God takes the worst of us, the most shattered and damaged and rebellious and prideful, and reverses our entropy into pulsing life. He sees a desert and says, “I see a garden.” God can take a miserable sinner like me and you and breathe something brand new into these jagged veins. This is the work of Christ, shaping us, connecting us, healing us.

J.S. Park

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😈 Most to Least Likely to be Rebellious:

1 Aquarius
2. Sagittarius
3. Aries
4. Capricorn
5. Cancer
6. Gemini
7. Leo
8. Scorpio
9. Pisces
10. Libra
11. Virgo
12. Taurus

Everyone thinks that Aries is the most rebellious but they are just short tempered. As for Aquarius they need freedom and to be on their own, they hate being stuck at home, following rules. Trust me I know…My Aquarius best friend complains about this all the time…

Of course it varies!

thatonepersonthing asked:

WOAH HERES A LOT IM SORRY 😖 At what point do the signs as kids become rebellious, or annoying-like. Not point as in age, I mean situation. Thanks, and you blog is so damn amazing and unique I swear.

Aries- This sign can get rebellious and more likely overly competitive and pushy if their ego is badly hurt/self-esteem goes down way too drastically. Being told their work sucks, that they aren’t good enough over and over again, etc. can make them more overbearing and make them act like they have something to prove. 

Taurus- These guys get rebellious and even restless when they are stuck in a place or point in life they don’t want to be in. Without contentment this sign gets meaner, more defiant, and angry. Taurus is a determined person and this can  mean determined to be safe, happy, and comfortable. 

Gemini- this sign gets rebellious if they feel their freedom is being threatened or if their ideas are being suppressed. More annoying like? Gemini is a sign that does like attention and more importantly encouragement. An insecure Gemini can become an attention wh….. or might get reckless and extreme in their rebellion to cause waves. 

Cancer- it is common for Cancer to be rebellious when younger to test their abilities and push boundaries. Actual incidents to make them more rebellious are rare. A way a Cancer can become annoying or negative is by being possessive in personal relationships which can come from insecurities. From their mother hen tendencies they can get bossy. A bossy Cancer is one that lost control in their life or lost someone who looked after them. Cancer also has a manipulative and envious side that can come out from insecurities. 

Leo- A Leo gets rebellious simply when told not to do something! They have an authoritative side that says they are the boss! But a dangerous and annoying rebellious part of Leo can come out if they feel they are denied a right. Maybe a Leo has a parent that restricts any kind of social life so the Leo feels they are entitled to at least have friends or learn how to socialize in society. Another extreme example is maybe a Leo is an orphan and feels they lost their right to be raised by a loving guardian. A Leo gets dangerously rebellious when they feel something they are entitled to was taken away or if it was never there. 

Virgo- this sign can get troubled when they feel that things are disconnected and not in their place. Virgo is more likely to be rebellious when young because they are still trying to figure out the world and themselves. During this time they just want to sort everything and everyone into a box. If in a chaotic atmosphere where things don’t go in order they may say “f it” and go a little wild until order can be restored. So a unstable home is what can really mess with a Virgo. 

Libra- Feeling unloved or being in a bad atmosphere can set a Libra up for rebellion. Libra might seek out attention in unhealthy ways rather than actually get rebellious. Watch out for lies, gossip, attention grabbing stunts, etc. 

Scorpio- being held back by too many rules and restrictions is what can make a Scorpio rebellious. There is also a part of them that craves thrills and is competitive. Having low self-esteem can make them more showy and will want to make everything a competition. What makes them rebellious is restrictions and what can make them “annoying” is having someone mess with their self-esteem too much. 

Sagittarius- A Sagittarius gets rebellious in an unhealthy way when their freedom is restrained and threatened. It’s all about freedom for the Sagittarius. Having a parent or partner control them will make them restless and rebellious. A Sagittarius who does not have the means to rebel can get highly critical and even negative. 

Capricorn- rebellion isn’t in this sign’s nature. They will rebel if they don’t like how a certain system is run. Maybe they will drop out of school because they don’t like how it is operated, maybe they will pirate movies or music, things like that. A Capricorn might get pessimistic at a young age because something bad happened to them. They can get controlling too if they feel they lost control somewhere in life. 

Aquarius- this sign rules rebellion. Rebelling against institutions and “the man”, rebelling against authority figures, and anything else can all happen with this sign. Part of being rebellious comes from some sort of suppression, it also comes from loving change, and from their need to be different. Aquarius might get a haughty attitude when their ideas are shot down too much as well. 

Pisces- this sign can get rebellious and restless when they feel unloved or if someone makes them feel worthless, so an extreme blow to their self-esteem. Usually Pisces is forgiving and flexible so it is more likely that feeling neglected will make them lash out in vindictive, cold ways. Their rebellion is one where they wear a tough skin and can be unpredictable. Rebellion to them might be cursing one day and then shoplifting another.