LIBERIA. Tubmanburg. June 23, 2003. “Black Diamond”, (in the yellow t-shirt) a notorious and tough woman fighter with LURD, poses with other women fighters before setting off for an attack on the capital Monrovia. Second Liberian Civil War (1999-2003).

Photograph: Tim Hetherington/Magnum Photos


From humorous vines to lovely DIYs, I have search far and wide for the greatest video on the holy land for video: Youtube. If you are like me, you find enjoyment in the beauty that is Star Wars, the most iconic film franchise of all time. The odds of finding a video that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Star Wars and the reason for its universal love is incredibly slim, however, today I have had the blessing to view such an edit that will make any fan of Star Wars (or anybody for that matter) cry. Behold, The Complete Star Wars Saga Trailer, my favourite video on the internet.


Vader is Vader and Anakin is Anakin so you are kind of right to refer to them as two other people but they are the same person, it’s very tricky. But Vader is kind of unrepentant and wants to destroy her, there is nothing else he wants more. Anakin is deep buried inside.”   

LIBERIA. Tubmanburg. June 16, 2003. In an abandoned house, a scene from the fall of man lies drawn on the wall while a LURD fighter stands guard in the doorway. Siege of Monrovia (2003). Second Liberian Civil War (1999-2003).

Photograph: Tim Hetherington/Magnum Photos