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🙋I don't have 🙅a sugar daddy 🍬🍭👨 I've never had a sugar daddy💰👨 If I wanted a sugar daddy 💵👨 yes I probably could go out and get one 🏃💨👠✨ because I am what? SICKENING 💅✨💁 You could never ❌have a sugar daddy because you are not that kind of girl🚫💰🙈 Baby 🍼👶everything I have I've worked for 💯✔️🙌 and gotten myself 👏 I have built🏢🏣 myself from the ground up 🔝✨👍 you fucking bitch 👊💥💫💀 *throws drink* 🍸💦✨

People! Make! Mistakes! on roleplay and off the computer. Why does the RP community not spend time talking about this? How would you feel if someone a publicly posted every mistake you’ve ever made? Thats what you do when you call someone out. you’re giving people the want to search for that person’s every tiny and little mistake. Callout posts on theft and danger are needed ; we need to keep this community safe, but don’t justify it with sending hate. You are not your mistakes. You are not your bad days. You are not what people make you out to be. We spend so much time nitpicking at everyone and their mother’s mistakes. Yes! Some things are harmful and stealing is not okay. It’s how you deal with the situation that makes the difference. No one is perfect and until you have the cleanest sheets in the community you have no right coming for people.



Heard of Carpool Karaoke w/ James Corden? Well move over James because Car Chat Karaoke w/ Elizabeth & @marigisela is here! You best believe James is quaking in his stilettos, hunty. Reblog if you want us to do more of these! xo


here’s the full video