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just about your post about how korra and asami only got "those 20 pixels of screen time outside of their final scene" or whatever. this is not aimed at you specifically but all the transparent makorra shippers who have reblogged it. here we go: korra and asami may have gotten just those tiny pixels but did mako and korra interact (on on one) at all in the finale before their final scene? i'll have to watch again but im fairly sure they didn't. and like, yes I agree the ending (1/2)

was rushed and sloppy (even tho it was also cute af) but the buildup was there. if it wasn’t you wouldn’t have had people screaming all throughout book three and four about how korrasami “ARE JUST FREINDZ STOP READING SO MUCH INTO THINGS GOSH” knowing full and damn well had asami been replaced with mako, people would’ve gone into cardiac arrest. heteronormativity is a hell of a drug. (2/2)

omg first let me say i agree with you so much about the makorra shippers reblogging my stuff it’s soooo fucking annoying like they’ve all gone back to only caring about mako/makorra so quickly don’t take my legitimate criticism and apply it to you being unhappy about your ship. don’t pretend you wouldn’t be the ones defending the finale if makorra was endgame.

like my overall point is that neither korrasami nor makorra was in any state to become canon last-minute in the finale. i said this before it was released and i’m saying it now: bryke barely gave the krew any screentime in all of book 4 and that’s why so many people didn’t want a forced romantic ending at all.

the additional argument i’m providing (and this is where i disagree with your 2/2) is that in book 3 when the majority of korrasami development allegedly occurred, bryke consistently one-upped any subtle korrasami moment with an obvious makorra moment. in book 4 they consistently one-upped any hint at korrasami with a sledgehammer of makorra. and even if you argue that makorra was platonic, why have an episode of platonic makorra, which isn’t going to be endgame or the last scene of the show, instead of an episode of “platonic”-aka-everything-but-explicit-romance-because-of-nick korrasami, which desperately required development for the rapidly-approaching finale in which they were going to get together. like the entire Beyond the Wilds episode could have been korra and asami instead of Korra and Mako but as usual bryke pretended asami didn’t exist. five minutes before the korrasami ending they showed mako looking for korra sadly and asami was nowhere to be seen. why couldn’t they have made that be Asami instead? that’s why all these blindly ecstatic korrasami shippers should be furious at bryke like i am, not praising them.

if ur in a fandom with opposing ships and ones a m/f ship and ones a canon f/f ship and u prefer the m/f, maybe dont complain about how bad u think the f/f ship is considering there r like 8 canon ones out there lmao? idc if u prefer the m/f one but like shut the hell up about how u dislike w/e 2 women are dating and think about how rarely they show up and how much fucking m/f shit u can find in literally any piece of media ever in existence

2 Weeks To Makorra Week 2015!

A reminder that Makorra Week 2015 begins June 17, 2015. The themes, as states before, are as follows:

  • Day 1 (June 17): Summer/Breakup/Beginnings
  • Day 2 (June 18): First Date/Lightning/Platonic Soulmates
  • Day 3 (June 19): Fire and Water/Vacation/Battle
  • Day 4 (June 20): Children/Healing/Funeral
  • Day 5 (June 21): Portrait/Workout/Symbols
  • Day 6 (June 22): AU/Secret Tunnels/Trapped
  • Day 7 (June 23): Kiss/Samsara/The Future

Be sure to tag your works #makorraweek so that we can see and reblog them! See you all then!

THE DAY IS ALMOST HERE! Can you believe it’s finally here? We are so damn excited for the first Makorra Gift Exchange and will begin reblogging all the gifts that flow through the tags. We will be reblogging things on a queue as to not bog down your dashes - even though we could all use some Makorra love on our dashes and in the tags. :)

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Basically what happened was that motherofavatars began reblogging a lot of makorra posts which resulted in all the makorra fans who follow her to reblog them as well and it ended up causing this huge makorra night which made all the makorra fans really happy and positive for the first time in months :D

Basically it went like:

But in a fun way.