Breathe : Poe Dameron

      You reached up, wiping the sweat from your brow. The sun was beating down hot on the Resistance base. This didn’t help you at all with having to fix some damaged X-Wings on the rough pavement. You got up, moving to a torn up black and orange ship, and started to assess what had to be done.

    It needed a new paint job, that was for sure. You reached up stroking the dented and damaged metal as if it were a dog’s soft ear.

“Beautiful isn’t it? I mean, despite all of the chips in the paint.”

    You turned on your heels to see the owner of the X-Wing, Poe Dameron. His black curls were tousled, some falling onto his forehead. He had his orange, Resistance issued piloting suit on, the arms of it tied around his waist. He looked at you, awaiting your answer, with warm brown eyes.

“Yes, you have one of the best X-Wing models. Treat her right.” You said, hating how the words sounded coming from your mouth.

    Poe looked at you with a slightly crooked smile, his white teeth visible between his lips. He walked forward, towards you and the ship, and you felt your own heart quicken. He was intimidatingly attractive, and everyone wanted him no matter the gender or race. And You were actually talking to him, and he was less than 6 feet away from you. This whole situation seemed wrong, unlikely at the least, but here it was. Unfolding in front of you.

“This heap of metal has nothing against you, Y/N. You’re more eye-catching.” Poe said, turning to face you. You felt a blush on you cheeks and your tugged at your black long sleeves.

“I’m more alive anyway…”

   You said quietly, and you heard Poe chuckle. You looked up at him, somewhat in shock. You had made him laugh. You wanted to do it again. Make him laugh forever. It was like a song, sung from a heavy heart. Meaningful.

  You found yourself staring at him, and when he noticed, you looked away hastily. You went back to work on his ship, crawling beneath it. It was silent, the type of quiet you liked the most. You looked back, out from underneath the X-Wing, and saw Poe’s boots. You took your bottom lip In Between your teeth in confusion.

   Why was he still here, is he that protective of his ship? You didn’t blame him. You yourself would worry about your ship when it was placed in the hands of someone you didn’t know. Realizing this, a wave a worry, fear of messing up, clouded your thoughts.

  You made your way from underneath the ship’s metal. You reached your arms around part of the ship, hauling yourself out from under it. Once you were on your feet, you brushed off the dirt that had gathered on your black shirt and tan pants. When you were done, you looked up to see Poe, still standing where he was before, watching you with soft features.

  “What?” You asked, looking him feeling a little panicked. You didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of him.

     “Nothing…I just never pegged you as a tattoo kind of girl.” He asked, his voice faltering slightly. You felt a wave of warmth wash over you at his words. He must’ve seen it when you were getting up. Fear raced through you, and you tried to calm down.

   “….y-yeah…” You said, wanting to slap yourself for basically confirming what he saw.

      Staring you in the eyes. His eyes still held that warmth they did before but something else lingered in his gaze.

  He stepped towards you, his hand gripped yours. You almost gasped at his touch; it was foreign, but it held a gentle familiarity. His other hand pulled your long sleeve up, revealing your wrist. “Breathe?” He asked, his voice soft and caring.

     You looked down, seeing your small tattoo that read ‘breathe’ in a bold font. His fingers traced the black lettering inked on your skin.

  “It’s just a reminder.” You said, feeling your own smile forming on your lips. He smiled back at you, his brown eyes happy. he let out a small laugh, causing you smile wider, “What’s the meaning of it?” he released your hand, and took on a more serious look and tone, “Why did you get it?”

    You looked at your wrist, the word printed there in your skin. You smiled at it, then looked back at him. His eyes were caring as he waited for your answer.

   “I used to, still do, have anxiety….” You took a shaky breath before continuing, “It made me worry so much….it made me feel lonely. I didn’t want to feel horrible anymore, I wanted to be free in a way, from it. So I got this, to remind me that as long as I’m alive, I can go somewhere. Do something without having to worry about everything else.”

   You let out a small sigh, and looked back up to Poe. His eyes were teary, and full of compassion and sorrow.

   “I didn’t know….” He said, rubbing his eyes, wishing away the visible trace sadness. “It’s okay Poe! You wouldn’t have known.” You said, placing your hands carefully on his shoulders.

   He looked back at you, and before you knew what was happening, you felt his arms wrap around you. You fell into his embrace, letting your arms wrap around his torso, you hand gripping the material of his black undershirt. You felt every worry, every trace of depression being lifted off of your shoulders. You never wanted to leave. You felt secure and safe for the first time in a while.

   Gently, Poe pulled back just enough to look at you. You met his gaze and felt like crying. His compassion and caring was almost inhuman. You felt a tear slip down your cheek, but it was quickly wiped away by the pad of Poe’s thumb. He leaned his face towards your ear and said, “It’s okay.”

    You pulled away from him, courage racing through your veins. He was close, your breaths mingling in the air around you. “It finally is.” You whispered, remembering all of the times you had seen Poe around the base and wondering what he was like. Thinking about him, and now realizing that you should’ve just talked to him.

  He smiled down at you, his eyes searching yours. So much did you want to kiss him, but you didn’t want to risk it. You just leaned into him again, and he held you tightly. You felt his lungs expanding, filling with air. You heard his heart beating soundly against your ear, and it was peaceful.

    “Y/N, would you like to go out sometime?” He asked, his voice strong but caring. “We can do whatever you please, but I won’t be able to stop thinking about you if you say no so…you’ll be dooming me to lifelong agony….” You laughed against his chest, his words filling you with a joy long since forgotten. You looked up at him, pressing your lips in a thin line before answering him.

     “Yes. I would like that. Very much.” He smiled at you, and released you from his hold. The corners of your lips, and his, fell in a slight frown but Poe explained his movements. “Alright, I’ll get planning, and you should fix my X-Wing before General Organna finds you slacking off.” A cheesy grin made its way to his face, and you felt your own smile forming.

   He walked away with a wave, leaving you to wonder further about him. Wonder about how your date would go. Just the thought brought heat to your face, and for butterflies to tickle the inside of your stomach. You took in a breath, and smiled looking down at your wrist and the word that had brought you and Poe closer together than you could’ve ever imagined.








To watch or not to watch...?

I’m really trying hard to watch the Clone Wars, just because I want to understand the hidden references and extra characters that are in Rebels. I’ve tried watching the first eight episodes of this week, but I just can’t get into it. I find it boring. Perhaps if I had watched it while it aired on TV when it did, but Rebels is in a whole another league of its own compared to Clone Wars. Is it worth my time because I’ve never been much of a prequels fan to begin with….?