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❝ evita sentence starters.
  • I’ve heard so much about you!
  • The things you do affect us all.
  • Are you here on your own?
  • What a fortunate coincidence.
  • I would never want to force your hand.
  • I’d be good for you.
  • I don’t always rush in like this.
  • If I’m wrong I hope you tell me so.
  • You really should know.
  • I’d be surprisingly good for you.
  • I won’t go on if I’m boring you.
  • Do you understand my point of view?
  • Do you like what you see?
  • Would you be good for me, too?
  • Please go on.
  • You enthrall me!
  • I can understand you perfectly.
  • I like what I hear.
  • Knowing me, I’d be good for you, too.
  • Did you believe in your wildest moments all this would be yours?
  • Don’t look down, it’s a long, long way to fall.
  • Where do you go from here?
  • Nothing can thrill you.
  • I hope you come to terms with boredom.
  • It’s been done before.
  • My story’s quite usual.
  • I don’t expect my love affairs to last for long.
  • Being used to trouble, I anticipate it.
  • But, all the same, I hate it.
  • So, what happens now?
  • Where am I going to?
  • I’m immune to gloom.
  • Every time it matters all my words desert me.
  • You’ll get by, you always have before.
  • Call in three months time and I’ll be fine.
  • Don’t ask anymore.
  • I’m praying for you.
  • Will you look upon me as your own?
  • I’ll try to be exactly like you.
  • I’m doing my best.
  • Turn a blind eye.
  • Your act hasn’t changed much.
  • Politics, the art of the possible.
  • Hello and goodbye!
  • I’ve just unemployed you.
  • You had a good run.
  • I’m sure he enjoyed you.
  • Don’t act sad or surprised.
  • Let’s be friends.
  • Come on, little one!
  • Don’t sit there like a dummy!
  • The day you knew would arrive is here.
  • You’re obviously going through some adolescent phase.
  • We’re glad you noticed.
  • You said it, brother.
  • That isn’t funny!
  • We have completely lost our grip.
  • Can we assume, then, that you’ll quit?
  • Goodnight and thank you.
  • It won’t be easy.
  • You won’t believe me.
  • I had to let it happen.
  • I had to change.
  • I chose freedom.
  • The truth is, I never left you.
  • I kept my promise.
  • Don’t keep your distance.
  • The answer was here all the time.
  • I love you and hope you love me.
  • Have I said too much?
  • There’s nothing more I can think of to say to you.
  • Just listen to that!
  • That’s not the point, my friends!
  • Oh, but it’s sad when a love affair dies.
  • We have pretended enough.
  • It’s best that we stop fooling ourselves.
  • Don’t blame them, you’re the same.
  • You’ve completed your task.
  • What more can we ask of you now?
  • That will be all.
  • I don’t think that’s likely, somehow.
  • i know you’ll look back on the good times we’ve shared.
  • We’d love you to stay.
  • You’d be in the way.
  • Our passion was just too intense to survive.
  • There’s one thing I never got clear.
  • So, what are my chances?
  • Not here, dear.
  • Is that clear, dear?
  • A night to remember, yeah, that’s for sure.
  • Your little body’s slowing breaking down.
  • You’re losing speed.
  • You’re losing strength.
  • Some days are fine, some a little bit harder.
  • Don’t you forget what I’ve been through.
  • I’m still standing.
  • This isn’t where we intended to be.
  • We had it all.
  • You believed in me.
  • I believed in you.
  • You must love me.
  • Why are you at my side?
  • How can I be any use to you now?
  • Nothing has changed.
  • I’ve decided I should decline.
  • The truth is, I shall not leave you.
  • That’s all gone now.
  • I don’t say they mean harm.
  • All you have to do is sit and wait.
  • We could be foolish not to quit while we’re ahead.
  • This is crazy, defeatist talk!
  • Why commit political suicide?
  • Don’t think I don’t think like you.
  • There are other ways of establishing authority.
  • The choice was mine and mine completely.
  • Let’s get this show on the road.
  • Let’s make it obvious.
  • I won’t disappoint them.
  • We’ll put on a show.
  • It doesn’t matter much.
  • it’s been an incredible success.
  • We weren’t sure.
  • We had a few doubts.
  • Did you hear that?
  • They called me a whore! They actually called me a whore!
  • It wasn’t on the schedule anyhow.
  • We’ve all gone crazy.
  • It’s quite a sunset.
  • She’s/He’s not coming back to you.
  • I am ordinary, unimportant.
  • So, share my glory.
  • I’d get out while you can.
  • It’s happened at last.
  • I’m starting to get started.
  • Do all your one night stands give you this trouble?
  • Bad is good for me.
  • Birds fly out of here, so why the hell can’t I?
  • Five years from now I shall come back.
  • You ought to know what you’re gonna get in me.
  • Don’t hold back.
  • You’re certain to impress.
  • Tell the driver this is where I’m staying.
  • Just look at me, dressed up with somewhere to go.
  • Put me down for a lifetime of success.

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mad as rabbits // panic! at the disco

me dusting myself off and rising from my latest reblog spree for the old roleplay blog: i think that’s enough bony white people hands dipped in black paint with stiletto nails for today. a job well done.

this is probably my favorite picture ever of him <3



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  • ROUGH: Life
  • HIDE: feelings
  • FOOLISH: people
  • SAD: failure
  • HATE: bastard ( the word )
  • LIGHT: non-existing  
  • DARK: welcoming
  • MOTHER: past
  • FATHER: admire
  • CHILD: abusive
  • MARRIAGE: heir
  • LOVE: new
  • SOFT: skin
  • PET: dogs
  • DREAM: approval
  • DIVORCE: eh
  • WATER: drown
  • LOUD: women
  • POWER: me
  • FIGHT: kill
  • SMACK: reek
  • WHITE: pure
  • SICK: die
  • KISS: pleasing
  • HUG: no.
  • HURT: soul
  • HAPPY: flaying

                      eyeing the wolf carefully  ,         ben takes the time to     PRESS     ample thighs together         (     if cason decided to get     nosy     once more     )         &         giggles at the quirks of the canine as he seemingly nestles into the plush pile of duvets  .         pearly teeth are now visible with the bubbly laughter that     ERUPTS     from a milky chest  ,         willowy fingers carding     carefully     through fiery fur with the utmost ease  .  

                            ❝     s’   time to relax  ,         NOT PLAY  ,         y  ‘   big oaf     !     ❞         walking black   -   varnished nails backward against cason’s head  ,         he crooks his     fingers     at the appropriate angle to scratch behind those thick     EARS     in drawn out         &         lazy motions  .

         @starthreaded​   /   werewolf reply  .


So everything before this post is all the content from my old blog, instead of reposting I simply reblogged it all. More posts will come in the future, all the asks from my old blog will be answered here, and the ask box is still wide open! Thank you everyone for refollowing and still sticking by me. It means a lot 💕

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18, 19 & 20 for the questions 💕 I usually don't send asks but you reblogged it from my old blog so 💖💕 ~ Cutesy 💕

18. Do you like diapers? 🎠
Like adult diapers? Not so much. But to each their own :) however i am really interested in trying pull ups, not for using, just for comfort (and menstruating cause might as well)

19. Do you like pacis? 💐
LOVE 10/10 get yourself a paci

20. Do you like sippys?🎀
Yah but definitely not bc I’m the messiest person in the world………. @stubborndaddydragon