The signs stereotypes:Aquarius


“sup aries,want a cigarette?”

“what class lol today is my self proclaimed holiday”

*comes in to school with a small bag and multiple piercings*

*called to the principle’s office every damn time*


“hows my septum”

“i got a japanese quote tatooed on my arm wanna see?”

*pulls up sleve*

“are you japanese cus sayonara bitch”*sass their way out of class*

“yo sag tbh i like you can we go for a roadtrip now”

“we can skip class”

*manages to graduate although they didnt come for like ⅞ of lesson*

*watches the stars with gemini*

*debates with libra*

*read books to pisces*

*coming up with conspiracy theories*


All the characters so far that I did for the Massive Star Wars Collab!

Left to right, top to bottom:

Admiral Piett, Zare Leonis, Captain Needa, Supply Master Lyste, Baron Rudor, Agent Kallus, C-3PO, Darth Maul and Probe Droid, Poe Dameron, Rotta the Hutt, Chancellor Valorum, Sei Taria, Torul Blom, Tusken Raider, Tera Sinube, Prince Lee-Char