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Requested: Nope

So the reasoning behind this imagine is because I sinned really bad and read this incredible imagine, which you can go read here and it got me in the feels. sO basically it made me want to write an imagine like that just without all of the sinning ofc. But if you do go and read that imagine, good luck, I’ll see you on the other side.

Also please give me feedback! It’s really appreciated! Plus let me know if you’d like a part two, I’m willing to write one for this imagine.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: Your brother is Harrison Osterfield, and your his younger sister (by like a few months, which he always teases you about which results in you both arguing), Tom is Harrison’s best friend, you’ve known him forever, but recently you started to feel different around him, making you rethink everything and worry about what Harrison would do if he found out the truth.

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of drinking

Word Count: 2,992

A/N: So it’s almost 4am, and I’m in the feels, and Tom just posted that picture of them in the hot tub. You’ve been warned.

Originally posted by tomholland-trash

“Hey Y/N, Tom is at the door can you go and open it?” Harrison shouted down the hallway, making you let out a loud groan of annoyance.

“He’s your best friend, why can’t you let him in the god damn door.” You yelled back, refusing to get off the couch as Tom patiently waited outside.

He could hear you both yelling back and forth, the usual banter between the two of you.

Harrison stormed down the stairs, sending you a glare, which you gladly gave a condescending smile back at him.

“Hey man! Sorry about that, Y/N wouldn’t get off her lazy ass and open the door for you.” Harrison spoke the last sentence louder than needed, making you roll your eyes.

You stood up, walking towards the two by the door, a fake smile plastered on your face.

“And I’m sorry my dumbass of a brother couldn’t walk down a few stairs to open the door for his best friend.” You patted Harrison hard on the back, making him glare at you once again.

Tom just stood there, watching you both argue back and forth, eventually you two would stop, but it usually took a few minutes.

“Don’t you have something better to do rather than annoy me and Tom?” Harrison let out a dramatic sigh, raising his eyebrows at you.

You let out a fake laugh, patting him on the shoulder.

“Oh brother, you don’t want to know what I’m doing later.” You winked, making Harrison’s eyes widen, along with Tom’s, as you gave a small wave to the both of them, before heading up stairs to your room.

“-Wait! What does that mean? Y/N!” Harrison called after you, but he only heard you laughing in response.

“That girl, I swear to god.” Harrison muttered, rolling his eyes as he walked into the kitchen, Tom following after him.

“What’s with her lately anyways? She doesn’t normally act like this, at least not that I remembered.” Tom questioned, opening a beer and taking a sip of it.

Harrison shrugged his shoulders, taking a sip of his beer also.

“I don’t know man, but I’m tired of it, I’m constantly having to look after her and make sure she doesn’t do some stupid shit.” He groaned, making Tom laugh slightly.

“I know she probably doesn’t say it much to you, but I think she’s really glad to have a brother like you.” Tom smiled, giving Harrison a thumbs up.

“Thanks man, it’s hard sometimes, she’s my sister, and I love her to death, I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to her, even worse if someone dated her, lord.” Harrison muttered, taking another swig of his beer, before wandering outside to the pool, Tom alongside him.

You however, were texting your friends, they were planning on having a pool party later, which you were eager to go to.

The only problem was Harrison wouldn’t let you, especially with the swim suits you’ve been wearing lately.

You liked your body, you weren’t afraid to show it off either, but that’s exactly what made Harrison frustrated with you.

You packed your bag, stuffing in a swim suit, before heading down the stairs, your plan was to tell Harrison you were going out with your friends and that was it.

You wandered into the kitchen, looking for the two, before hearing music being played from outback.

You walked outside, seeing both Tom and Harrison in the pool, drinking their beers.

“Haz!” You shouted, but he didn’t hear you, making you roll your eyes in annoyance.

You walked over to the music, shutting it off, immediately catching their attention.

“What the hell Y/N.” Harrison shouted, making you smile innocently.

“I came out here to tell you I’m going out with some friends, I probably won’t be home until late.” You ran your fingers through your hair slightly, making Harrison look at you skeptically.

“Why so late?” He pressed, making you avoid eye contact for a split second, looking at Tom, who was also curious to hear your explanation.

“We, uh, are, um…” You trailed off, trying to make up some lame excuse, but Harrison was able to put it together before you could even manage to think of anything.

“Y/N, what’s in the bag?” Harrison questioned, getting out of the pool, motioning towards the bag you were trying to hide.

“Just stuff.” You shrugged, trying to play it off, but Harrison was too good at knowing your lies, and games.

“You aren’t leaving till I see what’s in that bag.” Harrison demanded, making you roll your eyes.

“It’s nothing! God! Why can’t I ever do something I want without you hassling me!” You shouted, shoving past him, making his jaw clench with frustration.

“Y/N, I swear to god if you leave this house..” He looked at Tom who was watching you cautiously, waiting to see what you would do next.

“What Harrison? What will you do?” You fired back, making both their mouths drop open, and you couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of satisfaction.

“See you later boys.” You winked, before disappearing into the house and off to your friends pool party.

“I can’t believe she just did that, she’s so dead when she gets home.” Harrison ran his hands over his face frustrated.

“She’ll be okay Haz, she is your sister after all.” Tom made a point, making Harrison relax a tiny bit, just a tiny bit.

“Yes, I know she is, but that is also what worries me, she’s unpredictable.” Harrison looked at Tom, who nodded in response, that she was.

Hours passed and you were having the time of your life, the pool party was epic, everyone was doing whatever they wanted, drinking, dancing, swimming, anything you could think of.

You were drinking, a red solo cup in your hand, as you were dancing with your friends.

“Guys! We need to get a group picture!” Your one friend shouted, making you all squeal in response.

They gave a random guy their phone, “Okay ready? one, two, three, say partaaayyy!” The guy laughed as you all cheered after him, the flash going off, you all quickly rushed to see the outcome of the photo and it was perfect.

You all were laughing, your red cups in all of your hands, you all were just having fun, something you truly needed.

You all posted it on your social media, being a bit buzzed you didn’t really care at the time.

You then continued to party on, drinking and having the time of your life.

“Oh for fucks sake, what in the hell is this.” Harrison groaned out, seeing your newly posted picture on Instagram.

“Damn, where is she?” Tom questioned, looking at Harrison who was beyond pissed.

“Well, she’s supposed to be hanging with her friends, which in a way she is, but obviously she’s at a friends party, in a very revealing swim suit and clearly very drunk.” Harrison muttered, placing his hand over his mouth.

“I should have checked her bag, I mean look at that, who knows what guys are there.” Harrison set his phone down, going to grab another beer from the fridge.

Tom took this as his opportunity to actually see the situation, and sure enough there you were, red solo cup in your hand, laughing at something someone said, your bikini extremely revealing.

Tom blinked a few times, unable to believe you would actually do something like this, but at the same time he always knew you had a dark side, and he wasn’t going to lie, he liked it a tiny bit, just a tiny bit.

He sat there a few moments, trying to get those thoughts out of his head, why was he thinking like that? You were Harrison’s sister, and he was Harrison’s best friend, there was no way he could get involved with you.

Hours passed and you finally arrived home, drunk off your ass, you were giggling at literally anything.

“Where have you been Y/N? Shit you’re so trashed right now.” Harrison sighed, seeing your overly happy expression on your face.

“Hazzyyy!!” You squealed, making Harrison sigh once again and pick you up, there was no way you could make it up the stairs.

“That shit wasss crazzzyyy.” You giggled, as Harrison set you down on your bed, you immediately fell back staring at the ceiling.

“Y/N, what were you thinking? Someone could have taken advantage of you!” Harrison shouted, making you wave your hands.

“I never get to have fun, and it was time I did!” You protested, sitting up a bit too quickly as Harrison had to steady you.

“Tom can you grab Y/N a cup of water please?” Harrison yelled down the hallway, hearing Tom yell back in response and soon appear with a glass of water.

“Here Y/N, drink this.” Tom handed you the glass, you watched him walk over to you, your mind shutting off for a brief moment.

“Thanks.” You replied quietly, a small smirk on your face as you took the glass from Tom’s hands, purposely brushing your fingers against his.

You could see his breath hitch slightly, making you grin with satisfaction.

You glanced over at Harrison, then back at Tom who was doing his best to keep his thoughts out of his head.

“Hazzyy, can you get me some Advil?” You gave a small smile, seeing Harrison sigh in response.

“Watch her please?” Harrison looked at Tom who nodded slightly, before looking back at you.

You watched until Harrison slipped around the corner, making you smirk at Tom, who was doing his best to avoid your gaze.

“Something tells meeee that you’re hiding something Hollandddd.” You raised an eyebrow, standing up the best you could.

“Y/N, you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tom let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in.

“Someone that doesn’t know what they’re talking about sure does make someone nervous.” You fired back, making him lock eyes with you.

It was that split second you felt something you hadn’t ever felt before, there was a spark, and you were sure as hell Tom felt it too.

You saw his eyes widen slightly, he wanted to look away, but he couldn’t, something happened, and it wasn’t good, he knew he was in trouble.

You soon remembered you were still in your swim suit, a grin spreading across your face.

“Tom, since Harrison isn’t back yet.. can you grab my clothes for me to change into?” You sat down on your bed, you were still buzzed, there was no doubt about that, but at this point you just wanted to mess with him.

“Uhm, sure..” He stuttered, rushing over to find you something to wear, which was extremely needed at this moment.

He quickly pulled a random outfit together, handing you the clothing, before turning around.

“Hope you don’t mind, I’m just going to change here.” You spoke barely above a whisper, making Tom shut his eyes tightly.

Don’t picture you, don’t picture you, don’t picture you, Tom thought to himself, praying Harrison would return as quick as possible.

You put the clothes on, just in time for Harrison to return, seeing Tom’s flustered expression.

“Everything alright in here?” Harrison questioned, looking between you and Tom.

“Everything is great.” You smirked, taking the Advil Harrison brought you, before crawling into bed.

Tom had quickly rushed off, needing to get out of there as soon as possible.

What was happening to him? Or the better question was, what was happening to you?

Tom knew you had been acting a bit strange the past few months towards him, but he never thought anything of it until tonight.

That was one of the hardest nights for Tom to sleep, the constant questions flowing through his head, as Harrison was fast asleep.

The night went by quick, and you were the first to wake up, your head throbbing even with the Advil.

You wandered down the stairs, popping two more into your mouth, washing it down with water when footsteps were appearing in the kitchen.

“Well what do we have here?” Harrison raised an eyebrow at you, making you sigh and rub your forehead.

“I know I know, I lied.” You muttered, making Harrison nod in agreement.

“I know, Y/N, you’re so lucky mom and dad aren’t home this weekend.” Harrison scolded, making you groan.

“What even happened last night? I don’t remember much.” You admitted, looking between Harrison and Tom.

“Not much, you were just your annoying self times ten.” Harrison teased, making you joke laugh with him.

You looked at Tom who you could tell was deep in thought, peaking your interest as Harrison was cooking breakfast.

“You alright Holland?” You questioned, propping your chin on the palms of your hands as you glanced over at him.

“Y-Yeah uh, just thinking. Um, so you don’t remember.. anything from last night?” He questioned, making you do your best to remember, and then it hit you.

Your eyes widened slightly, signaling that Tom knew you remembered, both of your cheeks flushed red.

“I’m gathering you remember a bit..” Tom whispered, making you nod your head slowly, your eyes never leaving the counter.

Tom was focused on Harrison making pancakes, then took a side glance at you.

“We need to talk about it.” Tom whispered, sending chills down your spine, which didn’t go unnoticed to Tom.

He bit his lip slightly, making you cover your mouth, what was going on? Why did Tom have this much control over you suddenly? What did you tell him last night? Your mind was wandering everywhere to try and put bits and pieces together.

You remembered the spark you felt with Tom, but that was it, and you couldn’t understand why it was happening.

“Last I checked, I was unpredictable, I’ll choose when we’ll talk.” You whispered back, smirking slightly seeing Tom’s surprised expression.

“Alright guys! Who would like one of Harrison’s famous delicious pancakes?” He grinned, turning around with his chefs hat on, a plate of pancakes in his hand.

You took a small glance at Tom, seeing him take one at you, before you both gave a nod and smiled at Harrison.

“Eat up! There’s more where that came from.” He chirped, before continuing to cook the rest of the breakfast.

You sat there, taking a bite of your pancake, as Tom was sipping his coffee.

You glanced over at him, taking another bite of your pancake, giving him a look, causing Tom to choke on his coffee slightly, while giving you a glare in the process.

Harrison had no idea how right he was.

First of all, thank you all so much!!

Second, I’ve decided to do an ART GIVEAWAY for this milestone! One person will win a piece of (sfw) fanart of a ship of their choice! :D 

The rules are simple, you must be following this blog (obviously), and you must like and/or reblog this post. This Friday at noon, I’ll collect all the names and find a winner with a random picker tool. Then I’ll announce/contact the winner! 

Again, thank you guys so much, have a lovely day <33333

What’s this?

Sooo, seeing as it’s my birthday, and we’re nearly at another thousand followers here [OMG] I think I can do a bit of a giveaway, yes? 

 ⭐️This is for you, lovely followers. Everyone who’s stuck with me all this time,⭐️                                through fandoms and ugh life stories. 

You’ve been amazing and kind and generous, and I hope you know how                                                         appreciated you are! 

I would also like to extend a Hello and Welcome to all of you new followers out       there. I hope I don’t scare you off too quickly. But, now to the good part.

                                         The Grand-Ol Prize

                                                   What you get:

⭐️ - ONE Marvel fandom calendar or One Sterek fandom calendar with arts from: spider999now, yourlovelyalpha, suis0u, andavs, Batwynn, yijitumbles, dakotaliar, hitorimaron, disturbed-katten, doomcheese, lostassassin, kala-fiorek, mangaka-soldier, lokefanart, virushoney, lotolle [I hope I didn’t forget anyone D:]

  **The Sterek one is kind of special seeing as it’s a secret special secret one that I just randomly found months after we sold out and people cried and I’m so sorry. And, you know, it’s kind of late in the year already, but the art is fantastic. :D

⭐️ - One Sterek sticker pack or One Marvel sticker pack, enclosed in a decorative envelope with a ridiculous doodle by meeee

⭐️ - An additional One Sterek Pin or One Sterek charm necklace [I’ve run out of Marvel stuff, sorry!] 

Last but not least:

⭐️ - One Digital Sketch of whatever you’d like!

( This is for @infectedcolors tho) 

  [ All material is PG-13 or lower unless otherwise specified for the commission. ]


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9: This is open for USA and beyond. [**If you know your country has some crazy/bad shipping rules/prices, please consider that before you enter and come talk to me about it. We’ll fight ‘em together.]


IT’S THIS WEEK! (July 24th through 31st)

What are you talking about, Mirk? Long ago there was a HS ancestor night thing, set up for May 23rd. It was primarily meant to be drawing requests for canon Homestuck ancestors, but I know it made a few rounds of the fantroll community as they drew, talked about, and wrote fic for their own ancestors. Unfortunately, I missed it this year! So in recompense I’m doing a whole week of ancestor-related blogging.

Ancestor-related blogging? What’s that? It’s just regular fantroll blogging, but with ancestors! That means that the asks I answer, drabbles and meta I write, pictures I draw – all of that’s gonna be about my fantrolls’ ancestors, rather than the current generation. I’ll be reblogging probably about an ask meme per day for the ancestors and trying my best to answer all the questions or requests I get from them, but asks that aren’t connected to any meme are always welcome, too! Later today, I’ll post brief introductions of my cast of ancestors, so those of you who haven’t heard me ramble about them yet have some context to go on.

But why, tho? Idk! I like ancestors, I like talking about ancestors, this week’s kind of slow for me, let’s bring on the previous generation of gray nerds.

Can I do this too?/What if I don’t want to see this on my dash for a week? I have absolutely no problem with other people joining me in ancestor hell for a week (or however much of the week they can endure), since the only thing I love as much as blathering about my own fantrolls’ ancestors is hearing about everyone else’s! So if you reblog this post or make some sort of announcement post about doing the event and tag it #fancestor week, I’ll be cheering you on and sending asks your way whenever I can. That said, I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – so all my posts on the subject will also be tagged #fancestor week, for your blacklisting purposes.

  • But what if I don’t HAVE a fancestor? SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MY DESIGN COMMISSIONS HERE!!! Sorry, can’t resist a little self-promotion. I do love designing ancestors, and if you don’t have one, I can draw one for $15. See the post here.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Thanks in advance for indulging my ancestor penchant.


A Youtuber A Day: Dan Howell & Phil Lester [3/7]

I guess you could call this “personalities 2.0″ I really, really like the contrast between these two, who I find soft and neat even when they’re summoning satan. 

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Hey you!

Do you like Scientists? Evil Scientists?

How about an evil scientist lady obsessed with destruction and the usage of sound waves to create weaponry and doomsday devices? She also happens to have a short fuse, a fear inducing stare, and a knack for pushing other people around.

And who doesn’t like an angry, independent woman in charge? Who…also tends to be a klutz at times. LET’S be real, here.

You like her? I like her too! So consider following for further interaction with this angry, sound obsessed, sleepy bomb shell.

Quick note: This OC was originally Crash Bandicoot verse based, but I now consider her mostly fandomless and am highly crossover friendly.

Okay! So, we have a bit of a problem! …Part 2!! To reiterate… I have been made aware that a LOT of the creators in this community are feeling down, unappreciated and uncared for. Which means I have some MORE things to say. And again… this will be long a** post… But! … Please bear with me?

Off we go!!

@bleucheeks :  So, I’ve seen a ton of really great prompts from this blog, but I never realised that they wrote as well? But they do! And they write Haikyuu!! so Imma be binge reading all those fics that’s for sure!! The ones I’ve already read were so good, so I’m really really excited for the others!

@thehallowedangel :  Honestly one of the sweetest humans ever? Like I dunno just everything I see you post is A+, and you’re just super wonderful and ilysm? Also, you’re one of the first people I ever followed and your posts and reblogs always make me ridiculously happy!

@beloved-whumpage :  SUCH A GOOD WRITER!! And a really lovely person! I’m super excited for everything they put out because it’s pretty much guaranteed to be good? And like… everyone should follow them? Yeah. That’s a statement, not a question. Everyone should follow them.

@ambulancemcclain :  This one here is a Wonderful Person like always. It just amazes me how many incredible things you reblog, and I just never run out of stuff to read when looking through your posts! And the comments you leave are so kind and encouraging, and you make the universe brighter!

@shiveringsickies :  Def the cutest. Def has a heart of pure gold. Basically, she’s a queen? And I love everything she posts. The end. Okay, not really the end cause I have more to say but yeah… :) You write the cutest little Shiro! Like I just… I don’t even know how to describe it! It gives me all the feels all at once, and I just want to hug him and wrap him up and hold him and… Ugh! Why you do this to meeee??? I love you!!

@403secret :  I admire your writing SO much! You’re another of the blogs I followed pretty soon after joining Tumblr, and I’m so so so glad I did because you’re absolutely incredible! And I love your blog so much!

@princess-tentacles  :  Writes the best fanfic. Draws the best fanart. Mods the best whump week (Voltron). Reblogs the best stuff. In conclusion, IS THE BEST.

@bigbadsnez :  YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING HEADCANONS!!! I love them all so much and always want to write them, but I’m never brave enough to say so cause I feel like I’d prob butcher them all! But your headcanons are the best! And so is your writing! I love your fics!

@kotyonoksnz :  Ohmygosh! Okay, so this blog right here has absolutely gorgeous art! Like… sometimes I just wanna cry cause her stuff is so good? I don’t really know what else to say… just that I cry. Oh! And her OC’s!! Venn, Theo and Anika!! Guys- *sobs* these OC’s are just- *sobs* unbelievably wonderful! I love ‘em so so so much!

@outtacommission :  You write Pidge SO FLIPPING WELL!! Like it honestly liquefies my brain when I see people getting characterisation SO RIGHT. Anyways, this is the blog I always stalk when I wanna read good Pidge fics.

@confetishcake :  M'kay. So… /technically speaking/ I can’t actually view your blog…. what with Tumblr’s new “safe mode” and all but the facts still stand that your art is flipping beautiful!! And since I followed you before that update I still get to see your SFW stuff and just <333

@squidbiscuit :  Another blog I can’t view. /Technically/. Who lets technicalities stop them though? I sure don’t. ESPECIALLY when it comes to art like yours. You draw the greatest stuffing/emeto art ever! I love it all so so so much!!!

@godhelpthesickies :  Can I just give you a hug? Is that alright? … I want you to know something. You’re really, really great. And I know you’re going through a heard time right now but please don’t forget that. You’re really, really great. Also, you’re such a good writer! I love the stuff you write for BMC and Voltron tons and tons! *hugs* **only is accepted** <333

@fevers-and-flus :  Hmm, where to start?? You’re just incredible? *squinty eyes* Are you even human?! You literally write the best Keith EVER!! I die a little every time I see one of your fics! Like I always think my heart is gonna stop while I’m reading it and just! *deep sigh* You’re freaking incredible. No one is allowed to argue.

@doublecheckyoself :  You reblog the greatest stuff!! I was scrolling through your blog yesterday, and I found so many incredible artists that I’d never heard of before so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

@musick-em :  Oh gosh! Your writing is incredible!! You actually wrote the first Voltron fic I ever read!! I can’t wait for more fics!!

@illesty :  Hey!! You’re a super great writer!! I love all your Klance fics so, so much!!

@coldandfloozy :  I love, love, love you Voltron fanfics! They’re so good!! I especially love the way you write sick Lance! It’s just A+++!!!

@whump-dump :  I found your blog a while ago through a Shance fic you wrote for Ki! I love the way you write them!! They’re so flipping cute, and I just wanna wrap 'em up and cuddle 'em!!

@elsiemcclay :  You are an amazing writer!! I found your blog fairly recently, but you are honestly incredible! I love everything you write! Also, I’m sorry school sucks so much for you right now, and I know you feel alone, but you’re really not, and if you ever need someone to talk to I’m 100% here.

@potato-fan-girl :  Ah! Okay! I love all the fics you post! You’re a really great writer, and I basically die over all your Klance fics because Klance is my fave!! I just can’t get enough of those two, and you’re over there handing them to me on like a silver platter! So thank you, thank you!!!

@tis-sue :  Hey!! Heen is so flipping adorable!! I love all your art, but he’s just so, SO cute and I just can’t! I love him so much!! Everyone needs to see him! Everyone! Follow this blog and see Heen! Yes, do it. You are all obligated to do so. *grins*

@ya-nurse :  You legit draw and write the cutest Klance EVER!!! I always wanna wrap them in blankets after seeing/reading your creations!!! I love you!

@caramelfuzz @ithadtobesneezing @wemermaid4this @ittybittysickficblog @flushed-and-fevered @appynation @sicklylittlesnowflake @apvrrish @notfeelingsowell @youremarvelous @youreburningup @emuyh-art @sickyaboi @hotarubi-e @feverhalo @sniffleprincess @lance-mcpain-is-my-mcgain @snifflesnuff @graceless-fever :  These are all blogs I’ve only just found! (thanks to @ambulancemcclain) I’ve scrolled through your guy’s posts, and I love you all! I can’t wait for more art/fic!! And how have I not found you all before now?! It’s an /outrage/! It’s a /scandal/! (hehe, catch that one?) No, but seriously…. please be warned…. I have a tendency to go through and like…. /EVERYTHING/…. sorry in advance! :)  <333

@toosicktoocare @nerdlycharming @mypoorfaves @tossing-cookies @feelingalittlesick @fluffyllamas22 @sneezehq @taylor-tut :  You guys were all tagged in the first post, but I tagged you here as well because you were suggested to me again by ambulancemcclain ! You’re all super awesome! Don’t forget it!! *all the hugs*

Thank you @fluffyllamas22 @doublecheckyoself  @ambulancemcclain @cabbagespoon for suggesting people!! <333 *hugs*

GAH! That’s a total of 74 (I think… I may have miscounted) blogs (including the first post) that I love and that everyone should check out!! And I’m still sure there are people missing (actually I know for a fact there are people missing because there were actually more people rec’d that I couldn’t include since I can’t find their blogs due to 'safe mode’… I apologise for that), so please let me know… *grins* or you could add them yourself!!

appreciation s/o post

I’m supposed to start on Tuesday but let’s goooo! if u get a +1 means u r kinda my fav?? no offence to anyone :c I’ll do 6 per week

[ I’m not doing this to gain anything, I just saw someone doing this too & I felt like it was nice & very thoughtful, I was inspired so I decided to do this, just incase anyone… ]

@emmastudies — has really nice printables, very very organized layout (tumblr theme)

@literary-sushi — really nice feed on instagram n nice notes [tho she claims its not aahah]

@stillstudies — don’t talk much, but i always fills her ask whenever she reblogs those ask thingy yknoww & she seems friendly!!!!!!

@studyingmeow — really kind & soft (i guess aHA)!!! +1

@kikkistudies — first person to compliment meeee, i appreciate so much +1

@stvdybuddies — a blog that reblogs many other studyblrs content & many other ideas/inspo u can get from one place!!! +1

Inbox Replies

I think I’ll do my mass Inbox replies like this now but only for when I find myself falling behind with keeping track of them. I do want to answer them all it’s just sometimes it gets overwhelming and I truly hate feelings like I’m spamming by answering one by one. There’s like at least 3 more of these I have to do but I’ll spread them out since these are the most recent ones! ^_^

1) Lmao I knoww.. I was looking at my blog earlier like… these updates are olddd.. so i’ll remind myself to. But omgg ;-;; they’re like 70% okay with each other right now but are taking things day by day because they each still have stuff to get off their chest. Since 2-3 days ago they haven’t spoken in over 4 months so that’s a lot of ground to cover.

2) sdlkfjsdlkf lmaoo please.. both of them can get real gross real fkn fast during so there’s a lot of dirty talk going on. Zero has actually called him uncle in bed before and Matt loves that shit because he’s terrible lmao.

3) LMAOO. LISTEN. SHE WASN’T ABOUT TO OPEN THAT DOOR. SHE WAS LIKE OHHH NAHHHH. Like prior to that happening Jaide was 98% positive that Zatty had something sexual going on and you can tell by her convo with Zero earlier that night that she was making it known she had them figured out. 

There were a lot of moans and squelches and slapping heard from just outside the door so when she made out both voices to be them it stunned her. For her there was no need to open the door.. it was confirmation and she wasn’t trying to see her brother’s dick and Zero in god knows what position.

4) Yessssss.. lmao tbh I didn’t think I’d ever be doing smut for Zatty because Zero looks like a pillow pet and it’s wild seeing him that way but like now that we know he’s actually a slut it’s okay now.

5) Lmao accurateeeeeee but also don’t forget the balls…

6) Lmaoo it was really traumatizing for her.. like her entire night was ruined and on top of that she couldn’t sleep in her own bed. She had to crash at a friend’s place and even then she didn’t get much sleep cause all she kept hearing in her head was Zero yelling Matt’s name out like the town whore. 

She’s been avoiding them ever since because she’s trying to find the right words to say and also for her it’s a little hard to look Zero in the eyes right now lmao.



9) He calls him all type of shit okay.. like pls. It’s funny because when they first started having sex it took Zero a while to get comfortable enough with himself to say anything at all. He’d kinda just awkwardly say things here and there and then Matt would kind of giggle about it like… “you’re trying your best” but NOW????? Zero is sexually un-fucking-hinged okay.. he’s gross and filthy to where Matt will look at him during sometimes and be like..

10) sfkjhsdkjfhds he doesn’t okay lmao. Matt’s like lmao that’s cute you slept with a girl but also don’t get it twisted bitch.. you’re mine. 

But DKjfhsdkjfdsf pleaseeeeeeeeeee.. I love Jaide’s body type so much now. She’s voluptuous and has jugs now like sfkjhsdf. I wanted to compare and slightly mirror her to Fenix for obvious sibling reasons which is why I upped her weight in the first place and I’m glad I did cause it gives her a different look. Lmao Wes is also coming into his own “realizing things” moment so it’s fine ^____^

11) Lmao honestly it depends because you’d have to talk to him as if you’re not ooc and without any outside knowledge of what’s going on with him and Matt. I think the better choice of words would prob be to ask him how he’s enjoying being blonde so far <33333

12) OMG.. I haven’t been on my inspo in forever please forgive me. It’s not linked to my actual simblr and I get so lazy about signing into multiple accounts. But lmao sometimes I’ll do that too actually to like refresh myself. The last time I got them right but then I found myself adding someone’s tag to a reblog that wasn’t originally meant for them because of char development. I really need to update it though so thanks for reminding meeee <3333333

Elsword ED commissions

Gonna try to see if I can get enough ED to buy B slots for both mine and my friend’s main :’)


Line art (per character):

  • Sketch thing: 30 Mil
  • head shot: 70 Mil
  • half body: 100 Mil

  • full body: 150 Mil :’)))

Coloring (per artwork):

  • Base color: +50 Mil 
  • Color + OK Shading: +70Mil
  • Full color + Shade + effects: +100 Mil
  • No color at all is nice too

If you’re LF my actual art  here or my ask-blog here lmao

please if you can’t / don’t want to commission atleast reblog this,,,,,, my friend and I are suffering with our 20Mil total :’)))))

i’m wonderstruck | shawn mendes imagine


requested by anonymous

word count: 1,130

author’s note: title from “enchanted” by taylor swift.

Your name: submit What is this?

First there was the issue of getting him to sit still on the couch for more than two minutes, which proved to be a far more daunting task than you had previously anticipated. Shawn was incessantly bouncing his leg up and down which distracted from the center of the shot, but when you tried to explain this to him, he didn’t quite understand.

“Can’t you just edit that out?” he asked.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please make some icons with Laurel Lance where she's smiling? Thank you :)

Sorry it took so long! I mostly took caps from s4 cause that’s the best I could find on a Katie fansite. But let me know if you want more, maybe of some specific episodes so I can search in general Arrow screencaps!
Hope you’ll like it! ♥

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I neeeeeed more blogs to follow bbys

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(more specifically)

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Anti: “jfc these reylo shippers are so racist!! they never talk about Finn and ignore his importance!!”

Reylo shipper: *tries to reblog/comment on Finn post*

Anti: “ew, why are you reylos here? i don’t want reylos on my posts”

Reylo shipper: *follows a finnrey/stormpilot blog*

Anti: “a reylo just followed me” *blocks* 

Reylo shipper: *makes a post involving John or Finn*

Anti: “omg Finn/John is not for you!! Keep your filthy hands off!”

Reylo shipper: *Produces meta about Finn*

Anti: *reblogs* “wait, a reylo made this?? Better delete it quick!”

reylo shipper: *tries to include other ships involving Finn on their blog*

Anti: “uhm you’re still a racist & abuse apologist for supporting reylo. You’re only allowed to like ships involving the “good guys” ”

Reylo shipper: *gives up on trying to include Finn on their reylo blog and just makes a side one*

Anti: *nitpicks reylo posts*

Anti: *makes the finnrey/stormpilot community a hostile environment for multishippers*

Anti: *constantly humiliates reylo shippers and eventually, puts off shippers from discussing Finn frequently*

Anti: “ugh, why aren’t these evil reylos producing more Finn related content for meeee? I bet it’s only because of racism”