Please help, 16 about to be homeless

Hi, im sorry to bother everyone with these types of posts but i am in a very deep hole and need help. I live with my mom and younger sister, 2 cats and dog, and we are about to be kicked out of our house. We have nowhere else to go and no money, my mom is over 500$ in debt meaning she has to give the bank 500$ to get to 0$. I recently quit my job because i was not being treated fairly or with respect by the people in charge, but if i knew about the situation sooner i would have never left. I have been activley going out getting job applications and i am currently waiting for a reply and trying my hardest to make as much money as I can. We are living in our grandparents house now, they recently passed but gave us the house because we could not afford to be living where we were before, and it turns out that there were a lot of unpaid ‘fines/bills’ that the current house owner is now responsible for. I’m not sure of every detail of the situation because i am a minor but am trying to explain the best i can. The reason this has only come up now is because my mom, was told the fines were taken care of (by a family member) We then had everything looked into (yes, by a lawyer)  which gave us some time but not enough, and it turns out we are responsible. We have no where to go and even if we find somewhere, we have no where to keep our pets, they are loved members of this family and i do not want to leave them behind. 

I am trying my hardest to get the money and so is my mom, we are doing everything we can and i am just asking for some help. If anyone is able to donate to my paypal @ SKADUCK1999@GMAIL.COM - or the donate button on my blog- it would be very very very much appriciated, anything helps even one dollar. We have gotten out of these types of money issues before but this time im afraid we’re screwed. 

We need about 700$ before the 5th of October - which is less than 10 days. I appriciate any type of help or encouraging words and I am very sorry to ask for help with something like this, I just can’t risk anything. I don’t expect to have that much in donations, i’m just trying to give an idea of the situation. Anything helps and thank you for reading 


i’m in need of your help !!

heya, pearloffendedbythings mod here.

i really, really didn’t want to resort to this, but a bit of a situation has come up. it seems that my roommates and i are on the verge of losing our apartment; one of my roommates lost his job back in july and has been looking for another for a few months now, but he hasn’t had any luck. i bring in a little bit with my commissions and my other roommate currently works two jobs.. but it’s still not enough to cover the gap.

we are currently $600 short on rent which is due october 1st, and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to make it to next month.

if you could donate even a little bit to our cause, the three of us would be eternally grateful.. and i can keep making Quality Pearl Shitposts. i promise i’ll make it up to you guys, and i’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!!

donation page!!

i have also added a donation button to the blog for easy access.
thank you so much!!!

i just saw another messy ass post on my fucking dash making fun of a blogger that’s like 12-14 years old about having an “emo OC” and im so fucking tired.

@ 18+ people– stop fucking harassing kids. let them be kids. don’t fucking stalk or harass kids. be nice to them. they are kids. don’t expect a 13 year old to be as mature and knowledgeable as a 23 year old, and stop holding them to the same fucking standards

~ sincerely, a kid.


i made a short film as a part of my HSC visual arts body of work!