latenightfries  asked:

It's really interesting how you talk about your experiences with uni and how you're afraid but still have the determination to do it. You make me a little bit less scared for when I go off to college. Like, the things you say you're scared about and how you deal with them are relatable because I feel the same way. I was also wondering, because I haven't seen a post from you about it, what are you studying? And what are the big plans you have for after uni? But anyways I just wanna say good luck

wow this is such a nice message. i never thought people would make an idea of myself based on my posts for some reason. i’m glad i didn’t scare you off college though! but yes, i have a weird hate/okay relationship with uni.
i’m studying translation. basically i don’t really enjoy attending classes and most of my professors are pretty intimidating and make the whole thing really stressful. but i really want that degree and i’m trying my best right now to finish as soon as i can. and i don’t really have a specific plan for my future. i just know i want to get out of this country, maybe dabble in the comedy world in some way. working as a translator to make ends meet.
but thank you!! i hope you don’t find college as weird and lame as i do but if you do then it’s okay and you will do cool things with your life someday!! :**