Pluto in the 12th house / Scorpio on the 12th house cusp

First thing first, I found important revising what Pluto (and consequently, it’s ruler Scorpio) stands for. The farthest planet in the Solar System is the one of power. If you think about it, it makes sense: the desire for power comes from a deep, dark place of ourselves; it has a subtle, but intense energy, unnoticably streaming into our mind. It provides us with strength of will, being the higher octave of Mars, and as such, it is collective. Extremes is they keyword, it moves between good and bad, one pole than another, and it is rarely met halfway. Sometimes, these extremes are present at the very same time, living together in one person, in perfect harmony. Taking all into consideration, it’s not a suprise that it’s Scorpio’s ruler and is exalted in Leo, with the rulership over the 8th house.
Its position in a chart shows where the chart holder must transform, sometimes cruelly being forced to do so. It’s a part of life where one will search for the ultimate truth and meaning, maybe because of the before-mentioned change, which is caused by upheavals, power struggles and issues of control and vice versa. The chart holder is very driven with that area the house symbolizes, nevertheless, as it is coloured with sheer intensity, passion and obsession, fear, loss and betrayal.

There are many recurring traits of the 12th house and Pluto (Scorpio). Pluto is the planet of death and rebirt, and it is symbolized by the 12th house as well. It rules obsession and compulsion which is inevitably connected to addiction (there is also an inviting addiction to power). The small dwarf planet is also given the rulership over the underworld and everything undercover, and while not entirely the same, the 12th house symbolizes what is hidden and secret. Similarly, Pluto’s intensity blossoms in taboos, and whatever in in the last house or on the cusp of it is considered to be similar. Both placements indicate our shadow in the chart. They represent those things that are buried deep and needed to be brought to light.

Pluto in the 12th house / Scorpio on the 12th house cusp
Hades, in my opinion, represents this placement very well. Whatever is in the 12th house is hidden, but ironically finds it’s way to filter through the appereance. We might repress the given part of ourselves, but others easily recognize it from afar (it’s the last house before the Ascendant, afterall). The Lord of Underworld is usually referred to as ‘unseen’, however, no human ever questioned its existence.
A person with Pluto in the 12th house / Scorpio on the 12th house cusp is deeply private; so much, in fact, that they appear shy, light-hearted and superficial, with a touch of dreaminess. However, they have very complex emotions and subconscious, but they repress them to gain control over their being. This is meant to cover their weakness from the rest of the world. Maybe this comes from earlier experiences which left them with confidence issues, and those of deep sensitivity and needs are prone to be let down. They are afraid of this intensity and the primal part of mankind - in themselves.
Ironically, this is what fascinates them so much about others: instinctual drives and pulsating instensity, so they might develop interest in secrets, the underworld and the uncoscious.
Their instincts are on point as well, which is not a suprise with the above mentioned. They will sort out when someone’s lying, reading between the lines and find time to analyze. They are perceptive almost to the point to be called psychic, while they 'scout’ the hidden life of the ones surrounding them. But they won’t just stop there, they must know the solution, and with that drive, their uncoscious can whisper the solution to mysteries. With this clear-sighted investigativeness they would do well as detectives.
We mentioned power before and this is where the issues come from for a person with such chart. The 12th house representing karma, these struggles could spring from past life attitude. Whenever the attribute falling into this house is expressed, it generated some kind of disturbance, disapproval. A 12th house plutonian will refuse to take control in fear of it. They let themselves become helpless, unable to take the lead in their lives, creating the exact opposite situation Pluto and Scorpio strives for. They aren’t persuasive, or won’t even ask for what they want.
All of the above will lead them to people with the worst personalities or at the worst possible times. Yes, these are demons to deal with, and when one won’t face them in themselves, it will be mirrored by the ones around them. They wish to help humanity so deeply, they end up in self-destructive plots, but, nevertheless, they will always survive. The pain experienced triggers cycles of transformation which can bring about suprising growth. They have the power to do great good, and their imagination is limitless (I imagine the 12th house as the endless ocean, and with Pluto/Scorpio, its depth is never-ending as well).
When it comes to dreams, they are of extremes, they either have powerful ones (even clairvoyant), or none at all. Medically they might face unseen health problems especially on the part of the reproductive system or mineral disposition. They also have to watch for obsessive tendencies, addiction or escapism.

Learn to delve into the depths of your being. When you dissolve the ghosts from the past and cope with enemies, they will cease to haunt you in your dreams and you can evolve, come out stronger. You can transform old fears into hopes and dreams; it’s only the question of viewpoint sometimes. A certain optimism might be needed to help through trying times, but never close your eyes for the positive parts of life.
You crave silent moments and there’s nothing wrong with that. Use this time to examine your knowledge and skills at the present, or you can study psychology, psychoanalizys, dream interpretation or other methods of uncovering secrets, even astrology, so to ease your thirst for unmasking and get to know yourself. Accept and bring the repressed parts to the surface thus integrating it to your conscious being.
As the higher octave of Mars, Pluto represents a primal energy (and Scorpio is ruled by Mars) which can be re-enfused with sports and Martial art. These are also placements of sexuality, so don’t shy away from fantasies or exploring yourself. Maybe reading about taboos will calm your concerns as with such analytical mind you must begin to understand that this is part of nature and only in such sterile society it is considered otherwise. There is nothing wrong with masturbation, there’s nothing wrong with sex, let alone sexual fantasies.
Your life is in your hands, don’t just go with the flow! We must have some control over our lives. However disgusting manipulation sounds to you, you might just have the taste for it, and sometimes, it simply means to take a little effor and express what you want or feel. And, boy, you have an enormous energy which, when directed towards a goal, can move mountains. Jobs like researcher require that type of passion and focus, but so does a detective. Your eagle like eye can spot the finest detail, seeing into the soul of any. You could work in mental health or be the kindest of counselors, offering sympathy and guidance to the ones in need.
You only have to figure out what you want. And not be afraid of wanting it.

My apologise for interrupting your little soirée, children, the necessity for tiresome public rudeness is one of burdens I was forced to shoulder when I became custodian of this peerless city. I can assure you that scheduled events will proceed momentarily.
‘NARTHELLYON! You stand accused!


The tyrant’s visage appeared again, leering at the carnage with a cruel smile on his lips.
'Such a shame,’ the glacial tones said without any hint of regret. 'Now shall have to wait to rebirt Naarthellyon before we can have any fun together. Enjoy the rest of your event, Xelian, I do hope I didn’t disrupt things too mutch.

—  Asdrubael Vect from Dark Eldar