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This is dedicated to the handful of us that likes Kirishin what is rarepair hell

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there’s so few of us I can tag them all jfc (thanks rama for introducing me to it)

bonus (based on @kirishiiman‘s comic):


can you spot the difference? @xsadcorelolita (they just blocked me lol)

“your edit” that you claimed to have changed the saturation on it is so slight you can barely tell. you didn’t even credit the OP @andsewfortoday where you can find their original post here.

please stop trying to kid yourself. you’re a reposter. you don’t credit people. your whole blog is reposts. even if you are “editing” these images, which you barely are, you should at the very least source where you got them so the OP gets credit.

plz no one reblog from this person.

thepinesfamilyisprecious  asked:

I'm new to Tumblr and I have a question- I'm a bit confused between reblog and repost. Is reblog when you press the button that's the two arrows and then it says who the source is, and repost is when you save the photo and then repost so it doesn't show the source? I'm asking because some posts confuse me with reblog but not repost

First of all, welcome to tumblr!! I hope you have a positive experience here :) As to your Ask, great question! You’re exactly right.

A REBLOG (or a retweet on Twitter, or a share on Facebook), is a way of sharing art that helps support the artist. When you reblog, 
- you increase the artist’s exposure (since your followers see it)
- you boost the artist higher up search results by increasing the notes on a post
- you make it possible for people to find, follow, and interact with the original artist (since a reblog always links back to the original, and notifies the artist when people comment, add tags, etc.). Reblogs (and retweets or shares) are what the website was designed for. They’re a 100% legit way to support an artist and show their art to others. Reblogs are great, and artists appreciate them!

Reposting, however, is stealing. A REPOST is when someone downloads an artist’s work and then uploads that work as a new post on their own account (almost always without the actual artist’s permission or even knowledge). Reposters/art thieves do this for a number of reasons that I won’t go into (basically, just read this if you want to know why reposting is a crappy thing to do). When you repost, you
- break the law
- violate tumblr’s (and most other websites’) Terms of Service
- cut an artist off from discourse about their work
- make it difficult for people to find the original artist
- rob the artist of credit, notes, views, followers, etc.
- discourage artists from making art
Even if you link back to the original or say ‘credit to the artist lololol’ (JERKS), it is both immoral and illegal to repost someone’s work without their EXPRESS, SPECIFIC PERMISSION.

You should always reblog, not repost. I hope that clears things up.

reposts: BAD
reblogs/retweets/etc.: GOOD
(from the original artist; make sure you aren’t retweeting a repost)