Nice tactics, there Kanan.” He could tell from her expression she was impressed. “If you want them to leave, make them want to leave. Very smooth.”
“I’ve got a lot of experience avoiding stormtroopers.”
“Oh?” she said. “Why’s that?”
“I don’t like their fashion sense.”
She smiled. “Come here.”
Kanan did—and was pleasantly surprised when she reached out to touch him. “You’ve been holding out on me,” she said, running her finger along the collar of his shirt.
“I’d never do such a thing.” He sidled up closer to her, surprised by this new attitude. If excitement turned her friendly, he wasn’t going to object. “You can have anything you want.”
“Great,” she said. “I want your Moonglow pass.”
“I'd—” Kanan said, before her response registered.
“You want what?
—  Star Wars: A New Dawn, John Jackson Miller
Hera flirting with Kanan to get him to give her his pass.
The Fugitive

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Summary:  Hunted, wounded, and abandoned by her family, Sabine is forced into an uneasy partnership with a team of mysterious rogues in order to escape the clutches of the Empire. When the group uncovers a plot that threatens to unleash calamity on the galaxy, Sabine must choose between running to save herself or fighting for the good of others.

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