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AUGUST 19 2017 is National Clear The Shelters Day!
You can adopt a new forever family member for a reduced fee or even FREE!!!!!!
Please check your local shelter for their participation, also please please please discuss adopting a pet with the whole family!
More details to follow but please reblog and post everywhere!
Let’s adopt to save lives!!!!!

MORE INFO- Please remember Shelters operate on a very small budget, so if you are at a shelter today, please consider making a donation if possible, even if you don’t end up adopting a new friend.

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A landmine detection HeroRAT can check 200 square meters of minefield, in 20 minutes. This would take a deminer with a metal detector up to 4 days.

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Friends in Dark Places [Ch. 2]

Characters: Virgil Sanders, Patton Sanders, Roman Sanders, Logan Sanders, Sander Sides (technically Virgil Thomas, Patton Shea, Roman Patrick, and Logan Christiansen)

Pairing: platonic moxiety (could be read as romantic but it is not explicitly that)

Word Count: 2707

Warnings: self harm mentions, depression mentions, panic attacks, suicide mentions and attempts, blood mentions, hospitals, and IVs

Story Summary: (Humans!AU) After struggling with suicidal ideation and loneliness for years, a teen decides it’s time for it all to end… that is, until someone tries to save him.

A/N: With all of the drama that’s happened in the fandom today, I needed some way to let out my anxiety. I’m on a roll with chapters. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and reblogs would give me so much life!

Tag list (send me an ask if you want to be added): @milk-withtwosugars @abstractedthinking @gotta-love-dem-sides @ashrain5​ @waste-disposal-unit

Teaser (read first)   -  Chapter 1

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In honour of Mother’s Day I give you a reblog of one of my favourite fics I’ve written. This one was written to try and bring some closure to the various and awful things that CC did to the mothers in his show. This one is for the momScullys who deserved better. 

Lost Letters || Revival || Post Home Again 

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight || On AO3

It is Wednesday. He’s been waiting since Monday. Her doorman assures him she is alive, coming and going in her hospital clothes, eyes tired and head bowed. Mulder can picture it. He’s seen her that way before, heavy with grief and pushing forward as if somehow she can outpace her pain. The last time it had been his fault. He’d watched her from somewhere outside his body, watched her plead with him, watched her cry for him and then sat in the silence as she bowed to her sadness, folded in on herself and then disappeared.

The day she left, Mulder tried to disappear too. He poured himself so far into a bottle of scotch that he couldn’t see the empty space Scully had filled and he had planned to stay there. He might have been successful without Maggie Scully’s intervention.

Mulder didn’t remember her first few visits; he’d simply woken up clean and in bed instead of filthy and on the floor somewhere. But as time passed his mind coughed back to life and he began to ponder the X-File of his own survival until one night, when she crept in with soup and a sad smile, she found him sober and sat on the couch waiting for her. That was the first night Mulder cried in front of Maggie Scully but it wasn’t the last. She smelled a little like her daughter. She had the same hands, firm but kind. And she still loved him.

Maggie Scully had saved him.

She had saved them both.

On this day the world lost one of the most beautiful souls and angelic voices in music. This is the article from the Los Angeles Times that I saved from that day 16 years ago. I vividly remember the radio announcement, hearing of her passing and was deeply saddened. Her timeless music still lives on today. Thank you baby girl for contributing to the soundtrack of my life back then and for the gift of song that you continue to give to us all. Tomorrow is never promised to any of us, so make the most of today… #Aaliyah

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Hey guys, sorry I’ve been inactive for so long recently, a lot of stuff happened at home for August-September. First with the puppy and his medical conditions then more recently both my brothers got confined in the hospital for dengue.

We thankfully have health insurance which covered most of the expenses but sadly my mom was not able to pay the quarterly fee for Philhealth (government-mandated health insurance program) for my younger brother so she has to pay the amount that was supposed to be covered by that. My other brother is too old be considered as a dependent for my mom’s Philhealth so she also has to pay his uncovered amount. She asked my uncle and aunt to lend her some money and they have each agreed to cover either of my brother’s medical bills. One week later my mom is unable to pay them back since she also needs to pay their bills and other expenses at home (their electricity disconnection notice says they have up to the 23rd to pay) so she has asked me to help pay for both my brother’s medical bills which totals to Php 14,157.78 ($277.30 I’m basing these conversions on the current exchange rate)

And here I am in my last resort since I am financially drained dry because I had to pay vet bills a few weeks ago plus I also have monthly bills and expenses to pay and on top of that I’m still paying my dental bills which is 120k ($2360).



Bust: $5 $3 USD first character | +$3 per FREE extra character
Waist Up: $10 $5 USD first character | +$5 $2 per extra character
Full body: $15 $10 USD first character | +$10 $5 per extra character

Line Art:

Bust: $10 $5 USD first character | +$5 per FREE extra character
Waist Up: $20 $10 USD first character | +$10 $5 per extra character
Fullbody: $30 $15 USD first character | +$20 $8 per extra character

Flat Colour:

Bust: $15 $10 USD first character | +$10 $5 per extra character
Waist Up: $25 $15 USD first character | +$20 $10 per extra character
Fullbody: $35 $25 USD first character | +$25 $15 per extra character


Bust: $20  $15 USD first character | +$15 $10 per extra character
Waist Up: $30 $25 USD first character | +$20 $15 per extra character
Fullbody: $45 $35 USD first character | +$35 $20 per extra character

Things I won’t draw: NSFW, fetish, Furry, Mecha ( Meaning characters that are 100% mechanical but characters with some mechanical parts are okay)

You can contact me through messaging here on tumblr, through gmail: or through discord: @OhGeezThatsMe#5195

If you’d like to help me out but can’t commission me, reblogs and sharing this post would help me a lot!

Thank you!

tumblr in 2013: GET OVER HERE you little SHITS. We are gonna learn a little something about LIZARDS today. I don’t know if you’ve EVER EVEN FUCKING HEARD OF LIZARDS. They’re PRETTY FRICKLY FRACKING RARE. I’ve only ever seen THREE GODDAMNED LIZARDS in my entire LIFE ON MOTHERFUCKING EARTH. LIZARD FANDOM- YOU MAY WANT TO REBLOG THIS. or else im JUDGING you. REBLOG to SAVE A LIFE and tell someone about LIZARDS

❛   it’s not a grocery store. it’s a supermarket.
❛   i realize 90% of my contribution to this chat is memes.
❛   he will give me bacon and take my sorrows. 
❛   why did i wake up again?
❛   you pretty bastard. 
❛   i was used by the demon bird. 
❛   i want to marry him. suck the soul out of him. both. 
❛   that’s some disney shit right there. 
❛   no take backs bitch. 
❛   i’m going to angry nap over this food dilemma.
❛   it’s gay but it’s not that gay. 
❛   that’s sex in a skillet.
❛   what are dyno-bites? do they involve dinosaurs?
❛   i can’t handle this level of heterosexuality.
❛   it smelled like apple spice and pinot noir and i was really feeling it.
❛   okay what we’re not gonna do is that kinky shit. 
❛   i just wanna exist in peace and kiss cute girls. 
❛   first of all - wow. second of all - yes. 
❛   sometimes i play injustice and get mad because superman’s a little bitch.
❛   menstruation crustacean station. 
❛   fuck pots, man. this is why i use a microwave.
❛   i have an armada of daddy jokes.
❛   m.atthew gray g.ubler more like daddy gray g.ubler.
❛   anytime is a good time for death and dying.
❛   we need a name for the cactus. 
❛   i’ll snuggle the struggles away.
❛   get both the cake and the cookie. bring the cookie home and save that bitch.
❛   people suck, dogs are wonderful, and breathing is essential to finding your chill. 
❛   feelings make you feel things. how do people deal with this?
❛   i have officially fallen asleep everywhere in my house. 
❛   i watch a lot of porn to judge the directors. 
❛   i’ve got some flaming hot nuts. i’ve got some blue balls. 
❛   today is my birthday. it’s the day i was given life. how do i give it back?
❛   go be married while the rest of us shiver in queer.   


Hi! It’s Queue Flowy! :)
I have to pass a message to you from the real Flowy:

- If you are reading this, it’s already too late.. I’m dead. This heat has killed me. The world is in grave danger and the only way you can save it, if you like and reblog the shit out of this post. Good luck! -

But seriously though. I managed to build this apartment in the morning ( when the weather was cooler.. around 6-7 am :D ) I made a few pics.

So.. I won’t be here today. I’m too busy playing Life is Strange in my bathtub full of ice…  *-*

Queue Flowy out!
buh- bye! :*