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a note on burr’s intellect and how it’s portrayed musically

i’m only going to be talking about burr’s short verse in my shot bc otherwise this would be ten miles long, but let me just say: lin-manuel miranda is a fucking genius. (warning, this is going to be a long post.)

as far as i recall, this is the only time burr raps in the narrative. and it’s 4 measures to tell hamilton and crew to shut up, in a language they’ll understand (rap), after being asked in the previous song to rap a bit.

just for a second, let me talk about internal rhyme.

internal rhyme is a component of rap that’s exactly what it sounds like: the rhymes within a verse that don’t fall in line with the ends of the phrases. they can still rhyme with the ends of the phrases too, but they aren’t on the ends of the phrases. (most of the time, you’ll notice internal rhymes because there’ll be emphasis on the rhymed syllables.)

now, hamilton’s verses are laden with internal rhyme: i could cite a billion examples, but i’ll only pull one for now.

“older”, “colder”, and “shoulder” are grouped together in the same rhyme scheme, with “shoulder” being the main source of internal rhyme.

similarly, “(disad)vantage”, “manage”, “brandish”, and “famished” are all in the same rhyme scheme, with “manage” being the main source of internal rhyme (although it can be argued that “brandish” is too because of the way it plows through the end of the phrase there with the straight sixteenth notes.) (also, shoutout to those polysyllabic rhymes for showcasing hamilton’s intelligence.)

now we’ll take a look at hamilton’s crew’s verses. start with lafayette:

there’s not really internal rhyme in here. because of his accent, lafayette can pull rhyming “france” and “’on(archy)”, but that’s about it. not surprising; he’s not unintelligent, it’s just that he’s still figuring out english.

then mulligan:

mulligan’s got a bit of internal rhyme going on with “chance”, “(ad)vance”, and “pants”. the “so(cially)” and “sew(in’)” could be argued too, but the fact that the emphasis is placed on the “ly” of socially and not on the “so” makes it hard to argue.

then of course, laurens:

laurens, getting up there with hamilton and bringing in some polysyllabic rhymes! we’ve got “truly free” and “you and me”; “you and i” and “do or die”; “sally in”, “stallion”, and “battalion”. that’s three different rhyme schemes, so good for you– but then, we’d expect a good command of the english from someone who helped hamilton write essays.

now, finally, we get to burr:

“gen(iuses)” and “keep”. “trouble” and “double”. “with” and “sit(uation)”. that’s already three internal rhymes, completely separate from the end rhyme. (he fits a polysyllabic rhyme in there too with “trouble” and “double”.)

and then the internal rhyme that goes with the end rhyme?

“fraught”, “got”, “taught”, “talk”, and “shot”.

that’s five instances of rhyming in two measures. let me repeat that: five instances of rhyming in two measures. the example i cited has hamilton doing four instances of rhyme in three measures.

burr’s intelligence and command of the english language is at least on par with hamilton’s, if not greater, as evidenced later by their partnership as lawyers; but lin-manuel miranda manages to portray that just in four measures.

that’s how to develop a character musically.


After rereading a few descriptions of Brienne for artwork reference, I decided to calculate her actual weight and physique to see where she would stand in size compared to Jaime Lannister, just for the heck of it. I included Bobby B. and the Hound for frame-of-reference, and was surprised by the results.

GRRM has stated that “Brienne is taller than Renly and Jaime and is significantly heavier than either.” He states in that same paragraph that she is “a bit shorter than the Hound” and “roughly the same height as Robert [Baratheon].”

The first book states that Robert is “six-and-a-half feet tall”, and his height remains consistent. So Brienne stands at about 6'6" give or take an inch. The Hound is “a bit” taller than her, so I’d put him at 6'9". Brienne is also “a hand higher” than Renly (and presumably Jaime). A hand as a unit of measurement is 4 inches, so Renly and Jaime are roughly 6'2".

Renly Baratheon is described as lean, broad-shouldered, and muscular; large compared to most men, but still “lithe and lean” compared to his older brother (in his heyday, at least). Jaime (prior to his imprisonment) had a similar build. I’d imagine the difference between Renly/Jaime and Robert’s builds is similar to the difference between a quarterback and an offensive lineman. The Hound would have similar proportions to the latter.

The average NFL quarterback is 6'2" and weighs approximately 225 lbs. The average NFL O-lineman is 6'5" and 310 lbs. If we scale the O-lineman down to Jaime/Renly’s est. 6'2" (same as the Q-back), we get 274 lbs. If we scale him up to Sandor’s est. 6'9", we get 360 lbs. This would make Sandor 35 lbs lighter than Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the world-class strongman/actor who plays the Mountain in GOT. Since Sandor is “huge” and “muscled like a bull”, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume he actually is HJB’s weight.

Brienne, in addition to being unobjectively large and having a masculine-shaped body, also has low body fat. Her large, visible musculature (“her thick muscular chest”) and lack of (noticeable) female secondary sex characteristics reinforces this. Logically, the “significant” weight difference between her and Jaime comes from muscle and bone mass, not fat.

Even assuming Brienne is lighter than Bobby B. and we give her the 274 lb mark for the scaled-down O-lineman despite the height difference, that would make her 50 lbs heavier (“significantly heavier”) than Renly and Jaime and put her on par with an average D-linebacker. It would certainly be enough for her neck and shoulders to be distinctively thicker than the latter’s own, and make her large enough to overpower them (and the majority of men) in brute strength while still having good stamina and agility.

So, to summarize:

Renly/Jaime: 6'2" 225 lbs. Has a quarterback’s build.

Robert: 6'6" 310 lbs (in his heyday). Has an offensive lineman’s physique.

Brienne: 6'6" 274. Has a defensive linebacker’s physique. Possibly heavier, considering that she shoved a “boulder the size of a cow” over a cliffside.

The Hound: 6'9" 360-400 lbs. Has either an offensive lineman’s or a strongman’s physique.

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People are seriously discussing that foot being Harry's.. still. I'm so embarrassed

ME truly me. I’m also laffin cause a friend messaged me pics of her own feet this morning taken from an angle like that pic and it looks startlingly similar to Louis’ (ankle size, one foot looking bigger than the other). WHAT CAN YA DO THO I’m just trying to do some yoga breathing and ignoring it as best I can.

Steven Demayo and why human-centric episodes are important/not filler

I know it’s been said before but now I think it bares repeating; human-centric episodes are just as important as plot heavy episodes even if they have little relevance to the plot (because, in the grand scheme of the show, I feel it IS relevant). Like a analysis I reblogged a little earlier noted, ever since the beginning Steven’s been trying to get in touch with his gem half and occasionally getting to hang with humans (from season 1 we had Frybo, Lars and the Cool Kids, Joking Victim, Onion Trade, Beach Party, Island Adventure, Keep Beach City Weird, Horror Club) and I think it’s obvious he needs to spend more time with them to keep in touch with his humanity because he really does think it’s his duty to protect them (hell, in Frybo he says it’s his job). Every once in a while he needs to step back and actually spend some time with them.

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character analysis: STEVE BURNSIDE

“Time moves on for us, for you it stands still. You will be forever ageless as we grow old, your smile will never wrinkle, nor will that shine in your eyes fade.” - Kendal Rob

dedicated to kousuisetsu​


Guys I’m such an idiot and to my defense I made those Valentine’s Day posts when I was really tired but I only just noticed that I wrote Sightseer!Jaune instead of Seer!Jaune so basically it’s a Tourist!Jaune AU now which kind of takes the drama out of it and I’m crying

And the best part is

Y’all reblogged this without fucking correcting me you absolute monsters dkjsadkaslksa

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I AM SHOOK blt-prf made an analysis on that video of jimin hidingin jeongguk's room I didn't actually believe someone was in the room at first but now i just can't unsee it...why are we finding this after so much time passed....why..

i just read and reblogged their analysis bc it shookt me. I just disagree with like 1 thing, and that’s the voice saying “you scared me”. To me it sounds EXACTLY like jimin, and i dont think jungkook would have a reason to say that. but other than that, their analysis voices all of my thoughts exactly and it makes me question everything else we once thought was real (why is this reminding me of 2015 mama when we were all confused that jikook were together according to taehyung, only to get that behind the scenes video a year later 👀👀)… like not pointing fingers but….. two members are in………. love…….. 👀👀

No but consider what the love square would be like dating

I’m imagining Adrien has no idea what the proper amount of affection to be showing in this situation is so he overdoes it and is all clingy and always glomping and massaging Marinette and shit and she’s just like “This works :)”.

I imagine the day after they start dating Marinette starts trying to tell Alya about it but she can’t tell the truth about how it happened because it involves them learning each other’s secret identities so she’s just stammering and trying to come up with a plausible story and Alya’s like “Girl, what’re you trying to say?” and Adrien comes up behind Marinette and glomps her and is like “Hey there, new girlfriend <3 <3 <3″ and Marinette is like “This happened, is what I was trying to say.”

You know what? Someone make me a comic of that.

The post about things you can/cannot reblog/do if you’re a personal:


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* = Those are for BOTH personal and RPers. Just do not rip off my content, thank you!

Thank you.

REBLOG and fill in:

I want A (A.D.) to be:
I think A is:
I don’t want A to be:
I think Spencer has a twin: yes/no
I think Mary is Spencer’s mom: yes/no
I want this character to return:
I don’t want this character to return:
I think this person will die this season:
I think this person is buried by the girls:
I think Mary will turn out to be: good/bad
I think the crazy one is: Jessica/Mary
I think the woman we see now is actually: Mary/Jessica

(If you have any nice question to ask, add!)


Guy’s notice how young Amethyst liked Greg’s hair and how current amethyst has similar hair to young Greg.

And now think back to Maximum Capacity. Amethyst and Greg used to hang out. Greg possibly influencing Amethyst as a person (gem more less). And how jealous Amethyst got because Greg was hanging out with “her” (Rose). It could be possible that maybe in her younger days not only did Amethyst look up to Greg but maybe she had a mini crush on him?

ive been meaning to make this post for a while and i justt.

victoria truly does not care too much about kate. and before you start saying “thats not true!!” let me explain

at the beginning of the game, it is totally realistic that vic is doing it out of insecurity. it seems like it, it looks like it, and it feels pretty believable. but then it gets to episode 2, and kate is on the roof. now, if someone was truly acting out like this to someone to feel better about themselves, they’d realize there that they messed up.

but what does vic do?

she records it.

i want to know what was going through her mind when she saw the girl that she had harassed, bullied, and tormented up on a roof about to jump to her death.

i want to know what goes through her head, after already making a life destroying video about kate, to decide to pull out her phone to get her fall on camera.

later on in episode 4, if kate lives, you visit her in the hopital. now this is the scene where people think that vic regrets what she did, and understandably so. in kate’s hospital room, there’s a letter from victoria.


I know you hate me and you should but I only want to see your smile again. 

Please let me know if you need anything.



first reaction: she regrets what she is done and sorry about it!

but if you take a second look at the letter, she never actually apologizes. she never says the words “I’m sorry”

or even actually references to the idea that she’s sorry about it at all.

personally, if i had ever played any part at all in a scenario like the one that drove kate to death, i would be writing “im sorry”’s every other line. id make sure that person knew how sorry i was. id make sure that person know how awful i felt.

vic, her main harasser, does none of this, and instead points out a short version of “yeah i suck”

later on in episode 4, you have to talk to vic again. this time in the conversation, its very clear that she does not feel like owning up to her obvious mistakes.

this was where it pieced together for me. anyone who genuinely cared about someone’s well being after such a horrible occurrence would own up to just a crucial mistake.

“but it is difficult to say sorry sometimes!”

in a situation like this, an apology is greatly needed. Absolutely needed. victoria knows this, everyone knows this. and not an apology phrased like this:

thats not how you apologize for inadvertently killing/almost killing someone. this whole section of their conversation was filled with dismissive tones, and a seemingly lack of caring about the topic in general on victoria’s part

in the next scene, she even uses kate’s position (that she created) to try and gain more popularity:

these last lines confirmed it for me.

after the all of this was over i had to think about what i had heard and saw. from these things, it pieced together that she had/has no major concern for kate, kate’s feelings, or kate’s safety in general.

and i know many of you are now probably thinking of the scene in episode 5, and i’ll talk about that now.

these girls are in a nightmare position. they’ve been drugged, kidnapped, photographs, and god knows what else.

victoria has every right in the world to cry and be upset and scared. she’s been through a hell that she probably doesnt even remember. she doesnt know if she’s even going to make it out alive.

to tie it in with kate: it took this long and this far for her to realize that she messed up. its when she has no idea if she’ll live or die that she realizes her mistakes with how she treated her, showing like before that this was not her main regret, concern, or worry after a suicide/attempted suicide that she caused.

reviewing all of this, these questions come to mind:

why did she videotape kate? what had she done to vic to make her choose her to lash out against? we know from what we’ve been told that kate has always been quiet, is all for abstinence, and hung out with two people no one else really spoke to (stella and alyssa). from these things you can infer that before the video she probably never even had a conversation with victoria, let alone a reason to be used as a target.

so why her?

in summary/tldr; kate meant nothing to victoria, and was used as a way to lash out her insecurities. she was, and is, nothing more and nothing less to her than that.

okay here we go. lapis lazuli 101 with professor lapi. it makes me sad that this is even necessary for me to write out and post but, y’know, people be dicks.

THIS IS GONNA GET LENGTHY, and i don’t feel like putting it under a read more, so hopefully you have long posts blacklisted or just wanna see this.

                                                                 LAPIS’ BEHAVIOR

it’s clear that, at the very least, lapis has ptsd. there’s probably more sprinkled in there, but for the sake of not making it look like i’m headcanoning her up, let’s just stick with the obvious for now.

ptsd, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental illness that occurs after a traumatizing event such as sexual assault, loss, imprisonment, torture, or war. lapis lazuli has certainly had several traumatic things happen to her, from being thrown into war on accident to being robbed of all agency in her mirror to malachite. people who struggle with ptsd experience extreme anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and uncontrollable thoughts about the event. other symptoms include change in thinking and mood:

  • Negative feelings about yourself or other people
  • Inability to experience positive emotions
  • Feeling emotionally numb
  • Lack of interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Hopelessness about the future
  • Memory problems, including not remembering important aspects of the traumatic event
  • Difficulty maintaining close relationships

and the following changes in emotion:

  • Irritability, angry outbursts or aggressive behavior
  • Always being on guard for danger
  • Overwhelming guilt or shame
  • Self-destructive behavior, such as drinking too much or driving too fast
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Being easily startled or frightened

i don’t know about you guys, but that sure sounds a lot like lapis to me.

now, the thing about being mentally ill is that there are points where all logic and reasonable solutions go away and are replaced by your mental illness. you might suddenly become convinced that everybody hates you despite KNOWING it isn’t true, you might make decisions that you will definitely regret later (cough “we’re malachite now” cough). neurotypical people generally think of moments of high tensions and emotions are where you’re most honest, but for me and other mentally ill people, lapis included? nah. it’s when we’re not ourselves, and we aren’t until we’ve come down and everything has relaxed again.

 there have been very few points where we’ve seen lapis where she ISN’T in distress. when has she been herself, then? that brings me to the next point:

                                            RELATIONSHIP WITH STEVEN

it should be obvious by now that these two are good friends. steven freed lapis from the mirror, and lapis has risked her life several times in order to keep steb safe. she contacted him from homeworld to warn him about peridot’s arrival, she spoke up against jasper to tell her not to hurt him – and what’s the biggest example? oh, right.


steven is the only character we’ve seen lapis being happy, playful, and just herself around. this makes sense, because he’s the only one she trusts – her beach summer fun buddy!

i’ve seen people go off about how she’s probably faking her friendship with steven, but i have to ask – why would she do that? what sort of master plan could she possibly have that would make her want to fool a child? maybe it would’ve made sense a year and a half ago, but since her character has developed, it really doesn’t.

                                                 RELATIONSHIP WITH PERIDOT

lapis has stated herself why she dislikes peridot. peridot is the reason she was dragged back to earth. peridot hurt her, however unintentionally, by treating her like an object, just like everybody else did. i’m not going to go off and claim that peridot was an abuser, but she definitely has contributed to lapis’ issues and her mental breakdown that resulted in malachite.

that aside, peridot basically shoved a trigger into her face, and i’m thoroughly convinced that she had a flashback while describing why she’s taking a break from water for now. peridot refused to leave her alone and give her space, and if you’ve ever had to deal with – i dunno – an annoying younger sibling while in a bad mood, then i’m sure you know how much of a headache that had to be.

however, for what it’s worth, she’s on her way to forgiving everybody’s favorite green bean. there’s room for a friendship to develop there.

                                              RELATIONSHIP WITH JASPER

for some reason, people like to pin all the blame on lapis for the whole malachite situation. but i would like to remind you of how that scene went down in the first place:

it was jasper that manipulated lapis, jasper that grabbed her by the ankle and held her close and coerced her into fusing. lapis just fought back and got revenge to protect steven and finally blow off some steam. and in case people have forgotten, jasper is meant to be the bad guy right now. she’s a fucking villain, the one that isn’t even neutral and will probably be the last to reform if she does at all. this is still a children’s cartoon, and jasper is the villain.


LAPIS IS A MENTALLY ILL ABUSE VICTIM. she isn’t a bad guy and she’s completely justified in behaving the way she does.

and she isn’t going to betray anybody. firstly, she isn’t even affiliated with the crystal gems… and where did you even get that theory? the cliche store?

I make a really funny Game Grumps joke and that explodes and is up to five thousand notes already?  Yeah, that was honestly not outside my expectations

Seneca reblogs a month-old analysis of We Need To Talk’s Rose/Greg dynamic (which had around three hundred notes) and that explodes, currently sitting at four thousand notes?  THAT is a delightful surprise.