Hi there!

Personally, I really like to try and find ways to aid the community and world around me but sometimes it feels really hard to help people because of inaccessibility or my personal social anxiety.  That’s why I really love the website Free Rice ( where you answer academic questions and every correct answer donates 10 grains of rice to those in need.  

I find myself doing this during study or pomodoro breaks or when I have some down time during class, so I wanted to propose it to all y’all studyblrs who may want to do something charitable during a break.  It’s also really great because there are so many topics it asks questions on, it honestly has helped improve my personal vocab so much!

With this I also decided to create a group on freerice for the Studyblr community so we can see our collective impact!  So if you decide to do Free Rice during your free time please join Studyblrs Fight Hunger! Here is a link to the group page:  

I would really love for you guys to join and help those who are hungry with me!  Note:  Even though the group title does say “studyblr” it does not matter if anyone joining is a studyblr or even has a tumblr blog whatsoever.  I just wanted to create a group for many of us on here to join and make a difference from our computer screens while learning new things!

Please reblog and share this so more people can get the message and join the group!  I know I’m not a big studyblr at all, but I want this idea to be able to spread around the community!

Reblog if it’s okay for me to write fan fiction about your characters

Since I see the post about drawing other’s characters going around, I wanted to see if writing would be okay too!


Dean and Castiel - Wings

Hope you like it :)