just witnessed the most pointless slapfight on here it was like

‘the babadook is an exclusionist’

'the babadook loves aces actually’

'no he doesn’t think cishets are lgbt’

'no he’s a gay ace inclusionist’

etc etc etc

no discussing or even ARGUING over actual ideas. no attempts to say or do anything meaningful or change each other’s minds. no consideration to how we can help vulnerable populations. just a useless back and forth over a fucking fictional character that reads like a couple of elementary schoolers’ 'am not are too’ fighting.

this is like a solid 70% of what discourse on this website is. just useless ego stroking with no actual engagement and no purpose other than to make ourselves feel smug for the 8 seconds it takes to type out a snarky reply. what’s the point. literally what is the point. what are we doing

Blog update June 10th

Hello, my guys!

I would love if you could read this, since is a pretty important update for my blog:

  • I did a massive cleaning of posts in my blog. Means that there are not longer “aesthetic” posts (art/places/clothes) etc, since they don’t have a purpose anymore. I have two sideblogs for that now (if you want to know them, ask me and I can send them for you)
  • My blog will be exclusive (at least I would try…) for videogames  and also you will be probably find a little of aesthetic, but not as before. (Probably personal aesthetic for things that I like)
  • People that follow me from really long time (2014/2015) now that I was being called Anael, but honestly, I don’t feel any attachment with the name anymore. So, I would love if you can refer me as Lou (My real name) or Misha (for peeps that would like to call me like that) 
  • Eventually I will change my whole theme and pages, and it will take some time, because I’m kinda slow to find a good theme that I like.
  • At the end of them month I will be able to make the requests/art trades that I owe (hopefully), I feel sorry that I couldn’t make them but college has been really intense (because this and the next year are my last ones)
  • I will change my personal tag (anael.text) soon, but I have to think in something for replace it.
  • I’m still checking my posts were I ask for follow people, because, I honestly deleted more than the 80% of my blog posts, so definitely I need to follow more people soon.
  • I’m considering in changing  my url, but not sure, since it would be probably a huge change and I’m kinda happy with my actual url.

If you have an ask about the whole update you can ask me, or any suggestions would be cool. Since I remember that someone asked me for a general tag for edits, so if you are reading this, I’m still waiting for your suggestion, sweet anon. 

someone: *posts a bunch of great screencaps of the giant blu wife*
me: YES!!!! quality content. time to rebl–
caption on the same post: listen assholes BD is a perfect cinnamon roll who did nothing wrong!!!! shes a precious baby and dont you dare call her a villain!!!!