asian-vanillaicecream asked:

Can you also "like" my stuff, senpai? ^w^ I mean, I can understand if there's a reason why you don't press the other button.

To be honest, my dearest kohai, i don’t tend to see a point in a like button… I can understand wanting recognition, but I hardly ever like things, and it’s usually only for future reference if i do. The thing is, while a like may give you one note, a reblog is even more effective, and it gives your work more exposure. More exposure means more comments, more likes and more reblargs! This is why i don’t see a purpose in liking; it just doesn’t get out there. Nobody’s going to look in a guy’s “Liked Posts”, people just don’t have the time, or they do have the time and just can’t be arsed.


Krazy999 still hasn’t stopped being wonderful, at the very least.