This post has been circling tumblr and many people have rebelogged it unaware that this is not pictures of Pluto from the New Horizon Spacecraft.

This is an artist’s concept art of what Pluto might look like from 2014.

Here are the real pictures of Pluto [note the heart shape formation]:

Here’s a close up of Pluto’s mountains:

Source: NASA

Thank you, and please enjoy Pluto’s real pictures!

Five Cute Things

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  • Amon knows very basic JSL. Not enough to have a deep conversation with someone, but enough to not be completely lost if put in a situation where the person he is speaking to can’t hear his words. It was something he studied for a ‘just in case’ basis. He hasn’t had to use it so his skill has diminished considerably. Even the basics would probably be a struggle now, and he’d be somewhat useless with communication.
  • He won’t admit it but Amon is actually scared of wasps. He’s never seen one in person considering where he lives and their rarity within proximity of cities, but he would most definitely run if he encountered one. He has already thought of excuses to use in this worst case scenario to try and save his pride.
  • Amon has a tendency to ask stray dogs and cats if he can pet them rather than simply just reaching out to them. He’s always patient and when he holds out his hand for them to get their permission, that question always spills forth. It’s an embarrassing habit from his childhood he has tried to get rid of, although that seems impossible. It’s a part of his being now.
  • No matter how gross someone’s cooking is, if they give him something, he will eat it. Amon truly is appreciative of those that think of him, thus he would think it’s rude on his end to not take the time to show his gratitude. Even if he winds up feeling like death later in the process, at least he was not rude and stomped on their efforts.
  • Amon is by no means a morning person. He may step into work as if getting up when the sun is just barely rising doesn’t affect him, but it takes some time for him to fully awake. Getting ready in the morning is met with sluggishness and exhaustion. So if anyone attempted to communicate with him, he’d have a hard time processing what was said until he’s 100% awake. There were times he put his socks on inside out, buttoned his shirt wrong—-he’s a mess.

Five Cute Things

Repost, don’t rebelog! And tell your followers five cute facts about your muse, then tag five people to see what cute things their muses do!

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  • He absolutely cannot say no to a kid. Ever. In the past he has ended up in a boa with a fake cell phone because ya always answer that call when a kid tells ya you’ve got one.
  • He fumbles over his thoughts when he’s embarrassed && tends to have no filter between his brain and mouth in that scenario.
  • Doe. Eyes. He doesn’t realize he does it, but when he’s extremely comfortable with someone he tends to use the doe eyes on them when he wants something. Its usually closeness or simply company.
  • He hates the taste of cinnamon without sugar as an additive && makes some rather amusing faces if he ever crosses it.
  • He has a tendency to jump without looking when someone’s either about to accidentally hurt themselves by running into something or stepping on something or even if they’re about to step on a stray flower.
  • Bonus: He sleeps sprawled in every direction && ends up halfway off the bed if he’s without night terrors or another body in the vicinity.