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Heyy guys, finally starting up my first commissions!! Finally summer has given me some free time lol. 

Commission Details:

Payments are done with Paypal

All prices are in USD

  • Neat sketches can be with or without the fill in color
  • Very detailed requests may add on $5 or more depending on the subject
  • NO nsfw
  • NO animals
  • NO complicated backgrounds

pm me or send me an ask (not anonymous) if you’re interested! you can also contact me at

reblogs are much appreciated

graantairee  asked:

Poetry prompt: David and Jonathan

he presses one palm to the center of your chest
saying, here is the wound where the light
bleeds in.
he never tries to pin you beneath him
as if you were a starling meant for dust,

only holds you at night when you need
him to, lets you be the wild river of yourself.
you cup his face in your hands. you the lyre-
mouthed peasant king, he the echo of a prince,

dyed red by unthinking hands. he’s seen you
with giant’s blood under your nails, with myrrh
dripping in the curls of your hair, with the lord
rain-storming behind your human eyes,

& he is not afraid of the death-sharp
point of the lance his father hurls at his heart,
nor missions where he wades alone upstream,
dagger in hand. not afraid of you or this.

once, you massaged olive oil into his adolescent
scrapes; now, by the firelight, as cherubim
watch through the reeds, he kisses
your wrists, sits up to look at you with damp,

shining lips. kadosh, kadosh, kadosh.
how this convening tastes of blessings,
nectar-sweet. how this love floods & floods,

I feel like straight people really aren’t aware of how deeply rooted homophobia is in society. Putting gay, or any LGBT+, characters in media is just seen as a political statement. Being gay is seen as a political statement. Our lives, ignoring any other factor, is just seen as “liberal bullshit”. We can barely see ourselves in the media everyone consumes, and that’s just one factor that alienates us from society and even being seen as human. Kids today are growing up learning from what they read and watch, and excluding gay characters is one of the largest reasons for homophobia, both internal and external. The media is supposed to reflect reality; characters are meant to be related to. And when we fail to see ourselves in what is supposed to be a parallel to our lives, we fail to see ourselves as human. How are we supposed to be proud when we’ve been alienated our whole lives? We grow up hearing about the murders of people like us, we are treated as the punchline in sitcoms, we hear people complaining about pandering when a character is revealed as gay. From a young age we are taught we aren’t supposed to be treated like people. We grow up learning to hate ourselves. Straight people may think we make a big deal of seeing gay characters in media, but for some people it’s all they have to feel normal. It’s a big step for us if a character is gay. For the people who have grown up to feel disgusted with their attraction, the people who feel dirty, the people who have been kicked out of their homes or lost friends from just being, sometimes seeing a cool character who is respected by others that happens to be gay is all we have to feel better about ourselves.

Another thing I’d like to talk about with gay characters in the media is the big “coming out” stories. The only reason we need these big reveals for a character to be gay is people believe by default everyone is straight. Why? Because that’s what we are taught is normal. It has to be a surprise to be gay. Straight people really have no idea how bad homophobia is just because they don’t have to deal with it. They don’t have to worry about their parents hating them for their sexuality. Once again on the whole coming out thing, is that it’s seen as some big event. One of the first things my straight friends will ask once I reveal I’m gay is, “Do your parents accept you?”. They’re so damn eager to find out if my parents actually treat me like a human being. I’m extremely lucky to have parents who aren’t homophobic and instead only occasionally innocently insensitive. But others? They’re abused, physically and emotionally. There are kids kicked out of their homes. Sometimes kids are even killed, by their PARENTS, just for being themselves. Coming out may be just a story for straight people, but for us it’s putting our future in our hands. We are testing to see if the people who say they love us are going to keep our word. We are going to see if our dearly beloved friends and family will still see us as people. Coming out can be terrifying, as this can be the step that causes children to lose their loved ones. And it’s not their fault, but they grow to believe that. “If I wasn’t gay, they wouldn’t hate me. I’m wrong,” Is what they believe. The only reason we fucking need pride parades and pride month is to convince ourselves we aren’t monsters. The reason we need to constantly say “Wow i’m so glad to be gay” is to convince ourselves that it’s true. We are just trying to fight off all this internalized hate towards ourselves, and yet straight people still speak over us and our issues, which they are causing.

Basically straight people need to calm the fuck down and shut their mouth and let LGBT+ people see themselves in the media, because you have no idea what an impact that can have on people.

Guys this is URGENT!! I need you all to spam every possible social media account you have with news of this project. I apologize for my stupid mistake but I know that this fandom is amazing and can still pull this off.

If you want your name added message me now! If you’ve been involved in my past projects from the other girls send me a message saying you want to be included again! I may go and look through and add your name if you’ve participated in the others so if that’s the case please just be aware. When you post this please make sure to @ me so people know who to contact!!.

Operation Birthday Surprise for Lauren is in full effect!! As Lauren would say “We can still kill this shit”!


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Not to start the discourse or anything but I hate seeing posts, mostly made by goyim, where they use past Jewish plight, particularly the Holocaust, as a means to articulate the current plight of other marginalized communities. Mainly because most of these people are silent on any current antisemitism. An example is the abusive friend that I just finally was able to cut out of my life who would talk on and on during the US election about how much like the Holocaust everything was but then told me to my Jewish face that “antisemitism isn’t really an issue anymore.” Like there are legit Nazis in command of our country but y'all still want to talk about antisemitism as an invention of the past? Nah.

@ people embarrassed of ahl

without it we wouldn’t have:
-chim chim
-turn up
-jimin ready to beat a 14 year old white kid
-international playboy jungkook shitting his pants while filming with girls
-$3 dollars
-namjoon teaching jimin “let’s not give a fuck”
-do you know annyeonghaseyo?
-this is my shiteu
-2seok meditating
-jiminie pabo!!
-what the hell?
-tae ruining every interview by knocking something over
-yoongi buying the kids ice cream :’)
-jungkook’s iron man socks


URGENT my Etsy shop is dying, after I spent weeks working on bringing my stomach jewelry to life for autistic people just like me. I have barely made any money in the last week and it seems like my Etsy shop is failing completely. I make stomach earrings, necklaces you can spin and chew and stretch and squish, stomach bracelets, and soft necklaces and bracelets.
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