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A Letter to Rebel Yuth

Dear Rebel Yuth - Illustrator (John Ryan Speed, Horsham) , 

This is a definition of respect:

I would like to point out your complete lack of this for fellow illustrators using two examples. 

1. Josh Parkin - Josh Parky Art

I don’t know this illustrator on a personal level, but I like his style. It is evident from looking at your work that you have tried to copy him on numerous occasions. Not just in terms of content (Action Bronson, Adidas etc) but also in look (although not executed particularly well at all). 

I would like to do a colab with Josh Parkin at some point, so I tweeted him. On seeing this tweet your reply to my brother was:

Why does you brother want to work with that fat northern cunt…”

as well as something along the lines of 

‘people are just mad because i’m going places…’

Probably one of the most delusional and self obsessed things I have ever seen. There is no need to become offensive to other people who are also working in the same creative field as you. 

1. EDDY.

EDDY is an illustrator / sign painter and, incase you have forgotten, he is also my brother.

After University you decided to make a verbal agreement to go into partnership (yes, partnership) with EDDY to form LASTROYALSCLUB. 

The concept was strong and so were the designs (because they were primarily EDDY’s and not yours. I’m not being bias because he is my brother, a simple glance at your illustrative efforts on instagram will back me up on this). Negligence on your side of the partnership meant that EDDY coughed up your share to get some T-shirts made. (50% EDDY’s designs and 50% your designs - which absolutely baffles me).

Anyway, this is where it gets personal. The point is the money EDDY used was given to him by our Grandparents, it was not an investment for LASTROYALSCLUB what so ever.

EDDY, as a good friend, put in your share to LASTROYALSCLUB. It was a loan and NOT a grant. The fact that EDDY had to work a gruelling bar job was not an indication for you to become lazy and not pay him back. Adding insult to injury was the amount of times you stayed at our house whilst you were working for Universal Works (it doesn’t take an economics genius to work out by not paying rent and earning money you would be doing fairly well financially) 

When EDDY decided to leave the bar he was working at for a year and pursue his dreams, he really needed you to repay your fair share.Seeing a younger sibling suffer because of the actions of a supposed friend is incredibly upsetting and infuriating at the same time. 

Failure to acknowledge this debt is outrageous , not to mention your complete absence of empathy towards struggling artists. 

I know EDDY will never see that money again.

You should be ashamed and embarrassed that you have prioritised money over friendship.

I will be sending this around to appropriate people and I hope your future clients approach you with caution.  

Yours Sincerely, 

Dan Bennett

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