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Lgtb stuff (mft, genderfluid related mostly)


American Horror Story

Art (photo, drawings and all kind)

Poetry etc.

Harry Potter (I’m a Slytherin)

Music (rock, pop, punk, grunge)


Your thoughts about society, sexism etc..

MY DASHBOARD IS EMPTY ERWWWW… I need to fill it with cool stuff

Reblog if you usually post at least one of these things on your blog, I’lll take a look and follow you. 

Hi, I need more blogs to follow so if you blog these then reblog and I will stalk your blog and maybe follow you

- Twenty One Pilots
- Ed Sheeran
- All Time Low
- Dogs !!!
- Photographs
- Good eyebrows
- Aesthetic stuff
- Nice outfits
- Dylan O'Brien
- Johnny Depp
- Books, movies etc.
- Pretty pics
- Nature
- Sunset photos
- Nice quotes
- I would say one direction but I have already 1d blog lol ( @captainjohvnnv )
- tbh i want active mutuals who i can talk to

following people that post:

(reblog to be followed, u must at least post one of these things, LIKE DOES NOT COUNT)

-aesthetic/all those nice things/selfies/style/clothing 

-cartoons (especially cartoons and tv series for kids from ‘90/ early 2000 or gravity falls, adventure time etc)

-lgtb (trans mostly!)

-mental illness (bpd mostly, i need to follow ppl with my same disease)

-nice photos

-nice places and their culture!!! ( i rly like gb, ireland, germany, russia and all kind of cold places)

-art (your own or of famous artists! i rly like cartoon style also comic style, pixel art, but anything is good. I rly like impressionism and expressionism)

-actors (Al pacino, Dane Dehaan, Robert De Niro, Leonardo Di Caprio, Daniel Radcliffe, Aaron Johnson, Edward Norton, Robert Downey Jr, Evan Peters etc..)

-Harry Potter stuff

-poetry (your own or not)

-Music (Twenty One Pilots, My chemical Romance, Ed Sheeran, Nirvana, Doors, punk stuff- sex pistols, ramones, clash, alarmsignal, rancid etc-, Rock in general- any kind from Queen to Guns n roses LOL, Green Day, All Time Low, old bmth etc:)

-Marvel stuff (avengers, spider man)

Yo guys I have a new tumblr and need to follow people so let me follow you (not in the creepy way)

Hey, I just started out this tumblr and I want to follow cool people. So if you’re cool reblog.

Joking, if you post about 


-Teen Wolf


-Doctor Who

-Game of thrones

-youtubers (dan, phil, carrie, zoe, they are all magical)





-Harry Potter


-The Hunger Games


-a little bit of hipster things because I’m not ashamed

-witty and sarcastic stuff

-cool text posts


-Maze Runner

-TFIOS/ John Green in general

-Grey’s Anatomy




-Deep things that I should cry about but have no soul to do so

-Disney/Universal/Dream Works

-Ed Sheeran



-happy things because I’m depressed

-food porn (just this one kind of porn kids)

-Cool actors (Dylan O'Brien, Bennedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Sharman…)

-Ellen DeGeneres

-Little Mix

-Demi Lovato

-Criminal Minds


-Inspirational movies and quotes


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I also shall follow you if you had the patience to read trough my entire list of favorite things. You are awesome (: