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sisters so beautiful they reduce the self esteem of everyone who meets them

mmmm will i ever get enough of these three being adorable together?? no, the answer is no

undertale? in this day and age? its more likely than u think

nah but i was scrolling thru old pictures and stuff and saw that this wasn’t completely horrible so like why not make it digital? also theres a lot of people who followed me for undertale so like check it! i didn’t forget about u guys!

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I have made a grave mistake

I will now only be doing drawings for those who reblog in 24 hours!

I didn’t expect it to get that many notes and I gotta get to work! Of course, y'all will still get doodles :) (if you reblog in the next 24 hours ending tomorrow at 9:00pm PDT 05/08/17)

anonymous asked:

I've never played a White Wolf game before;; What are they like/how could I get into one :0c

Hm! Well, my experience is purely World of Darkness based, which you can download/read the Core Rulebook for here. WoD is more focused on Role-Playing rather than combat (there is still combat, ofc, but the games I’ve played are usually focused on roleplaying your way through challenges or creatively solving problems. ‘Roll Initiative’ means you hecked up, or you’re at an unavoidable boss fight, haha). It’s also usually Horror Themed / Spooky (which is super fun, hoho).

You used to be able to download the core rulebooks and editable character sheet pdfs, but I think White Wolf took those down recently… which is a bummer. If you come off Anon and give me your email address I’d be willing to share the pdfs I have with you! I have the Hunter: The Vigil character sheets + core rulebook, the WoD Merit’s Compendium, and the New World of Darkness core rulebook. (These are the only ones I’ve had to use in my campaigns so I don’t have more of them, unfortunately) (you can also just purchase a physical copy of them LOL)

I’m not really sure how to help you get into a White Wolf game though. Probably just like any other game - read the rules, find some friends that’d want to play with you, and then go forth and have fun? I use Roll20 and play over a google hangout call with my internet pals~

I wanna doodle...

You can send me a character (even an OC if you give me ref), theme, selfie, creature, a drawing meme, or almost anything. It’ll be traditional, prob lineart or watercolor.
(I’m not that good but I can try. I also wanna be more active here.)
I’m not sure if I’ll do all but, I’ll do as many as I can! 😊

crying is really punk, trust me, i have a doctorate in bawling and screaming

i had to cleanse my eyes bc i saw so much max/naster and max/wynaut on my dash what better way to do that than with pricemarsh amirite????