rebels are queens

Trying to get my friend to read my favourite book so I can discuss it with them

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“ ‘Purple sparks?’ Rafe says, grinning. ‘Nice.’
I flicker between the unnatural colors on their heads, smirking.
Green, blue, white locks.
’ I have no plans to dye my hair’ ”

Electricons (Red Queen)

I post this slightly different version of the meme because nobody had posted it before. I know the show isn’t about Royals and Rebels anymore but I really wanted to see a chart like this 😝. It is based only on their behaving on the wepisodes, not the bios. Feel free to discuss if you agree or not 😊


Jaha and Clarke underestimating Abby. Like they locked Bellamy up. No one considered locking up Abby or even assigning a guard to watch her? Big mistake.

You know who would never have underestimated Abby Griffin’s ability to fuck shit up when she doesn’t agree with whoever’s in charge?

The guy on the other side of the door.

Marcus ‘Abby will come through’ Kane would never. He knows his precious rebel wife thank you very much.