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I saw your question recently answered about the ethnic thing. If you go to this girls page there's a few recent pictures of a black girl in pin up. ashleeta tumblr com- also there's a model by the name of misuimi max (sp?) who is asian and does a lot of pin uppy things. some are a little hoochie so beware. just thought i'd put those out there because i know how unintentional it is to post a lot of white women. you don't find many black pin up girls!

Thanks so much!

I’m glad you understand that it is unintentional for me. I never even noticed a lack of racial diversity in my blog until about two years ago when someone rudely called me out, trying to say that I was racist, running a “typical fashion blog”.

Also, thank you for linking me to that blog, it’s wonderful. I will be most definitely posting some of her stuff.