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Every 👏🏾 emotion 👏🏾 and 👏🏾 opinion 👏🏾 you 👏🏾 have 👏🏾 and 👏🏾 every 👏🏾 gender 👏🏾 role 👏🏾 you 👏🏾 break 👏🏾 is 👏🏾 not 👏🏾 a 👏🏾 new 👏🏾 gender

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Hey everyone, meet my babies! -Left to right- this is Baby, Thick and Poots. Baby was my first cat and she’s so spoiled! Thick and Poots I got together. There’re cousins. Thick can eat a whole bowl of food so fast. She’s my chubby little baby. Poots is the baby of the 3. She’s so sweet and loving. When you’re sleeping, she’ll actually nibble on your fingers 🙊❤️ I love them so much.

I’m huge on affection, I will kiss your face a million times especially your cheeks, I will never get tired of kissing them. I will never get tired of showing you constant effort showing you how bad I want this because actions speak louder than words most of the time. I’m huge on doing random things to make you smile. I’m huge on just spending time together, we don’t need to go out and always do stuff I’m okay with staying in bed all day cuddling and watching movies. I’ll be your gym partner, someone you can confide in,your best friend someone who motivates you because I see how much you can do. I will be here for the good days, the bad days and the everything in between. I’ll hold your hand through it, if you let me. I’ll be your 3 am phone call if you need company and your afternoon lunch date if you want to hangout. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that we take for granted, because at the end of the day they’re the most important to us.
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