rebellious door

So tired

Jesus was tired
So tired to listen to endless gossip and complains
He came alone from the future door
Sometimes rebellious wenches are chosen from the rest
They got swollen breasts and lips that putter
Belle-époque artists and renegade troubadours
Are always invited to the rose garden funeral to mourn
Disappointment runs between “the sophisticated” guests
Jesus was tired
So tired to listen to endless gossip and complains
At last he came alone from the memory door
And raised an eyebrow with heartache in his eyes
As he spotted bleeding the crown the dagger and the cross

anonymous asked:

If you ever do more side oneshots from Teru's perspective for your fics I promise to read and love them to death. (Yes, the friendly water providing drunks can also be included.)

Yay I finished one prompt! Out of, like, ten. Bear with me, I’m working through something here.

Also I promise this is the last time I write about Teru’s shopping adventures, this is way too repetitive, it’s just the first thing that popped into my head and, just, this is how this boy copes in my mind

AO3 link in case the Read More isn’t working again for some reason.

Holding On (With Broken Grip)

“Of course I’m busy,” Teru drawls into the phone awkwardly held between his ear and shoulder. “It’s a Saturday, I have like - three party invitations for today.”

It’s only one actually, and he’s definitely not going, but of course that’s not something he needs to advertise right now. Juro is a friend from school and a total ass, he’ll ridicule him in front of everyone for staying in on a weekend even once.

“Anyway, why, what do you have planned?” The phone is slipping away slowly and his neck is starting to cramp a bit from the position.

How do people in movies make that look so easy? Should have put it on speaker phone. He supposes he could still do that, but he already got too much blood on the white casing just picking it up, he doesn’t want to fumble around with it more than necessary.

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The One Where They Kiss

Prompt: SouDam, first kiss.

Reasoning: Gift-fic for art-of-the-booky, for various reasons; the chief one being that she happens to be a an all-round awesome person~ 

Summary: Of all the things Hope’s Peak Academy has taped of its illustrious students, they say there’s one cassette that’s utterly infamous – scandalous, even...

Details/Warnings: Soudam (Souda/Tanaka), first kiss oneshot. Set well before DR1 happens - slight spoilers for Twogami, but no spoilers for anything else. Contains some level of horror/suspense, but nothing gory or actually horrific. There’s lots of kissing descriptions, and a lovely Ishimaru at the end for extra awkward. You can read it (and comment on it, yay!) on AO3 here, or just click that read more and carry on…))

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BARBARA PALVIN – did you hear what they said about CAMILLE CASIRAGHI on TMZ ? people always say the TWENTY TWO year old CIS FEMALE DESIGNER/HEIR is ADVENTUROUS and ROMANTIC but i’ve heard they can be IMPRUDENT and REBELLIOUS behind closed doors. but i guess that could all just be rumors. ( c. twenty-one. gmt -3. she/her. )

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