eleven questions from serenebabe

heather tagged me for a question and answer post. the rules are that you’re supposed to answer these questions, write eleven questions of your own, and then tag eleven people who are supposed to answer the questions and those eleven people are supposed to answer, write eleven more questions, tag eleven people, an so on. i think that’s it. i may be wrong, but let’s just go with it, yeah?

1. Do you want to have a monogamous romantic relationship? Why or why not?

i do want to have a monogamous romantic relationship, and that’s what i have. in most of the “open relationships” i’ve seen, the becoming open was just a precursor to splitting up. i’m not against it in theory, and i believe it can work for the right kind of couple. however, i think those couples are rare, and i know my husband and i are not that kind of couple. another reason i might prefer monogamy is because that’s what i learned growing up. my parents have an amazing marriage, and it’s my example for an ideal relationship. so their type of monogamous commitment seems “right” because it’s what was modeled for me.

2. What do you most love about living your life as a <your relationship status>?

my life as a wife. what i most love about it is that my husband and i both have complete and absolute faith in one another, and never doubt that we’re on each other’s side. that doesn’t mean we don’t disagree, although we don’t very often. it means that when hurt feelings do arise, i know it’s always misunderstanding and never meanness. i couldn’t imagine saying “fuck you” to jon, even when furious.

3. What food do you despise? Why?

i despise the flavor of anything smoked. it’s like the smokiness coats my mouth with a rancid film. if i ever accidentally eat something smoked, like unlabeled turkey on a deli tray, i spit it out and wipe out my mouth with a napkin. i can’t even choke it down.

4. When you are very stressed, what do you do about it?

i think i usually try to ignore whatever is stressing me out for awhile, which doesn’t work. sometimes talking about it helps, but often what i need is just extra sleep. sometimes it’s hard for me to distinguish between stress and symptoms of depression.

5. Describe a time you felt very embarrassed.

jeez, i don’t know. i don’t take myself too seriously, so i don’t get embarrassed easily. one time recently that i got embarrassed was when my debit card got declined at the gas station and i couldn’t get my cigs and diet coke. but that was sort of mild.

6. Write something about your age.

i’m forty-one. i fucking love being in my forties. life is so much easier with the wisdom and experience i’ve gained through the years. it feels like becoming fully my authentic self.

7. If you could have a part of your body massaged, which part would it be, and what kind of massaging would you want?

my neck for sure. that’s where my tension always gets stored. the kind of massaging i like is deep tissue, so you can really feel the tension and release it. i like it to hurt just a little so i know it’s working.

8. What three tumblrs do you very much enjoy, and why?

serenebabe, naturally, because she’s my closest friend. and her posts are genuine and real. i like getoutoftherecat because i think it’s funny and i like cats. hmmm, i’ll say my husband jsenum for the third even though he doesn’t post much these days, because i just very much enjoy him in general.

9. What do you like to do on bright sunny days?

i like to drive around with the windows down and listen to loud music and smoke.

10. What do you like to do on rainy, grey days?

i like to take a nap with the window slightly open so i can hear the rain if it’s warm out. just nap if it’s cold.

11. Describe your ideal vacation.

really anywhere with my family. we have so much fucking fun together. jon’s and my summer trips to indiana are often the highlight of my year.

now my eleven questions!
1. what do you prefer to sleep in?
2. what’s a quality that irritates you in other people?
3. have you ever been concerned about your drinking or use of other recreational substances?
4. what’s your favorite airport? why?
5. describe a time when you were utterly and completely relaxed.
6. what’s the most important quality in a partner?
7. do you walk or stand on the moving sidewalks in airports?
8. how long before your flight do you like to arrive at the airport?
9. when is the last time you got lost? what happened?
10. how many email accounts have you had in your life?
11. what time of day do you spend the most time on tumblr?

Thanks guys!

lilsailorgrl replied to your post: Never Again

Dont be hard on yourself, I don’t think your crime is punishable by guilt. Different strokes.

rebelliousqi replied to your post: Never Again

Exactly what lilsailorgrl said, bro.

eeeegads replied to your post: Never Again

I think we have all done this in one way or another. I KNOW I have. Iilssailorfrl has it exactly right…(((hugs)))

You’re right. Overthinking, obsession and self-recrimination are my strong suits. As in bridge. As in water under the. I’m working on it. I really appreciate the kind support!