been thinking abt ethics in being an astrologer, how i keep coming to to a point where radical authenticity seems to b the key, along w taking responsibility to nourish ourselves & be actively working on our unconscious shadow aspects & self awareness. we need to take care or each other & create community & family. how can we be useful practitioners if we arent working on our shit, its so toxic to not b aware of our shadow projection when it comes to working w clients in a deeply vulnerable dynamic. it is time for us to really focus on the tru qualities of the archetypes and compassionately consider the ways trauma plays into the various expressions of the signs and planets. i feel shame and guilt and obligation to be making posts/doing readings when my mental health is suffering. it feel inauthentic and potentially harmful to both myself and readers/clients. im intentionally working on breaking a pattern of withdrawing & being afraid to admit where im at & deep insecurities abt the insight i offer. it gives me such joy and elevation to share the mesages/lessons of the stars. i want to put more of myself/experience/vulnerability into this work and acknowledge openness and desire for connection r key parts to wanting community and support within especially this wave of young radical astrologers i admire so much. vulnerable astrology authentic astrology unifying astrology (my heavily aspected leo moon in 11th calling out in lil soft sad roars)


So why shouldnt we start overrrrr again….