Real talk how do Togruta wear their Jedi robes? Of course Ahsoka can through the series because her montrals and lekku aren’t fully grown but if you look at Shaak Ti

I mean look at her lekku! she can’t wear that hood! Maybe she can move it to one side? Or tuck it in? But then theres another problem

Those montrals! Does she wear the hood on top of her montrals? Does she cut out little holes at the top of her robes? Either one would definitely ruin the intended aesthetic. So how does that work? Do Jedi who don’t have the physical appearance to fit into the Jedi look just sit around and be sour that they can’t use their hoods? Am I missing something?


Sabine Ezra and Kanan jump!

Catch us if you can

I’ve always liked how closely the symbols of the Jedi Order and the Rebel Alliance resembled each other, and I have this headcanon that after the rebellion started to gain traction, some of the straggling Jedi left in the galaxy came out of hiding (Kanan, lookin’ at you) to make their final stand against the Empire. Maybe a few of them started embellishing the Rebels’ graffiti with their own taunts.

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Sidon Ithano, nicknamed the “Crimson Corsair,” the “Blood Buccaneer,” and the “Red Raider,” was a male Delphidian pirate in the Outer Rim Territories in the decades after the Galactic Civil War. Ithano, who wore a distinctive red Kaleesh mask, led a crew of pirates and gained a reputation as the best pirate in the region. He and his crew discovered a downed Separatist ship from the Clone Wars and raided it under the assumption that they would find valuable kyber crystals that once belonged to Count Dooku, but instead they found a Galactic Republic clone trooper named Kix who had been frozen in stasis—along with the location of former Separatist bases.