was soon over when you saw something click in his eyes. He looked panicked and shuffled away from you.

“Um, yes. Hi, Ms. L/N.” His eyes couldn’t quite reach yours as he spoke. You could almost see the hint of a blush on his cheeks.

“Hello, Sergeant Barnes. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” You huffed out before you lost your breath again. His hand reached out and you grabbed it, shaking it entirely too long. You could feel your heart pounding out of your chest. Steve Rogers was handsome but Bucky Barnes was something else. He still wore his hair long and had the initial growth of a beard across his jawline. That jawline. And he even seemed larger in person. He was still staring and you were still shaking his hand, lost to the world, until Steve cleared his throat.   

“I-I just have to say thank you for helping us back into the country.” He was stumbling over his words but that didn’t help your own nervousness.

“I had to! I mean, I wanted to. You’re a hero. You deserve to be home.” You paused, distracted by his gaze. “A-and I owe Captain Rogers my life. I was trapped in an office building during the Battle of New York. If it wasn’t for you” you now turned to Steve “and the other Avengers, I wouldn’t be here.” You could see Bucky’s face fall slightly. You scrambled, trying to think of what you said, but the model-assistant pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Well, gentlemen. I don’t want to keep Mr. Stark waiting.”

“Ah, that’s actually why we’re here. Giselle, we’ll take it from here.” The blonde nodded to Steve and then winked at Bucky as she walked away. But Bucky didn’t notice as his eyes were locked on you. Hero? No one had regarded him as a hero and yet here you were. He watched as you and Steve made small talk about potential office accommodations and family. Your eyes were bright with excitement but there was a tinge of darkness behind them. If he were back to his old self, he would have been talking with you, even flirting, but he felt nervous, embarrassed. He had no way to thank you, to give you anything close to what you had given him… a second chance.

You knocked on the door frame to Tony’s lab but then continued in without being invited. By the time Tony turned around in his chair, you were already beside his workbench, leaning over to see him eye to eye.

“In case you were wondering what it felt like to be barged in on while you were working, this is it.” You smirked.

“Noted.” He smiled but you could tell he was slightly annoyed. “Your office will be on our executive level beside Steve’s.” He huffed and then turned back around to his work.

“Excuse me! I haven’t even given you my answer!” You stood straight and folded your arms across your chest. You were obviously going to say yes, but you needed to make sure you were still somewhat in control. You could hear Steve groan out of embarrassment behind you.

“Oh, you came all the way upstate to say no?” Tony didn’t even bother looking away from his work. You pursed your lips and tried to think of a good comeback but none came. “Ha! I’m right. FRIDAY, please call all the Avengers into the common room.”

“Yes boss!” The AI chippered.

“It’s a yes, if you did care to know.” You mumbled, following Tony into the common room.

“I’m sorry, Ms. L/N. Sometimes he can be a little eccentric.” Steve stood meekly by your side as he tried to make up for Tony’s behavior.

“It’s okay and please, it’s Y/N.” You smiled and he returned one back. You looked over to Bucky, standing beside Steve, to include him as well. He nodded, giving you a slight smile.

Meeting the World’s Mightiest Heroes was quick. You already knew everyone and after your trip to D.C., they knew you. Bucky could see your shoulders rollback and your back extend but then relax when everyone returned to their daily activities. You reminded him of royalty. You were constantly ‘on’ when there was an audience or large group, gliding around the room and gracefully shaking hands. But your smile was brighter when it was just him and Steve. It was a smile that could make his heart stop. He could feel a surge of protectiveness, to keep that smile on your face, the longer he was with you.

Tony’s work was quick and your personal effects were here almost instantly. You didn’t have a lot and you had already redistributed cases at your firm before you left. Steve and Bucky were the first to volunteer and help. There was a small part of you that was more than willing to watch Bucky lift boxes. They lifted boxes easier than any moving man. You eventually felt guilty for just watching and decided to help lift a box but you were no super soldier. You began to wobble under the weight of the box. You slipped and the contents of the box scattered but you never hit the floor. A familiar pair of arms wrapped around your waist again but this time he was quick to place you back on your own two feet.

“My hero.” You nervously giggled as you desperately tried to pick up your belongings.

“Ha, I just seem to catch you at the right time.” He smiled at you, an adorable lopsided grin. The years of torture and confusion seemed to disappear when he smiled. Your heart skipped a beat. You could not fall in love with Bucky Barnes. Sure you had a crush, ever since you saw that picture of him in his greens, but you couldn’t imagine yourself and him in the same league. What you didn’t know is that he was thinking the same. You were too lost in your thought to notice him start to pick up your personal effects. Then you snapped out of it.

“Oh, I’m sorry! What am I doing?” You started gathering your small mementos and framed photos but not before Bucky grabbed your favorite framed picture. It was a simple frame. A small black frame surrounded your little one. She was asleep surrounded by white sheets with a messy bun of curly, chestnut hair on top of her head.

“Is this your daughter?” Bucky asked meekly. His eyes flashed from the picture to your left hand and back.

“Uh-yes! Amelia Eloise. She’s my angel.” Your eyes softened as you continued to stare.

“She looks like it.” He smiled back. “Beautiful, like her mother.”   

Part 3    

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  • their blog url: nóm-de-plume
  • the kind of posts they reblog: He is the only person that reblogs Finarfin’s political posts, no one would even know he was making them otherwise. Anything and everything about the race of Men and Edain rights all ‘why is no one else talking about this’, sweet pictures of cool stalactites.
  • the first person they followed: Fair Amarië of the Vanyar but they stopped being mutuals after he changed fandoms
  • what kind of theme they’d have: Blinged out, glitter fucking everywhere, enough to clog up your computer’s processors
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: ‘Listen, just because a relationship is temporary it doesn’t mean it’s not important, what matters is how it enriches your life in the moment, not everything needs to last forever and whatever Galadriel, I have a Doom, my house will die with me anyway so stop thinking judgemental thoughts and stop vagueblogging at me, god
“You took Milah, my love, my happiness.”

(aka, why Hook hasn’t changed at all.)

A few days ago I reblogged a beautiful angst gifset by @desperatemurph of Killy driving his hook into Rumple’s heart back in Manhattan. The above was the caption, or more fully: 

Time’s up, crocodile. You took Milah, my love, my happiness. And for that, I will take your life.

The key thing to note* here is how Killy describes Milah: “my happiness.” That’s what he’s been angry about for 250 years: not the ending of the life of Milah, a human being, but the loss of HIS happiness. I’ll be honest; I don’t pay a ton of attention to what Hook says, so I’m sure he has said nice things about Milah (although of course he also said that if Rumple had fought him back in the day, he might have given Milah back “soiled but returned”–aw, true love). But he has ever spoken about Milah’s qualities as a PERSON, as opposed to what she did for him or made him feel?  

And this is how he constantly refers to Emma as well. 

He explicitly says he’s decided she’s his happy ending. When Regina talks Emma down from killing Lily, Hook goes to Rumple to gloat that Emma didn’t turn dark, “so I get my happy ending, and you will never have yours.”

And in the finale, he does it again. His impassioned speech at the beanstalk about he and Emma fought for their love (huh?) and made each other better (what huh??? So speaks the man who knew Emma for a full week or two before they started dating) ends with the declaration that HE is not going to “lose” all he’s gained.

(Sidebar: Both Hook and Rumple in the finale basically said outright that they were only concerned with their wives–to the outrage of both characters’ unfans. “So selfish!” But listen to how Rumple talks about Belle: “Your mother loves you, Gideon.” “This isn’t you, Belle. She made you like this.” He tells Gideon that the real Belle would never leave him, no matter what happened  between her and Rumple. In short, Rumple is concerned about BELLE’s and GIDEON’s happiness and selfhood–not his own. He doesn’t think that Belle is going to come back to him, but he doesn’t want her and Gideon to lose each other.)

Point being, despite being made “better” by love, Hook still thinks of Emma in exactly the way he did of his first twu wuv–as the means for HIS happiness.

What has he learned? 

* Of course, one might also note the use of the word “took,” which according to bonnacons when used even once about a woman indicates someone is a horrific misogynist. Hook has used it about Milah at least twice (he refers to “when I took Milah” before the Humple duel on the JR). Hmm.

     BEHOLD. the laziest graphic i have ever done.

      If you’ve been on my blog page  ( which you shouldn’t because i need to change some colors so you cna actually read shit but just in case you have for w/e reason  ), you notice that my support log is  EMPTY. gerome here has no friends, and even though he doesn’t want any, he’s going to (  lmao hopefully  )  get some friends.

THIS IS A MAINS CALL. and here’s some stuff as to what that means:

rey gets to send you memes from literally every single ask prompt u reblog
rey will send you endless asks because she has no life
reference to your muse in threads with other people
reference to your muse when referring to a certain character in general.
first priority when it comes to threads/ask prompts
my love and affection, but maybe not gerome’s
( i mean unless you want it ; 3  )
yo girl in yo ims p much daily to plot/scream about our muses
my endless word vomit to replies because idk how to stfu when i write


if you already have a main gerome, then i ask that you PLEASE DO NOT LIKE THIS. i’m not someone’s replacement in any way, shape, or form, and i’m not here to fill the void while anyone is away. i am YOUR main and you are MINE. call it possessive but if i’m gonna spend time building with you, its just respectful, y’know  ??

so if you’d be into that, like away  !!

PS: THIS GOES FOR BOTH MY FATES && AWAKENING VERSES.  and also lemme know if you wanna develop a ship too ‘cause i am … so down ….for anything lmao kill me.

One hundred to zero

Word Count: 2615

TW: Homophobic slurs, swearing

Genre: AU, Highschool, Fluff

Author Note: I had such a good time writing this! I’m finally writing again as well!!

Summary: Dan is a stereotypical high school hottie, but after he comes out as bisexual he starts getting harassed and bullied by the whole school. one day, someone goes to far and he leaves class in tears. after taking a couple laps around the school, he notices a small, secret room that is only visible by one angle. he decides to go in and take a nap, but when he turns on the light, he notices phil lester, the skinny black haired boy who was his science partner a couple months ago, with the pale skin and the big glasses, in the corner, writing furiously in his worn-out notebook.


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i reblogged another ask meme but i think this is referring to an older one ? lmk if not lmao 

1: What does your OC feel is important to be talented at?

everything lmao he feels bad when he’s Bad at something but TBH–academics and music; school is hella important to his dad and his mom is a cellist

2: Does your OC adapt easily to changes in life or do they have a hard time getting accustomed?

he does not adjust easily or well to most changes–smaller, subtle ones he is usually OK with.

3: Does your OC struggle with any type of addictions?

pryce struggles for a while with substance abuse and ~promiscuous behavior~ but tbh once he’s going to therapy consistently, those behaviors recede tremendously. he experiments with a lot of drugs, tho, namely abusing his prescription meds.

4: How does your OC behave typically under severe stress?

when pryce gets Stressed…….he sleeps lol so much he just straight up shuts down

5: What calms your OC down the best under severe stress? 

sleeping some of it off, for sure; that’s his go-to. a long ass shower. Roary cuddles

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winteriron prompt: bucky runs advice blog and tony stumbles upon it, reads it and sees how nice this 'james' person is. so he shoots him a message as well. he sends all his messages on anon, signed -T. It's simple stuff at first like 'how to make perfect roast' but with time their conversation turn deeper and tony opens up abt a lot of things for the first time ever (they dont know who the other is) they talk and fall a bit in love, and one day tony forgets to choose the anon option & freaks out

Here’s nearly 2k of MIT-era tumblr nerds. Enjoy. You can also read this on Ao3.

Tony Stark has done quite a few embarrassing google searches in his time. Far too many, really. In the grand scheme of his embarrassments, this is hardly a ping on the radar, but he feels his face flush red as he types the words into the search bar. After all, Rhodey trusted him with watching his niece for the evening while he’s out with Carol, and here Tony is, searching how to hold an infant properly.

The first few articles that pop up are various family or maternity sites, coaching young mothers on how to take care of their delightful newborns. Tony skims them, eyes flickering from his phone screen to Lily (who is still blissfully asleep in her crib, thank god.) 

The articles were clearly written for people more competent with children than Tony, however, and he clicks from article to article with increasing desperation. Finally, one catches his eye - “How To Take Care of Babies - A Guide for Emotionally Stunted Men.” It’s on tumblr, more sarcastic than clinical, and exactly what Tony needs. The author has younger sisters, apparently, and the post talks Tony through holding Lily, feeding her, changing her diaper (ew) and keeping her entertained with minimal fuss.

Rhodey doesn’t try to hide his surprise when he comes back to find Lily clean, well-fed, and sleeping peacefully. “I’m good with kids,” Tony protests, of course. “I can’t believe you doubted me. Wait, you doubted me and left me with an infant anyways! That’s negligence!”

Rhodey laughs and promises that he’ll call on Tony next time his sister his out of town and he needs a baby-sitter. Tony bookmarks the blog.

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youure a super cool mutual and i love u even if we havent talked since that one time on discord when i changed my name to hentai.. but uhhh i love seeing u on my dash and i would love to talk to u the irl real life naruto (i dont care if hes not on your page he is in my heart)

When you watch Fight club for the first time you feel like a badass no matter, and you will probably sound like an idiot quoting every line

but then you read the book and you realize how brilliant the movie and the book are. you think This Palahniuk guy is onto something. then you read his other books and yes, all of them have a twist, all of them are crazy and sometimes extreme but they will always surprise. always. He is unable to write something boring, something cliche. He is a fuckin master with words and ideas and I respect him and love him so much.

Here is the kickstarter for the Lullaby movie. support it. reblog it.

And in your spare time read Palahniuk’s books. Even if you don’t give a flying fuck about the movies. They are life changing, at least to me. They make me think, consider and imagine things that i never thought about. They are addictive. Seriously, once i sat on the pavement on some street to finish reading Diary because I was reading it on the bus and I couldn’t wait till I got home to finish the whole thing.


AU Meme; I Walk These Empty Streets

Luke is a lonely nurse who works at Sydney Hospital. Ashton is a man of hard circumstances and is admitted to the hospital after being assaulted. When Luke finds Ashton on the streets after being discharged, he decides to take a chance and try to help him. Little does he know that fate works in strange ways, and a little selflessness can really change your life.

Promo Meme for my new story;

I Walk These Empty Streets (Lashton Fic)

Chapter One will be posted sometime in November

Not The Same

pairing : taehyung x reader

word count : drabble / one shot

Genre : Angst

Triggers : breakup, negativity, a little self hate (please don’t read if you’re sensitive to these, i dont wish to trigger anyone ;;)

prompt / insp : “if this takes you a step further away from me, all i have to do is take a step closer, isn’t it?”

- taehyung’s cover of ‘hug me’ ft jhope 

part two  part three

 You noticed immediately, the way he stopped initiating hugs, the way he stiffened whenever you welcomed him home with a hug, hesitantly placing his hands limply around your waist. The way he stopped making effort in communication, texts were left unanswered or with a dull “yes” or “no.” how he no longer whined for you to cuddle with him, how his visits changed from bi-daily to, if you’re lucky, once a week.

 The reality was right infront of you, he was drifting away. No matter how hard you tried to bring back the spark his eyes once held for you & only you, it was gone. But you didn’t want to give up. You didn’t want to give up this 3years of beautiful memories. 

 But you can’t have everything your way. 

A relationship can’t work with only the effort of one party. It just doesnt work that way. Right now all you’re doing is try to ready yourself for the talk. The talk of separating ways.

 You still made the effort to text him good morning, goodnight, how was your day? Did you sleep and eat well? But all you got was a one-word reply, “yes.” No emoticons, nothing, even when you placed a smiley & a heart on yours each time. 

 As each day passes and the signs becomes clearer, you wanted this fear & dread to stop, to go back to how things were before, but you can’t. 

 So you try your best to memorize every feature of his, every habit & quirks that were still adored in your eyes. The way he would scrunch his nose, the moles on his lip, the tip of his nose & under his right eye. 

You would just stare at his features at night, where the only source of light is from the moonlight. You would try to store the feeling of his arms around you, the calm breathing of his, listening to the steady heartbeat that once raced for you. 

 You tried your best to cherish whatever moments you had with him left, keeping them safely engraved in your mind. 

 You regret it. 

 You regret putting so much effort and love into this dying relationship, when you found him, in your own apartment, on your couch, making out with a girl you didn’t know. Who was she? Is she the reason why he drifted apart from you? What does she have that you don’t? Well, she’s definitely prettier, her nose is sharper, her face wasn’t as chubby as yours, she had long legs and the body of a model

 You chuckled. No wonder. 

 You regret it, because now all you want to do is forget. 

 He was the first of the two to notice you, and your heart cracked at the noncholant look on his face, his eyes blank and lack of emotion as he held your gaze. He had the nerve to give her a deep kiss and carress her body while he knew you were there, watching his every move intently. That used to be me.

Who is he? Since when did he change so much? Your heart broke into pieces that can never be pieced back together. 

 At that moment, you felt like you didn’t know him. And you missed the old him, the old him that loved you and treated you right

 Although you knew the question was useless, you asked him anyway.

 "why? why did you do it?“

 "i got sick of you.“ 

A simple direct answer was what you got, and it hurt so much how he said it without hesitation, eyes unwavering as he stared at you.

 you promised yourself to never let yourself hurt more by staying with a cheating partner, to never let them have the joy of seeing you hurt, 

even if the person’s kim taehyung.

Your best friend, your lover, the one you can’t live without. Even when all you want to do is go back into his arms and cry, although he didn’t even falter nor asked for a second chance, for forgiveness. He left it like that and didn’t bother to turn back, walking out of your apartment, both him & the women had a messy appearance from their heated makeout. 

It hurt, that he spared no thought of your feelings. 

 He doesn’t want you anymore, he no longer loves you. He loves someone else. you’re not enough to make him stay.

You chuckled emptily to yourself, sitting on the cold hard marble floor after he left your apartment. Were you really that insignificant to him? That easy to forget? That easy to leave behind? Did everything we shared mean nothing to him? 

 Curling to a fetus position, you cried yourself to sleep, promising yourself that, for just one night, you’ll allow yourself to cry over him. After that night, you’ll start afresh, delete and store away anything that reminded you of him, on your phone and in your apartment. You didn’t need to trouble yourself trying to return the items he left behind, because he already packed everything back to his dorm, making sure that he wouldn’t have the need to come and retrieve anything from you. Was he that desperate to cut off contact?

Maybe you were overthinking it. But you were just too physically and mentally exhausted from school, grades, work and now, the breakup, with the guy you thought was the one, until he changed his mind and thought you weren’t worth spending the rest of his life with. Your eyelids grew heavy as you fell asleep on the cold marble floor. Unknowingly, you whispered brokenly, 

 "please don’t leave me.”


A/N : my first fic! >//< let me know what you think, feedback is always welcome.

feel free to give me constructive criticism :-)

i’m not satisfied with this tbh ;; let me know how i can improve! <3

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My favorite tags on your entire blog are ones about Moriarty that say anything along the lines of "I just can't stop dragging him" or "he stays dragged on this blog" because I just feel like the 221Boys would constantly be dragging him if he had a social media presence like he would be one of those people that tries to come for a fave and sherlock reblogs the post and just reads him for filth and John reblogs it from sherlock and is like "yas drag him" in the tags

I keep reading this message like I am sitting here near tears like thank you for this life-changing message. I love this. It is so true.  John would reblog Sherlock’s huge blocks of snarky life-destroying deduction like “#yaaaas #brilliant #you got all that from his punctuation?” and like because he can’t use technology some embarrassing old people tags i’m too cool to think of. 

I mean like Sherlock is already low-key dragging Moriarty for not being a good villain:

and then John drags him so bad the messages are deleted cause you know John used filthy language:

And then John is literally like “turn on your location so i can fight you”

lol can you believe in the first one Sherlock is like “lmao you are a boring villain who doesn’t know how to be threatening” OMG DO YOU SEE I LITERALLY CANNOT STOP. I WANT TO. I REALLY DO. Like I’m just living my normal life reminding myself that I don’t care and then I’ll think of a funny thing to say and realize it’s a drag on Moriarty. Please….save me…..

I want tyler to see how much we support him so of you love Tyler or if Tyler ever changed your life for the better, reblog this and I’ll put your URL in an envelope and when it’s full I’ll mail it to Tyler’s PO box so he can see how many people love him

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