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Promptio Week 2017

June 26 - July 2

Day 1: in the dark/in the light
Day 2: exploration/mythical creatures au
Day 3: betrayal/dessert
Day 4: gods/fashion
Day 5: body swap/momento
Day 6: band au/family
Day 7: first(s)/free

*Please post your creation on the day assigned. You don’t have to do all days (no time or no interest in the prompt) but if you miss one you wanted to do please post it on the last day (free).

*New work only~. It can be connected to other work you’ve done but this is to help give our beloved ship some new content and for us to have fun~

*Tag posts with promptioweek2017, please! I will be reblogging things here too.

*Speaking of tags, please tag accordingly. You can do whatever you want, but make sure it has appropriate tags. We all love promptio but we might not all like the same things.

These prompts are to help inspire you. They’re not firm things that have to be a certain way. Interpret them how you want! There’s two each day to choose from. Pick one, both, combine them, or maybe you don’t like either, you do you.
I put in a few au’s but feel free to make anything in any au/verse you want.
And if you come up with something that isn’t really related to the prompt you can post it on the free day or still post it on the day of the prompt because maybe that prompt made you think of something else.

This is for fun! I hope you all enjoy creating new things for promptio~ ^_^

If you have any questions, please ask!

Blacksmith’s Son and the Guess-maker - kvhottie - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Additional Tags: Magical Tattoos, Soulmates, Alternate Universe - 1920s, young noble Kageyama, blacksmith apprentice Hinata, Fluff and Angst, Romantic Fluff, Ballroom Dancing, Frottage, Mystery solving

Spring. Taisho Era Japan, 1920. There is a small percentage of the population that is born with mysterious, magical tattoos. When these people find each other, an inexplicable feeling runs down their spine and they somehow know the other person is just like them—especially if the tattoos have a pre-determined affinity to each other.

That is exactly how Kageyama, the young noble, and Hinata, the blacksmith’s son, met.

like why is it such a big deal to americans that male korean idols wear eyeliner?? like they got time to look good bc they aint busy making casserole & being racist


Since this blog reached 300+ followers I wanted to do a lil give away as a thank you to you guys!

  • 1st place will get a full body flat color of any character you’d like with a max of 2 characters.
  • 2nd place will get a half body flat color of any character you’d like with a max of 2 characters.
  • 3rd place will get a bust flat color of any character you’d like with a max of 2 characters.

To enter the give away you have to be following this blog (yes I will check this) and simply like and/or reblog this post (both of these count as 1 entry which means you can double your chance of winnin if ya do both!).

The give away will run til the 30th of April and I’ll announce the winners at the next day. (Please make sure your ask box is open so I’ll be able to send ya a message if ya won as well. ovo/)

Please make sure to respond within 72 hours or I’ll have to pick a new winner in your place.

Best of luck and thank you all again!


Karlie Kloss being sunshiney in the kitchen. (X)

bonus gifs ;)


got7 pool party moodboard


hey guys!! are u guys interested in joining a discord group chat of mine? u should totally do so. it’s such a fun time and i’d love if u guys would join! just pm me and i’ll give u the discord code.

Welcome to Night Vale ask meme

Ask away and feel free to reblog!

  • Whispering Forest: What compliment would most charm you?
  • Mountains: What do you prefer did not exist?
  • Community radio: What message do you most want people to hear and accept?
  • Intern: Have you ever come close to dying, and if so, what happened?
  • Khoshekh: What is your most improbable animal story?
  • A story about you: Tell me a story about myself, true or otherwise.
  • Angels: Do they exist?  (Of course they don’t.) What is your stance on mythical creatures?
  • Librarians: What is the most harrowing thing you have ever read?  Would you read it again?
  • Tamika: What have you most recently rebelled against?
  • Janice: Did you have a middle school crush?
  • Desert otherworld: What is the strangest place you’ve ever visited?
  • John Peters, you know, the farmer: Describe an unusual neighbor you’ve had.
  • Luftnarp: Have you ever had a friendship or romance that never was and never will be?
  •  Children’s Fun Fact Science Corner: What is something you believed as a child that you since learned to be false?
  • Dog park: Describe a time you’ve been lost.
  • A smiling god: Have you ever felt pressure to conform?
  • Old woman Josie: When’s the last time you didn’t give a fuck?
  • Five-headed dragon: What are the different faces you show the world?
  • Faceless Old Woman: Do you play tricks on others?  Are they harmless or sinister?
  • Cecil Gershwin Palmer: If you had to pick a place to exist forever, where would it be?
  • Carlos the Scientist: What science, belief system, worldview, etc. gives you strength and direction?
  • Eternal Scout: What achievement have you worked hardest for?
  • Bloodstone Circle: What rituals do you follow in your daily life?
  • Big Rico’s PIzza: What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?
  • Telly the Barber: What is a mistake you’ve made?  Were you able to rectify it?
  • The Man in the Tan Jacket: Have you ever felt like you couldn’t trust your own memory?
  • Vague yet menacing government agency: Have you ever had a run-in with the law?
  • The moon is beautiful: At what time of day do you feel most peaceful and most yourself?
  • Glow cloud: Have you ever been a part of something you had no choice in?


Hey everyone! To celebrate my recent follower milestone, I am holding a give away that will run until February 1st!** There will be a total of three winners, who will get a number of the items seen above. Anyone is free to enter, but please, please be sure to read and understand the rules below! Good luck :)

Entry Requirements:
- You must be following yona-chan to enter. I will be checking before contacting the winners.
- Like and/or reblog this entire post for a chance to win. Liking counts as 1 entry. Reblogging also counts as 1 entry. So, like + reblog = 2 entries = double the chance to win. All winners will be chosen at random.
- 2 entries is the maximum you can have. Aka: only reblog once. Reblogging heaps of times will not get you extra entries, and is a waste of your time.

- If you’re under the age of 18, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian to enter.
- You must be comfortable giving me your name and mailing address so that I can send you your prize should you win. If you aren’t sure if you are comfortable doing so, it’s probably best you don’t enter.
- You must have your tumblr askbox open and be available during the period I announce the winners (the first week of February). You will have 48 hours to reply to my message. Failing to do so will result in me picking another winner.
- The winners will move up should one forfeit. I.e: Should winner 1 forfeit, 2nd place will become 1st, 3rd will become 2nd, and I’ll pick a new 3rd place.
- No give away blogs! Please also don’t follow me solely for the sake of this give away.

- 1st Place Winner: 1xA, B, 1xC, 3xD
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*You will get a choice of prizes from the remaining items not chosen by the winner above you. E.g: if winner 1 picks the Kija key-chain, that key-chain is no longer available for winner 2 or 3 to pick, and so on, so forth.
**Midnight of January 31st, AEST (UTC+11) time.
This give away is not supported in any way by tumblr!


“Lloyd failed at making Sandwich…”

The bread is supposed to go on the outside?! You need two slices of bread?! What is this? How can a game decide whether or not the sandwich is a failure?! Everyone’s sandwiches are equal, no matter how ugly or tasteless they are! Dammit, are you saying this isn’t even a sandwich! You’re saying this sandwich is worse than Raine’s?!

*destroys the failure*

…But now what am I supposed to eat…I’m hungry.

I Feel LIke Doing Another One of These

Reblog if you post any of these and I’ll possibly follow you:

Attack on Titan

Fall Out Boy

Panic! at the Disco

Skulduggery Pleasant

Doctor Who



The Fault in Our Stars





Harry Potter

So reblog away you guys and I’ll check out your blogs


Hey guys! So I just got a kindle reader so I have no need for hard copies of book so yeah a Tumblr give away sounded like the best way to go! 

Here is the list of books I am giving away: 

  • John Green Novels: The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska & An Abundance of Katherine's 
  • The Vampire Academy Series: Book 1 - 6
  • The Fallen Series: Book 1 - 4
  • The Mortal Instruments Series: Book 1 - 4
  • The Hunger Games Series: Book 1 & 2
  • The Hush, Hush Series: Book 1 & 2
  • The House of Night Series: Book 1 - 8 
  • The Sookie Stackhouse Novels: Book 1 - 8
  • Intertwined Series: Book 1 & 2
  • Other books: Halo, The Lucky One, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


  • Must be following me and yes i check.
  • Likes don’t count.
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  • This has to get at least 200 notes other wise I’m not doing it

The winners will be picked with a random generator so it’s all up to luck. Here is what the winners shall recieve: 

1st Place: 
A choice of 4 book series. I include the John Green Novels as a series as well as the ‘other books’ in the list that don’t belong to a series. I’m almost going to throw in a kick ass book mark and a Samulet necklace. This is valued between $100 and $300 based on which novels you pick!

2nd Place: 
A choice of 2 book series that remain after the 1st place person chooses which ones they want and a kick ass book mark. 

3rd to Place: 
A choice of 1 book series from the remaining books after 1st and 2nd place people have chosen the series they want.

The other 2  book series remaining will be given away to 4th and 5th place and yeah this will be drawn on April 1st! Postage is all paid for and stuff so yeah it’s completely free. ANYWAY Good luck guys and if any one has any question feel free to inbox me! :)



maidmargaery’s i-hit-a-big-milestone-and-i-love-my-followers-so-much-i-want-to-cry GIVEAWAY!!!


→ three 3rd prize winners will receive their choice of dw, got or marvel:

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  • ends feb 21, 2014
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  • the items shown in the photo and linked are only one option from each fandom. if you win, i will discuss with you your choice for prizes

Whoo, here it is! GIVE AWAY TIME! I reached 14k followers, and that’s crazy!I know this give away isn’t much, and no very cool things either, but I don’t really have stuff to give away. This is the best I could do! Includes:

  • 3 Paramore posters (I know they’re old, but these I have double and you have no idea how hard it is to get Paramore posters in the Netherlands.)
  • The self titled Paramore cd with a cover I made. 
  • A a3 print of a drawing I did as a study for school. I thought it came out pretty cool?
  • My Halloween costume from last year. It’s a headband with cat ears, (you can bend them as horns too if you want.) and 3 buttons to match. 


  • Must be following me and my other blog
  • You can like this but only reblogs will count.
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Oh and hey! Thanks to all 14000 of you! It means a lot to me that people actually like my blog! (especially since it put all my free time in it oops ruined my social life, not that I had one…) Anyways, have a lovely day you all! And goodluck reblogging and stuff! :)


Hello, guys! As a few of you know I recently hit a huge follower goal [8k really now wowza] and I wanted to do something for you guys in return! And with my lack of inspiration in graphics lately I decided I want to do URL graphics for the first time!


1. Reblog this post.

Really Rae that’s it? Yes that’s it! No need to be following me or anything like that. I just want to get the most inspiration possible.

I am not entirely sure how many I will do or when I will be able to do them. Five is the absolute minimum, and I will probably end up doing more if the inspiration comes.

Thanks, all!

So I’m gonna try my hand at writing daily drabbles, I don’t know if this is gonna flop or not. I’m hoping it won’t but I’m just gonna repeat that prompts have been open ever since I got my 50th follower. I hope you like this guys! 

Dean never put much thought into wearing Cas’ trench coat, it just seemed weird to imagine it anywhere else. When Cas died in the lake, Dean had been devastated and he didn’t have anything to remember him. Not even a photograph. 

Nothing but his worn trench coat.

He ignored the niggling sense of wrongess as he sees it tucked away in a corner. Like the owner of it never shook his entire world the moment he walked into that barn. Like the trench coat never became a symbol of all the things he never said or wanted. Dean shuts out the thoughts out quickly and pulls out the gun he needs without a lingering look.

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I just hopped on to well… You know be on Tumblr and I saw the blog cross the threshold into 5000 followers. You guys are AMAZING! 

In light of this I’m going to give away 5 Arceus codes for X/Y or ORAS! Likes, reblogs count as an entry. I’ll use one of those nifty randomizers and gift them out on Sunday! I’ll message all winners on Sunday with the codes! 

I might come up with something even better later, to give back more to you guys! But I’ll have to talk to @brightcrest about that… Speaking of, if you guys like Kingdom Hearts, Nintendo, funny stuff, or.. all kinds of amazing things you should check her out and give her a follow! She’d enjoy it so much!

Thanks again folks! I couldn’t even imagine this before… You guys are AWESOME.