i’m finally watching rebels and honestly it healed me

a+ poc characters

a+ representation of a healthy relationship

a+ support, friendship and political complexity

but like where was sabine my whole life if 7 year old me knew there was a badass star wars girl that liked purple i woulda lost my goddamn shit

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Some SWR doodles from today! I’ve been wanting to draw Hera for a while and finally got around to it, I have to say she’s pretty fun to draw! And then @cyanvaractyl and I have been screaming about Loth Cats for the past few days and I finally got around to drawing one! She draws them so well I referenced her drawings of them to get mine to look cute haha xD

Art c) @aceofstars16/ @aces-creative-corner

SYRIA. Aleppo governorate. Al-Rai. September 26, 2016. A rebel fighter of Al-Sultan Murad brigade arranges weapons inside a warehouse in the northern Syrian rebel-controlled town.

The Sultan Murad brigade is an armed rebel group created around a common Syrian Turkmen identity. They are aligned with the Syrian opposition, part of the Free Syrian Army and are heavily supported by Turkey (funding, military training, artillery and aerial support. They are the most notable group among Syrian Turkmen Brigades supported by Turkey.

Photograph: Khalil Ashawi/Reuters


Vader is Vader and Anakin is Anakin so you are kind of right to refer to them as two other people but they are the same person, it’s very tricky. But Vader is kind of unrepentant and wants to destroy her, there is nothing else he wants more. Anakin is deep buried inside.”   

LIBERIA. Monrovia. June 25, 2003. One of the most influencial weapons in the rebel forces are the 12.7 belt-fed anti-aircraft guns, mounted onto the backs of pick-up trucks. LURD forces advance on the capital during the Siege of Monrovia (2003). Second Liberian Civil War (1999-2003).

Photograph: Tim Hetherington/Magnum Photos

Ahsoka stands as a great character with a complete arc in her own right; she is much more than merely a plot device for Anakin, and it’s well worth your time to get acquainted with her. However, for viewers familiar only with Anakin’s journey from the films, she perhaps more than anyone else—Obi-Wan, Padme, Palpatine—brings balance to the Force by creating the necessary foil for his growth. Get to know Ahsoka, and by the end of it, you’ll like Anakin a hell of a lot more, and you’ll also understand why Ahsoka’s return in Rebels brought many fans to tears.