• someone: i don't know, philosophers are kinda pretentious
  • me, lounging on a couch with wine in one hand and a well-worn, century-old greek copy of plato in the other, daintily munching on leibniz butter biscuits as i daydream about being transported into 19th century germany and debating the philosophers who shaped the future in which we now live, brilliant and slightly disdainful of the world around me: why ever would you say that

Full offense LGBT people messing with anti sjws on tumblr aren’t “making people hate the community”…like chances are if you suddenly hate all LGBT people because of a joke on tumblr there’s a large chance you already did anyways!

With tears of pastel pink
in an idle town under a black sky
She found herself married to her demons,
and covered her sadness the same way one
might cover tired eyes.
Pretending the dream is still alive,
she keeps staring at the clock trying to pass time.
Now her throat burns and her eyes sting
because she can’t figure out what she’s missing.
Mascara rain replaces bright eyes,
and the roses only scratched her fingers,
because she was too naïve to know better.
And when she blows out her baby blue candles
she wishes to be naïve again;
to be ignorant to the world she had to meet under
unfortunate circumstances.
A tragedy that doesn't belong to her,
or one she denies the possession of,
she still swears to love a sunset and the stars above the day,
and she’ll tell you the reason she sits so still is
because she’s hoping you’ll stay.

🎁 May 24rd • The Matsuno Brother’s Birthday 🎁

I know “you are valid” has basically become a tumblr meme, but I still promote it. Heck, I’m the “you are valid” queen. I will stand outside your window holding a poster board covered in glitter that reads “YOU ARE VALID!” while screaming loving affirmations through a megaphone. I still believe in the importance of expressing when other people are important to me, I want others to feel loved no matter what it takes. You deserve to be here, you deserve to be affirmed. So I don’t care if I’m a meme, because I just care too much about you.

Cynco is botching so many romance tropes and I love it so much. 

Love at first sight? No first date. Trial by combat.

She won’t admit her feelings? No romantic set-up and leading her into a kiss. She grabs his squishy face in her own two hands and macks on him. The scene set-up is Justice. 

She decides she’s not in the place for flirting right now? No trails of “oh, come ooon” or “but last time”. He steps off like a gentleman and verbally admits his own potential fault.

A rescues B from near-death and they fall off/into something? No landing on each other for a sexy set-up (this time). He falls down a freaking stair case and is given the cinematographic low-ground when he doesn’t thank her right away.