This user on Instagram has been horribly abusing animals and posting videos of it on their Instagram account @b.u.t.t_v9 PLEASE REPORT THEM NOW AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE! Do yourself a favor and DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEOS, they are extremely graphic and disturbing as I found out when j made the mistake of watching them. I feel so sick after seeing this, we need to stop sick people like this. 



To all my fly Queens out there. “Melanin Monroe” merchandise coming soon! 😍🍫👑 I’m giving away the first hat to the winner of the #MelaninMonroeChallenge. Post your dopest selfies & hashtag “Melanin Monroe.” DON’T FORGET TO TAG ME! 😏 The winner will get featured on my page! Let’s start this trend! Stay royal. 💖

We’ve got a tumblr and we retumble things that you tumble because we’re really into tumblr…

Rhett Mclaughlin (GMM 377)

They should replace ‘reblog’ with ‘retumble’, it definitely should be a word.

Guys…this isn’t okay :(

A lot of fans have put in tons of effort and hours for these sign and costumes.

I’m going to this concert on the 13th of June…and have been to Taylor Swift concerts in the past…and it’s part of the experience to see people get so excited with their signs and outfits.

If you guys could reblog this so it gains attention and possibly gets to taylorswift that would mean so much and help out a lot of fans who are going!

taylorswift tree-paine


Dramione modern aesthetics: Summer

Draco, I was thinking that will be gone soon. This really is our last summer, isn’t it? What are you talking about, Granger? There’s still next year, and the year after. And the year after that, and the year after that, too! As long as we live, we still have plenty more summers ahead!