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Arctic Monkeys Asks

1. What was the first Arctic Monkeys song you heard?
2. What was the first Arctic Monkeys album you brought?
3. What was the last Arctic Monkeys song you listened to?
4. Have you ever seen Arctic Monkeys live?
5. Have you ever met any of the members?
6. What do you think their next album will sound like?

Songs and Albums
Favourite Arctic Monkeys song?
8. Favourite Arctic Monkeys album?
9. Favourite album era?
10. Least favourite Arctic Monkeys song?
11. Least Favourite Arctic Monkeys album?
12. Least Favourite album era?

13. Favourite song off AM?
14. Least favourite song off AM?
15. Favourite song off Suck It And See?
16. Least favourite song off Suck It And See?
17. Favourite song off Humbug?
18. Least favourite song off Humbug?
19. Favourite song off Favourite Worst Nightmare?
20. Least favourite song off Favourite Worst Nightmare?
21. Favourite song off Whatever People Say I Am…?
22. Least favourite song off Whatever People Say I Am…?

23. Favourite album/ single artwork?
24. Favourite b-side?
25. Least favourite b-side?
26. Favourite music video?
27. Favourite lyric?
28. Song that always gets stuck in your head?

29. Favourite band member?
30. Favourite Alex hair style?
31. Favourite Jamie hair style?
32. Favourite Matt hair style?
33. Favourite Nick hair style?
34. Favourite Alex fashion/ outfit?
35. Favourite Jamie fashion/ outfit?
36. Favourite Matt fashion/ outfit?
37. Favourite Nick fashion/ outfit?

38. Funniest Arctic Monkeys moment?
39. Favourite live performance?
40. Favourite interview?
41. Are you a fan of The Last Shadow Puppets?
42. Do you ship Milex?
43. Do you have any other Arctic Monkeys ships?
44. Do you know how to play any Arctic Monkeys songs on any instruments?
45. Would you like the Arctic Monkeys to collab with anyone? who?

46. What other bands do you listen to?
47. Favourite non-Arctic Monkeys band?
48. Favourite non-Arctic Monkeys band member?
49. Favourite non-Arctic Monkeys song?

50(5). Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?