rebellion manga

Kyubey forgot he shouldn’t fuck with these two.

So...Lelouch's name

Technically , if you go by french “Le” means the, and “louch” means horrible or awful. Also,“Lamperouge” can be translated to red lamp. So here we have Lelouch Lamperouge, the awful red lamp.



Shirley Fenette~ Cause she’s a precious angel AND I LOVE HER and she is so pure and misconstrued and underappreciated by the CG fandom and I am glad that it was confirmed/heavily implied in canon [to anyone with reading comprehension] that Lelouch loves her. She deserves all the love in the world. and has significance and influence as a character despite not being on the battlefield, that i am glad the first two seasons of the show acknowledges [unlike the part of its fandom that loves to write her off]. 

And I LOVE CODE GEASS [FAVE ANIME] and am excited for all the movie recaps and the third season:)) [ am afraid of all the things they could do to it to ruin it but I AM STILL EXCITED.]I 

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