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“not all men” you’re right, gustav sebald, assistant to dr. montgomery montgomery and maker of such hits as Ghosts in the Desert, Goblins in the Garden,  Mummies in the Jungle, Lions in the Mountains, Vampires in the Retirement Community, Leeches in the Lake,Werewolves in the Rain, Surgeons in the Theater,Gorillas in the Fog, Bats in the Train Station, Ants in the Fruit Salad, Zombies in the Snow, Hypnotists in the Office, Bigfoot in the Mall,Alligators in the Sewer, Realtors in the Cave and The Littlest Elf would never do this.

okay but i am so done with the american education system

yesterday these fliers were put up in my school

today at least 20 girls that i saw (i heard over 50 from other people) got dress coded today

and apparently the girl who put up these got detention for it.

i saw girls crying because of getting pulled into the office after getting dress coded. so many girls had to change. so many girls. as this flier says, stop over-sexualizing girls’ body parts- like, oh my god SHOULDERS- BOYS- DISTRACTED- OH NO LEGS !11!!!!-

boys’ education seems to be more important than girls’ education. and i am absolutely FED UP with it. it’s going to be summer. do you know how hard it is to find ‘bermuda-length’ shorts for girls??? because that’s what the code is for my school at least.

something needs to change- lots of things have to change.

welcome to america and my school where you can take away a girl’s privilege to education because you can see their shoulders or their shorts are too short 

tl;dr: the american education system is stupid and so is the dress code