rebirth ragnarok online

Won't be on here as much

Tumblr takes TOO much time away from your life. I’ve got no spare time for tumblr. I’ve already started to stop slowly. I’ll be here popping up once and a while and probably update or post, but I won’t be profusely active like before. If I were to be highly active again it would probably be because school started and I have absolutely nothing else to do.

However I’m still going to be gaming like hell. You can get in contact with me through gaming, I’m definitely online!

- - - - - - x

If you play RebirthRO, PM/mail me! My IGNs are :

Winter Heat - My main, max High Priest! ♥

Siyafune - Second main, if I’m not on Winter Heat, you’ll definitely see me here, trying to max Super Novice! :3 ♥

You’ll probably see me on main chat here and there! ♥

League :

KirkyonDESU - Main

No Hacks Needed - Noob/trolling

Skype : iblueremix1. I’m nearly online 24/7.

Aim : i3sidedxdice

Other than that, Facebook me. C'mon now, you all can find my name somewhere around my tumblr.

Also, whoever has my phone number, call or text whenever. If anyone else wants it to talk, I’ll be glad to give it to you.

Also, feel free to leave messages if anything. I’ll read em eventually!

Jeez I’m taking this a little too seriously. I act like I’m going forever. Whatever, this isn’t a good bye, it’s just a See ya later! ♥

- Kai