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dancing as teambuilding experience

on wednesday evening the german players were visited by a group of professional dancers. they invited the woman for a 2 hour dance lesson, the players especially wanted to train discofox and salsa. the whole squad took part in the event, the coaching staff was not invited. at the end of the lesson, the new team members julian weigl and bernd leno had to dance alone, getting cheers from the crowd. 

the dancer’s coach said afterwards: “leroy sane was superb at salsa, toni kroos has a great rhythm and thomas müller was very curious and willing to learn.” they also said bastian schweinsteiger wanted to add an extra lesson. 

which would explain this from the training yesterday:

basti and thomas :)


cute tileable 8-bit josh and tyler (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ now ft. blurryface edition! notice tyler’s eyes in a couple of them in the bf one. let me know if you use them! stillstreet reelbearmedia

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That 70′s Show + Instagram || Because they totally had Instagram in the 70′s.


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I am merely stating facts, Ciel! Once, I get you going….you’ll be begging for it!~

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stop saying you’re “so triggered” unless you legitimately are

triggers are very real things for people with mental illnesses and it’s not fair to those people that others are using that word, therefore reducing the seriousness of that word. people are turning the word into some stupid meme which pretty much illegitimizes those for whom this is serious.

like now I’d highly doubt that someone with a real mental illness can say “that triggers me” without someone being like, “oh yeah man me too haha relatable!”. it’s honestly really gross to see.

I’ve seen and heard people use this in a mocking way which is even worse to see honestly. “I’m triggered that you used a mechanical pencil instead of a pen” or “I’m triggered cause you didn’t give me the definition of the word” and sometimes just saying “triggered” after someone says something like hello or some dumb shit like that. It’s like if someone was like “this post triggers me!!!”

leave this word for the people that actually need it to express their feelings. that have legitimate triggers.

if you feel so compelled, here are some safe alternatives:
that rustles my jimmies
that tosses my salad
that sequences my genetic code
that toasts my buns
that curdles my milk
that blends my smoothie
that squeezes my lemon
that brews my tea
that pours my cereal
that spins me right round
that milks my cow
that grooms my cat

I have no idea, but case in point, stop unless you are LEGITIMATELY triggered.

Remember when I said I didn’t have a digital art programs? I lied. Well, not really, because I didn’t have one at the time. But now I do!! Wooooooo.

I sketched this up today. Used it as my new profile pic, too. Hope ya’ll like it!



You were never in any danger. What? The other night. Babysitting that shit prick. Running around with that Grotto. I only hurt people that deserve it, I wanted you to know that. You think he deserved it? I do. You know, he used to do hits for the Irish? Huh? One time he shot an old lady because she saw his face? I guess he – he didn’t tell you that, huh? Yeah. Point is, you were safe, okay? I just wanted you to know that.


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Hmm…yeah, a little…You know you’re gorgeous, alright? And popular and uh…and…but, this is not why I come here! This is a good learning experience for me… 
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