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Hello fellow Tumblr people. I have a favor to ask.

Some people from school have been picking on my younger brother, who is autistic, and now, he keeps on calling himself a piece of shit. Please help me get as much notes as possible on this post, so we can prove him wrong!

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You're a cunt who reblogs himself because no one else loves him, KYS.

Well you are a piece of shit. I don’t give a crap about your opinion but if someone had suicidal thoughts and you sent them that. It could seriously affect them get a life take a break from the internet if something so small causes you so much anger.

Poetry Riot Prompt (Week One Hundred Forty) 26 June - 2 July

We haven’t done an image prompt in a while and I think it’s high time to reintroduce it with an image from one of my favourite writers as well as a fantastic photographer, @aliveinsideink.

This piece is titled ‘The Abandoned’ and can be purchased on aliveinsideink‘s etsy shop along with many other of his wonderful pieces.

We are very grateful to @aliveinsideinkfor allowing us to use his artwork as a prompt. If you choose to incorporate the image itself in your post, please give proper credit to him or your piece will not be reblogged. Also, please do not use any other image in place of the one above as it would be discourteous to the artist.

As always, please tag your work with #poetryriotprompt. If you do not see your work reblogged within 72 hours, please send us a message with a link to it. If the tag is used but the idea or theme of the prompt isn’t, your piece will not be reblogged.

You may write as many pieces as you like for the prompt, only the first one you post will be reblogged.

If you haven’t already, please read our post  about the prompts and triggering topics. And please use the tag #poetryriot for pieces that are not prompt related and #riotprompts for past prompts. Thank you.



When we had the opportunity to host MS MR’s Tumblr IRL in the Sky Church at the EMP Museum, we had no idea it would look and sound this astounding. A life’s work of imagination filled the room, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, sonically and visually. 

MS MR went from reblogging kidmograph to collaborating with him, creating a unique, captivating piece for each song from the new album, How Does it Feel

“It was like their Tumblr was swallowing our faces.” - Somebody. 

Thanks to msmrmusic and kidmograph for your creativity, to the EMP Museum for having us, and to frappuccino for making it fun. 

Photograhpy by Allyce Andrew

More pics and Tumblr IRLs to come!


Contest Entry #12

Author: winchestertrials-spnfics

“No no no” You paced back and forth “how could this happen?” Well you knew how, he was really hot and you had one to many

“God” You sighed staring at the two sticks in your hand sporting those pink strips you had been dreading

“What am I gonna do?” You ran your hands through your hair and stared at your tear stained reflection in the mirror you went to your room and started packing you weren’t going to let your child grow up not knowing who their father was even if you had to travel all over this godforsaken country You were going to find him, you had to find him.

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Contest Entry #7

Title: Be My Cherry Pie?
Author: randomfandomff
Pairing: Dean x Reader – Flirting, Friendship
Word Count: 1000

Here we go again, you thought to yourself rolling your eyes at the older Winchester. He seriously thought those cheesy lines would work on you? How could anyone actually fall for that crap? It did make you smile a bit though, you had to admit. Hell, sometimes you even liked the attention he gave you, but even Dean should know when to stop.

You’d been hunting with the brothers for a few years now so you were definitely used to Dean’s antics. He’d take any chance he could get to try his stupid lines on you and pretty much anyone within shouting distance. You knew because you’d actually been a witness to him trying to do just that; oh that poor, clueless girl.

Closing the book you were reading you turned to see Dean sitting next to Sam at the table giving you his crooked half-smile, the smile that you knew damn well could make anyone melt and swoon. Thing was, you weren’t just anyone. Sure, Dean was attractive and he could be darn sweet when he set his mind to it, but after spending so much time with both brothers you didn’t think you could ever see him as more than a really good friend. 

Dean wasn’t exactly what you would call “boyfriend material”. His reputation preceded him, sexy, sly, and stubborn - a very dangerous combination. 

As a friend, though, he was everything you could ask for. He always brought your favorite junk food when out on a run, he watched re-runs of your favorite show with you when you were feeling down, and always made sure you were safe when out working a case. 

Hmm, maybe Dean isn’t such a —

“So … whaddaya say sweetheart?” he coaxed winking at you and interrupting your train of thought. 


You watched him take another bite of pie making a point of licking the cherry-red filling off the spoon ever so slowly.  “Did it take you all night to come up with that one, Dean?” Sam groaned interrupting Dean’s ploy. You turned to look at him just in time to see him roll his eyes at his big brother. Sometimes it seemed to bug Sammy more than it bugged you when Dean got like this. 

Dean turned to his brother, “Butt out, Sammy.” You saw Sam give a slight smile and shake his head knowing well that your response would be the same as the previous thousand times Dean had tried to hit on you. He knew you could definitely handle Dean, but he turned to look at you just to make sure. After giving Sam a slight nod that meant you had this covered, he obediently turned his eyes back to his computer screen, but you knew his attention was still on you both.

How many different was could Dean Winchester hear the word no before he got the message? Usually you’d just sigh and move to a different room or shoot him a look that very clearly said, hell no. This time though, you decided to have a little fun with it.

You looked down to your lap, avoiding his eyes. When you were ready, you turned to face Dean - chin down, eyes big, and without a word gave him the sweetest, most innocent smile you could muster. You stood from the couch, aware that you now had both brothers’ attention, and began making your way over to Dean in slow, steady strides, eyes firmly fixed on his. 

You felt his searing gaze on you from head to toe even as you finally stood before him. You gave yourself a mental high five for having chosen to stay in your sleeping attire. What you wouldn’t give to know exactly what these boxer shorts and practically see-through tank top were doing to his very active imagination. 

He tried to appear smug, like he knew he’d won you over. You weren’t so easily fooled, though. One look into his big, green eyes and you could tell he had no idea what the hell was happening. You reveled in it. Glancing over at Sam you almost broke character seeing his mouth gaping and eyes popping out of their sockets. He looked even more confused than his brother. This was going to be great.

Continuing your little game, slowly you kneeled gliding your hands from his knees up the length of his thighs exerting the slightest pressure, enjoying both brothers’ reactions. His eyes roamed up your torso reaching your face once more stopping on your lips as he subconsciously licked his own. Perfect

You scooped a bit of cherry filling with your middle finger from the plate on his lap and slowly licked it off, never taking your eyes off him. He was absolutely bug-eyed, mouth practically drooling and it took everything in you not to crack and fall over laughing right then and there.

Dean’s lips moved, but no real words came out, just a strangled sound that let you know you had him. You couldn’t believe it. Dean friggin’ Winchester, all-around playboy and master of seduction was actually speechless. You couldn’t contain a proud smile that escaped your lips. You knew you wouldn’t be able to keep up the ruse much longer so you decided to finally let him have it. 

You stood once more and prepared to go in for the kill. Hands on his thighs, you leaned over his face your gaze piercing his and hearing his breathing hitch, leaning closer and closer until …


“Damn it, Y/N!” he growled getting up from his chair. You couldn’t contain your laughter any longer and Sam finally understanding what had happened and breathed a huge sigh of relief and let out a hearty chuckle as well. Dean threw his plate onto the table in front of Sam and stomped to his room. Once you could finally stop laughing you yelled after him, “That’ll show ya, Winchester!”

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Dear Markiplier,

I know I have written many letters before, but this one is really important to me.

I’m trying to write this with shaky hands, my heart going all fast and tears in my eyes. Why? Well, first because i’m always really anxious when it comes to this kind of stuff…and second that i’m nervous to say this.

I’ll put this under a read more, because it’s kind of long. 

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i'm so sorry

a very good friend of mine died today,

his name is brandon, this is his url

he really loved the living doll style, anime, and everything kawaii. i just want to make this post to show him that people love him and people do think he is beautiful because it always meant a lot to him.

he always loved getting notes of his photos. so please reblog this for him. ^_^ okay? 

may you rest in peace

anonymous asked:

*gets mad over daddy louis* *writes daddy harry* *gets mad over people sexualizing everything Harry does* *sexualizes everything louis does* *gets mad over underage harry and reblogging pics of him* *reblogs underage louis* you know you're a real piece of art

  • No, I don’t like Daddy Louis, but I don’t mind Daddy Harry. My fic preference has nothing to do with you.
  • I’ve never gotten mad over people talking sexually about Harry? I do it all the time? I have a problem with people making everything about their real life sexuality. 
  • Show me one time where i’ve reblogged a picture of Louis when he was underage and sexualized him. One time. Please, i’m begging. 
External image
Dear Markiplier

I know I have written many letters before, but this one is really important to me.

I’m trying to write this with shaky hands, my heart going all fast and tears in my eyes. Why? Well, first because i’m always really anxious when it comes to this kind of stuff…and second that i’m nervous to say this.

I’ll put this under a “Keep Reading”, because it’s kind of long.

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