Dont trust anyone who complains about a twenty cent obamacare tax

thats less than a cent per dollar so that people can have health insurance

so that fewer people go into poverty due to medical bills

dont trust people who wont pay twenty cents for that, especially if they can more than afford it

i really want to subvert the stereotype of an east asian character being associated w/ animals like tigers or peacocks or shit bc I feel like that shit will always be teetering on the very edge of racism no matter what I do

but I also dont want to make one of the most important people in my story be able to take the form of like a pallas cat

“yes I am the leader of the elves thank u”

The open notes of “Bohemian Rhapsody” drift down the dark hallway. The demon at her left begins to tremble.

“What the fuck is that?” Abaddon snaps. The music is getting louder.

“H-he's– he’s coming,” the demon chokes out.

A silhouette appears at the end of the hallway.


Abaddon’s fists tighten.


There are no survivors. 


Michelle and I have been talking back and forth about SPN Crowley having the ability to turn any music to Queen, a la the Bentley from Good Omens

I fuckin

I fuckin had to share

Im not in the mood for cis ppl saying “stop making fun of piers morgan for losing his job if a TRANS person lost their job you wouldn’t be laughing”

yyeah bc piers morgan lost his job due to low ratings PROBABLY CAUSED by the fact that hes an enormous toddler while trans people literally lose their jobs for being trans are you shitting me

please shut up no one actually likes to hear your shit opinion

I never want to hear anything else about how American irish people are ~~~the best~~~ because neither the new york or the boston st patricks parade let openly queer groups walk

thats the biggest load of shit ive ever heard, especially since boston is a city that routinely jerks off about how ~~great~~ it is with LGBT rights

lol @ people who think that fat people have more health problems than other people

Even my ems class said ‘fat people dont have heart attacks more than any other people and if you let someones weight blind you to a serious medical problem they could be having you’re a shit emt and you should do something else’

If this job application has a section for “is there anything else u wanna tell us” what do you think I should put there

“I’m queer and transgender so I could fill that slot in ur diversity quota”

most of the time ginger and I arent very cuddly or pictureqsue since shes a 20 pound weenie dog with a bad back so most of the time Im trying to hold her and not hurt her and while im distracted she gives me kisses 

which would be nice

if she didnt have a habit of eating poop