rebelwilsns asked for: "Helen/Will kissing"

It’s ten minutes, or perhaps fifteen into Will knowing that Magnus is alive and well. Ten minutes before he gathers all his wandering, lost courage, and frames her face with his hands and just plants on one her. He doesn’t mean for it to be bruising, or even that romantic. It’s an “I missed you” kind of kiss. A “you’re alive” kind of kiss.

The kind of kiss that tells the other that what they did was really, really stupid and should never do it again.

He doesn’t really have to worry about that though. Magnus’ cheeks are bright pink and her dimples are showing. Magnus isn’t going anywhere. Not for a very long time.


well, well, well!

Question from ecaskett :

1. What is your favorite show ?
->What kind of question is that ?!  Currently, it must be Once Upon a Time but The Doctor is in my heart forever… Doctor Who it is then ! 

2. What’s something you could do ALLL day long? (other than tumblr)
->hum… read, sleep and watch tv/series/films. 

3. When have you started to use tumblr ?
->… nine month ago or maybe more. I don’t know time flies when you’re on tumblr ;)

4. Have you ever discover a song thanks to tumblr ?
-> yees ! A lot ! “All I want for christmas is who” for example, but my favorite so far  is “Undeniable” by Matt Kearney 

5. In another life, what would you do that you can’t here ?
-> fight zombies ? Use magic !  and travel with the Doctor *-* More realistic things : buy Mrs Z. a new cat. 

6. Have you any guilty pleasure(s) ?
-> Does eating chocolate with tuc at 3 am count as one ? 

7. What make you feel better when you are in da’ bad mood ?
->eat. (pray. love.) other than that, a hug from mummy I guess, listening to cheery songs and talk to some friends. Go on 9gag or Idiotsonfacebook.

8. What’s your favourite colour? Why?
->green. to annoy you.  

9. Do you think my questions are annoying ? looool
->I don’t really know. Maybe, perhaps. Mayhaps :p

Question from notevenaproperword :
1. Who is your favorite character ever ? (all fandoms)
2. What cartoons do use to watch as a child ?
3. Favorite book so far ?
4. Among all of your ships, which is the one you always go back to ? 
5. How did you find tumblr the first time ? 
6. What are you able to say in french ? (or any other languages that aren’t english)
7. If there was a film on your life who do you think should play your role ?
8. Favorite band/singer ?
9. Who do you look up to ? 
10. What weather is it now ? 
11. Do you like hugs ?