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I saw a little girl at church today with dyed pink hair and my mom teased me that it was probably my fault


Headcanon Time!

Tala Waialiki, as a rebellious and enthusiastic young lady, was the partner of the Chief of Motunui and ever since she was a young child was always more drawn to the ocean than anyone else on her island. She and the Chief discovered a cave of canoes, and upon playing the drums they were given the knowledge of their ancestors. Tala discovered that their world was dying and that she was chosen by the ocean to seek out Maui and restore the Heart of Te Fiti.

Despite her husband insisting that it was too dangerous for her to leave the island, Tala took a canoe in the dead of night and sailed away to find Maui at the bottom of his hook, just as her ancestors had instructed. Already days out at sea, she found herself lost. She had a vague idea of how to be a wayfinder by what she had seen of her ancestors in her vision of them, but had never been properly taught. As luck would have it, a school of manta rays were migrating along the current she needed to guide her in the right path of the hook.

Finally, Tala had found Maui’s island. She could see it just over the horizon in the distance. A small, bare, rocky island but she was sure that was where the ocean wanted her to go. It was that day that Tala found herself feeling off. Though she was certain she was not ill or seasick, Tala had vomited over the side of her canoe. Something was not right. As if by instinct, her hand went to her stomach and she paused. She could feel it deep in her heart. She was carrying a child.

She realized she could not continue on if this was to be, and she stood to face the ocean. Taking the Heart of Te Fiti from her necklace, Tala held it out in the palm of her hand for the ocean to take. She would mourn this journey’s end, but celebrate the beginning of a new one.

“Choose someone else…”

abby appreciation week | day seven: anything goes - lady space doctors 

You know it’s also messed up that Quentin is such a big character in Arrow like Dinah’s dad was a cop sure but he died when she was younger and so her mom raised her along with the JSA. We literally barely see her mom and they completely strip Dinah Drake of her status as a hero and her entire relationship with her kid is superimposed onto Quentin and Laurel rather halfheartedly.

Like not only did Arrow yet again completely fuck over a rather important female character but like we don’t need another dadcop to add to the already large pool of dadcops both in comics and in general. How much more awesome would Arrow have been if instead there was confilct between Dinah Drake and the Hood/Arrow with her being a retired vigilante and him just going around killing people to save the city. Hell they could even make her a cop as well like she hung up her cape but finally got to be a cop like she always wanted. We get to see Laurel and Dinah’s chaotic relationship and Laurel being rebellious plus kick ass ladies handing Oliver his ass on a plate