rebellious rose

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who do you headcanon pearl belonged to? i headcanon that she was white diamonds pearl. i have my theories on how she met rose, but i want to hear what you think.


the 3 most popular theories seem to be that she belonged to either white diamond, pink diamond or rose. i think rose is extremely unlikely to be her assigned master, but i think the other two theories are both correct. im gonna examine some proof for both below and later share my theory.

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a face in the water

ao3 // for @fanforfanatic

Dean doesn’t die immediately. He dies like a hunter, dies fighting, dies alone until Cas appears, hearing his last prayer.

By the time Cas gets there, Dean’s eyes are already closing and the shaking has left his hands. There’s blood at the corner of his mouth. Cas kneels next to him, ignoring the tears in his eyes, and holds Dean’s hand.

“Cas,” Dean says, “fuck.” His breathing is harsh, heart beating frantically. “We never made it to that garden, did we?”

Just before Dean goes to a place Cas can’t follow, Cas kisses his forehead and whispers, “I’ve always loved you.”

Cas can’t follow to Dean’s afterlife, but he can still bend space and time. So he goes.

At three, Dean is a fat and happy toddler, hair blonde in the sun and eyes green like spring. Cas’s vessel is equally fat and happy, and he thrills at this version of Dean, so much potential for an open heart, so much possibility in his chubby hands and stumbling feet. Mary helps him up when he falls, and she hugs him close to her chest, and Cas knows Dean will never remember, but he still uses his hands gently when they play in the sandbox.

At eight, Dean is the new boy at school and makes shy friends with Cas’s blue-eyed vessel. They play hunters and demons using sticks for guns, pretending all the other kids are Big Bads, sneaking around the strand of trees behind the playground while Dean waits for Sam to get out of school. Dean’s so young but has already been taking care of his little brother for years.

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You had the ability to change the world. You without a doubt changed mine ❤️ 20 years ago, we lost more than an artist. We lost an influential and revolutionary being. A rebellious rose that grew from the cracks of our tainted society. 

Thank you for being the voice for many, including myself. For standing tall in your beliefs and fighting hard for them too. 

Rest in power, beautiful Tupac Shakur. I will never EVER forget you…and I, along with countless others, will love you forever🌹

Of Uchihas And Harunos

A/N: Some One-Shot goodness to honour the new canon Uchiha family

Rating: T (I’m paranoid, I think it’ll leave it at that, although really, it’s K+ right now)
Summary: Post-Canon. When Sakura presents Sasuke with the unforeseen news of her pregnancy, he does not know what to think. All he can do is panic. The Uchiha way.


I’ll see you when I’m back…”

He remembered her face, greeting him at the gates; her eyes a complexion made out of the deepest essence of the ocean, combined with the most glorious emerald Sasuke could have ever imagined to exist.

Her warming smile, shooting through his body, rattling his spine, causing something pleasant and vaguely familiar to spread vigorously across the bridge of his nose.

Okaerinasai, Sasuke-kun.” Sweet and melodic; her voice flowed like a breeze of soothing, cool air on a horridly hostile summer’s day.

Before he could fully comprehend what occurred, she had embraced him, holding his body tightly against her smooth, elegant and fitting curves.

After all this time…

She had waited…

His heart jolted uncharacteristically.

I’m home.”

With startling cognition, he awoke, feeling something was off before it even transpired.

Sunlight glistened through the thin, semi-transparent curtains, tickling across his skin, brightening up patches of his bedroom.

Something weighty shifted beside him in discomfort.

He may correct; their bedroom.

Turning to the side, eggshell blankets sliding off his naked torso, he was met with the back of his wife facing him. She had a slim, silky beige top on that concealed barely any skin at all. He came to learn these past years that Sakura disliked too much clothing whilst in bed and outside of the colder, more demanding winter months.

The top rode up just in the slightest, revealing pale, tender skin which flexed.

She shifted.

And turned to face him, eyes shut softly, her expression serene yet…strained.

Observing her button nose wrinkle, her eyebrows furrow ever so slightly as her flushed cheeks moved up, strands of rebellious rose hair masking her beautiful features, Sasuke frowned.

She seemed to be battling with something. Maybe a nightmare? His plain, expressionless face concentrated on her vivid one, taking in every tiny detail. Her cherry lips twitched, saliva glittering on the surface.

Sasuke felt the peculiar urge within him to focus on those lips, feeling himself being compelled by their alluring…


Concentrate, Uchiha.

Sakura shifted again, twisting her head away, the nape of her peachy neck being revealed to his obsidian orbs. Pink hair swung around, curling here, jutting out there, caressing her cheeks and slender shoulders. Involuntarily, his heart began to beat more ferociously, his ribcage becoming a cubicle much too small and crammed for it to fully excess itself.

Maybe, indeed, a nightmare. He knew those all too well; the memories of his past were like relentless wraiths, haunting him during every hour, so long he shut his eyes and be it for a second.

A wind picked up, rustling through the tilted window and leaving a lingering coolness behind. The raven-head’s skin began to crawl from the sensation. It seemed the air had a mind of its own, spiralling through their bedroom, taking with it the overwhelming scent of cherries and forest fruits, as well as something sweet, yet flowery, defining the very essence that made out Sakura’s fragrance.

Despite his prior repulsion towards sweet comestibles, Sakura’s odour never grew repulsive. On the contrary; it was addictive. Something about it tugged at his nostrils, pulled at the inside of his body, grasping his lungs and heart and squeezing with delicacy. It was neither painful nor bothersome. It was lulling, somewhat soothing, like a promise sealed with an oath. Or a glass of cold water after a sweaty training session. Similar to the feeling of fire on a cold winter’s night.

And all in all, it had an alluring, near to deadly nature about it that caused all of Sasuke to arouse without control.

He would never get enough of her.

His left hand reached out, wanting to touch her skin and feel the supple texture, yet he stopped in mid-air. He frowned at the bandaged limb, moving his fingers ever so slowly to test out the sensation of movement. It felt strange and foreign, but at the same time, it was completely a part of him as his actual arm had been.

Shortly after Sasuke returned from his long travels, Sakura had taken him to the hospital, deciding it was a fit time to take care of that missing arm of his, and return it so that he could shine in his former shinobi glory again.

Her concentrated visage; sweat forming at the top of her brow, threatening to spill across her face, as viridian eyes bore into the stump of his left arm, carefully attaching the cells of Hashirama onto it, allowing for the appendages to become a part of Sasuke’s entire body. She knew she could not allow herself a single mistake.

He had touched her with that hand, and those fingers. And not always innocently.

The bed bounced again, warmth radiating off onto Sasuke from her body as she shuffled, a strangled moan erupting from her lips. It caught him out of his reverie.

He was about to call out silently and question what was displeasing her so much that she writhed and turned in their bed, maybe wake her carefully from the seeming nightmare, when, without further warning, Sakura flung herself up, duvets flying in a heap and landing on top of the Uchiha.

He scowled into the darkness that now enveloped him, pushing the covers off. All he saw were eager feet padding desperately across wooden planks, thrusting open the bedroom door and storming into what seemed to be the….



Onyx orbs widened marginally, confused at the obscene noises he was forcefully listening to. Evidently, his wife was not well; sick, most likely, if she hurling the life out of her stomach was any indication.

It could not have been their dinner; it was perfect, the way it always was. She knew what he wanted and when he wanted it. She cooked with pride and care, and the taste never ceased to astound him. And besides, he felt perfectly fine.

‘The hospital’ Sasuke thought with a growing glower.

She loved to overwork herself with endless shifts, pouring into the night and keeping her awake for far longer than was healthy. Adding to that the many patients that bought with them a concoction of bacteria and bad health, she was constantly exposed to life-threatening illnesses.

Sakura nearly was, so Sasuke mustered with a wry smirk, in more danger daily than he. When he went to complete special endeavours in Naruto’s name, or decided to continue travelling for some short weeks, maybe a month or two (but never longer, for his heart began to yearn for a certain pink-haired someone, much to his…annoyance) or simply completed a highly risky mission, he was never under as many threats as his wife.

He did not like that. But telling his wife so only earned him a light-hearted chuckle, a swift shake of the head and an, “Oh, Sasuke-kun, you can be so sweet.”

Which all combined irritated him, and admittedly, he did not like that reaction from Sakura. He expected her to comply by his wishes, and adhere to his worries.

For he always worried about her; since before their days together as an item. Secretly, with careful gazes and lingering thoughts; no matter how many times he tried to deny them, or suppress them, or ignore them. They were there. And gradually, they drove him mad.

“Sakura.” He called out with his deep, velvety voice, hoping she would respond with something other than barfing noises.

Finally having had enough of her implacable retching, Sasuke got up, the cold morning winds tugging at his abs and chest, yet he ignored it with a frown.

Approaching the entrance to their shared bedroom, he stepped outside as silently as a cat in the dark, halting when he stood in front of the bathroom.

She had just flushed the toilet, wiping her mouth and rinsing it out at the sink. She was shaking ever so slightly, her brows still furrowed painfully above her vermilion eyes, which, much to his chagrin, stayed concealed from his view.

Sasuke scrutinized her tense composure. Sakura brushed the back of her hand against her forehead, pushing locks of pink aside.

“If I didn’t know any better” he began once more, charcoal eyes laced with the tiniest hints of worry boring into her, “I’d tell you to go see a doctor.”

Finally, finally (and why the hell did his breath stop for the slightest second? He was an Uchiha, god dammit!) she revealed her malachites to him, eyes sparkling with morning glory. She brushed through her bangs, not speaking a single word, just staring at his complexion, and he at hers.

“Need I drag you to Tsunade?” When had he become such a teasing man, smirking at her perplexed face?

He enjoyed it too much, for her eyes grew wider slightly.

“I want to see you try.” She retorted, her voice raspy.

“Not like you’d put up much of a challenge.” He could tell her scowl returning, and her shoulders broadening. She was going to cross her arms and demand in a very discording way what exactly she was to interpret into his words, when he quickly added, “You practically live at the hospital.”

Her prior demeanour faded, and the tension within her limbs slacked, “I’ll ask Shizune or someone to check me out.” She shook it off, obviously not giving it much consideration, much to Sasuke’s disgruntlement.

“Don’t forget.” Were his final words before he turned, leaving her behind in the bathroom as he made his way to the kitchen.


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Diamonds are a very well-known symbol that are almost always associated with wealth and beauty. They are worn as adornments in rings, necklaces and other types of jewelry.

The word diamond is derived from a Greek word meaning “invincible”. This is an accurate depiction as diamonds cannot be destroyed. They are created by a massive weight weighing down carbon deposits and have reportedly been around since 400B.C.

Diamonds are seen as being one of the most precious and sought after stones in the world. This makes them a great choice for a tattoo design for someone who wants to represent these ideals and that of inner beauty and courage.

In ancient times it was believed that if you wore a diamond with you it would protect you from evil forces and give you strength to overcome your fears. The Indian diamond throne of Buddha became a symbol of the center of the universe and infinity.

Diamond tattoos have also been linked to magic as it is rumored to have incredible magical energy. In the Middle Ages only priests and emperors were able to wear them and legends state that Satan could not bear the sight of the light that was bore of the diamond’s brilliance.

Diamonds symbolize peace, purity, honest light and invincibility. When placed in an engagement ring setting they become of symbol and love and loyalty.

Numerous design elements can be added to a diamond tattoo such as roses, skulls, flowers, rings, crosses, crowns or hearts. Many people opt to have their artist show the shine of the diamond by adding white highlighting. Different designs can alter the meaning. For example:

Diamond in a crown: symbolic of royalty and luxury

Diamond with wings: depicts freedom where the diamond represents material wealth and the wings symbolize the letting go of that materialism.

Diamond ring: is a symbol of everlasting love

Black diamond: rebelliousness and audacity.

Diamond with roses: a love for beauty

Rose Quartz = Pink Diamond theory

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, I am not a native speaker. If my grammar is not correct, please forgive me.

I strongly believe in the theory that Rose Quartz is NOT Pink Diamond.

We can’t know for sure, yes, but the evidence against the “Rose Quartz is PD”-theory is quite heavy. I picked out the most discussed points and if you want to add something, feel free to contribute!

First thing that everyone is arguing about (mainly in the youtube comment section for some reason ^^; ) :

Quartz is a type of diamond!
No. Quartz’ are often mistaken for diamonds, but their mineral structure is not the same.

Rose IS a quartz and even if you call it diamond a thousand times - she will never be one. She is PD’s version of Jasper. A very strong warrior (and maybe the first general of PD’s army). Jasper even tells us that she saw Rose as an equal opponent on the battlefield. She admired her strategies.
They have a caste system in homeworld…
That means they can’t be de- or upgraded from their position.
IF Rose was PD, Jasper would have said something different about her for sure. Diamonds ARE in charge and their rank/title/whatever-you-want-to-call doesn’t change just because they start a rebellion.

But maybe she changed her name!
Even if she CHANGED her name do you really think Jasper would call her by her ‘rebellion’ name? I really doubt that.

Jasper respected Roses fighting skills and may have also respected her as a person, despite the fact that she started the rebellion…
‘Respect’ does not mean ‘sympathy’ after all.

Based on her respect for Rose, Jasper would call her by the ‘real name’.

Some say that the Crewniverse just didn’t want to foreshadow and that’s why Jasper doesn’t call Rose PD, but they could have easily avoided foreshadowing by letting Jasper say something else about Rose.
As professional writers they would cleary try to dodge that more elegant.

But you can argue a lot on this point.

The Diamonds are ALL fusions and Rose is just part of a PD fusion!
This is actually an interesting aspect. It would of course explain the fact that Rose is very small compared to e.g. Yellow Diamond.
Like the big Ruby-fusion, the Diamonds could be made out of small identical yellow/blue/white/pink diamonds. 

However, this is a pure spectaculation with no evidence whatsoever. 

Some theories even take a step further and say the bubbled Bismuth in Lions mane is the second/third (we can’t know) part of the PD fusion.
In my opinion this is very unlikely to be true. Bismuth is a metal and can be turned into a crystal formation when melted at 271 °C.
(you can find a full explanation of Bismuth on wikipedia of course, because my explanation is rather small and not that informative).
Why would Bismuth, a non-mineral + Rose Quartz (and a possible third part) equal Pink Diamond? That doesn’t seem logical to me.

Roses height + the similarities with Jasper and how this is displayed in the show.
In the pyramid in ‘Serious Steven’ we see a picture at the wall that displays Rose Quartz fighting Yellow Diamond (the gem is on her chest, seems to be like an older form of YD).
Rose is the same height as YD on the wall and many fans claim that that is an OBVIOUS piece of evidence that Rose was in the same position/was the same height as the other diamonds. 
Some fans are also convinced that Rose shrunk herself afterwards by reforming multiple times in order to be closer to her allies. 
This can be partly proven wrong if you look at ‘Sworn To The Sword’:
Pearl shows Steven and Connie a memory via her gem where Jasper and Rose both appear and even if they are not in the same shot- they seem to be about the same size. 

Setting this event and the picture on the wall into a timeline, the only logical outcome would be that Rose was her actual size we’ve always seen in the show when she fought YD.
I mean why would she fight YD first and then Jasper? 
Homeworld was defeated by the gems and it’s a clear defeat when the leader or the authority (in this case it were multiple authorities too) gets their ass kicked somehow. Jasper is a warrior and she was probably run over by Rose first.

Like I said before, it can just be partly proven wrong
In Pearls memory Jasper was A LOT taller than Pearl. The perspective may have been distorted for dramatic effects. Remember when Jaspers sword is right above Rose? She seems so much taller there than Pearl OR Rose. 

She has special abilities!
Yes, Rose has a special connection to nature and can somehow control plants.
She also has healing powers which is a very specific and unique talent for a gem to have, just like Sapphires Future Vision. Abilities like Future Vision seem to be an equivalent to possessing weapons, but Rose Quartz has not just one but TWO abilities plus her shield. 
It makes her very special indeed and other Quartzs like Amethyst or Jasper don’t seem to have something like that. 

Strange enough, Roses ability to grow plants of any kind is something that she only could possibly do on earth. 
Did that ability develop ON earth? A question that might will be answered by the Crewniverse.

But the real question is:

Does anything of that prove that she is Pink Diamond? 

I personally don’t think so.
We don’t even know if Diamonds possess special abilities like Rose does.
Why should that even automatically indicate that she is a diamond? Pearls sentence ‘she is one of a kind’ definitely makes sense, because maybe Rose IS one of a kind. Maybe she is the most unique Quartz that anyone has ever seen. Let’s look at the evidence

-She is the first anarchist in homeworld.
-She starts that rebellion completely alone, but she SOMEHOW manages to gain enough allies to fight the homeworld gems back to homeworld, she even defeats the Diamonds (with her allies together).
-She developes some awesome magic abilities on the earth, something that no other gem has done before. 
-She gives ‘birth’ (if you want to call it like that) to a half-gem/half-human hybrid

To conclude my theory: 
I strongly believe in the theory that Rose Quartz is NOT Pink Diamond.
I believe she is a very special and unique Quartz that managed to think ‘outside the box’.
I believe that ESPECIALLY because she is ‘just’ a Quartz and not a Diamond that she is extraordinary.


I guess I would be pretty disappointed if the Crewniverse reveals that Rose is PD.
It would actually mean that she is such powerful, influencing gem, BECAUSE she is a diamond.
I like the idea of a ‘common’ (well, more common than a diamond) Quartz being the rebel way more than the leader becoming rebellious.

Talia, Sun, & Moon

Rebellious by design,
Rose took up embroidery
whenever insomnia wove
its spell. Everyone was drawn
to her depiction of ogres.
But when she braided an image
of the king’s first wife on a spit,
people began to twist thorns.

LKT © 2016