High School Crush - Oliver Sykes Imagine

could you wirte a cute oliver sykes imagine btw i love your account so much :) xo

A/N: Thank you lovely!! this one’s real quick and crappy but i wanted to post something before bed, i hope it’s good enough for now. also i didn’t know what to go with so i just did one where they’re in high school and he has a crush on her and they end up cuddling in her bed or whatever?? i hope it’s okay dear!!

Touching up the faint pink lip gloss that oiled over your lips, you stared down into the mirror before you, your eyes scanning over your features carefully in preparation for the arrival of one of your friends, Oliver, who had been growing close to you recently. 

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anonymous asked:

AAH even though I love all of namjoon's hairstyles I'm positively in LOVE with his hair style for the Skool Luv Affair era and also War of Hormone and Just One Day. I just love joonie with bleach blonde/white/platinum hair 😍😍😍😍😍

I just love the mohawk on him, he looks very rebelish with it.