rebellious fashion

Robi Rodriguez

The Alternatives: Designers Subverting Fashion’s Status Quo

As high fashion becomes an increasingly commercial business, a group of rebellious young designers has emerged, challenging the unwritten codes of design, from gender stereotypes to what’s even considered clothing.

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I’m the kind of person that has a bookmark in ten different books because I want to read too many books at the same time. I have a paint brush in one hand, a spatula in the other, and a cup of tea in the nest of my elbow. I want to wear a dress but I also want to fashion that rebellious leather jacket. I want to design, I want to teach, I want to investigate.

But when you’re sprawled among too many things at once, you’re bound to fall over.

Failure is inevitable when priorities aren’t set.

Success comes to those that remain focused.

But how does one choose one book over the other?

It’s curious how some writers and viewers, even if they’re charmed by her, still view Little Edie as only a tragedy, a woman who lacked agency, a woman stuck in that house, living in the past. There’s a lot of sadness there, of course, and she was honest about her regrets, how she missed out on “everything” as she says, but even as she’s missed out she’s such a unique creature, that she *does* have power – all of the power and influence she had just as herself, just as Little Edie. Her intelligence, her wit, her unique bearing, her charisma, her fantastic self-made fashion sense, rebellious and innovative enough to inspire designers, fashion spreads and cat walks years later, she’s a future muse to many. This STAUNCH character. That she didn’t know just how much at the time shows how even more how powerful she was. Charisma isn’t erased by age and squalor and too many cats… Thankfully the Maysles were there to capture it.

[bnt pictorial] Giriboy, Living Life To The Fullest Through Hip Hop

[by Sora Ghim, photo by Lee Kyung Sub] After four years in the field, Giriboy can be said to be the hottest rapper in demand. Contrary to his cute appearance, his rebellious expressions, fashion sense, song writing and rap are all behind his rising popularity.

Looking at Shinhwa, he cultivated his dream of becoming an idol. However, he changed his mind to a rocker and continued to dream of various arts. Without costing him anything, he started to write raps, which he first encountered thanks to Psy. Finally, looking at Pharrell, he decided to pursue hip hop. He entered ‘Show Me The Money’ and started on his road to becoming a rapper.

Dripping of hip hop from inside-out, Giriboy came to the bnt studio for a fashion pictorial. When not working on his music, Giriboy will do interviews and pictorials to spend his free time. He smiled brightly as he revealed he used to go to clubs a lot.

Saying it was really fun to see himself in his photos, he enjoyed shooting from start to end. This pictorial had the concepts of ‘Turn up,’ ‘Start up,’ and ‘Burn up’ for a hip hop mood transition.

The first concept had him in a gray shirt and dark navy slacks for a dandy style. He matched suspenders with the look for a cute charm while not forgetting his trademark round frames as sunglasses.

Next, he wore a black jacket, shirt, and jeans for a chic and masculine fashion. However, his playful expressions and poses portray his endless merits.

Lastly, he showed the side of a serious ‘hip hopper.’ Wearing a leather stadium jacket, a sleeveless t-shirt, shorts, and red basketball shoes, he completes hip hop street fashion. He accessorizes with a bucket hat to fit into the trend and does poses to match the strong rapper image.

Following the pictorial, Giriboy sat down for an interview where he said, “SoYou completely removed her female idol image,” talking about SoYou’s easygoing personality. On idols, he stated, “When I was younger, I wanted to be an idol too and they are people I respect since they do that I was not able to. In particular, EXO, Big Bang, f(x), and Miss A are amazing. Looking at Hyuna’s expression, I can understand how she bewitches men. However, idols that aren’t good are a bit disappointing.”

Talking about his album, he answered, “Even when I look at it, it’s a well-made album. Up until its release, I wanted to change the tracks but after listening to it, it was really good.” He expressed his affection for his songs.

At the end of the interview, he revealed he wants to continue with music, enjoying it as he has. Observing him from the start of the shoot to the end, one can feel he is enjoying every single bit of his life. Isn’t this the mindset of true hip hop? (photo by bntnews DB)